Brit/pol/ #2466: The Dafty Moon Rises

Skull Asteroid TB145 WARNING: 'Death Comet' barrelling towards Earth on HALLOWEEN

Senior Tory MPs' phone numbers exposed in Conservative Conference app flaw

Dozens treated after 'tear gas' dispersed in Bournemouth nightclub

Turkish President Recep Erdogan demands Germany ‘ends racism’ as he opens Europe’s biggest mosque in Cologne before hitting out at the treatment of German football star Mesut Ozil who posed for a photo with him

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good lad

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Good Lad

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good lad


Good lad

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ta lad

I used to knock about with the drummer from the band 'Piss on Authority' and went to college with his mrs. He was a skinhead and was a decent lad tbf. Maybe it was different in the 70's & 80's

vid related?

Gud lid

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Great name, gonna form Treblinka Vacuum Cleaner one of these days tbh.

Anyone else getting posts hanging at 100% and general slowness?

Good lad.

Based NA.

Noice, thought as much. Yeah I nabbed them too, but couldn't use half the stuff because it used too much resources and Kontakt was kind of off limits because of the huge libraries, may have to be naughty and check some stuff out again, though I've not made anything in ages. I legit own FL and most of the stuff in it.

'Complete fucking mess-core' :)

General EDM and some more ambient stuff. Liked the idea of making d&b but always ended up making something a bit different. You?

Fucking finally.


tbh when they put us all away i hope we get to form a prison band

Fuck that brings back memories.

His name is Jon and I used to work with him many many years ago by pure chance. Chatting to him about the band was pure nostalgia kino. Lost contact with them now though. Sad!

The only instrument a Zig Forums prison band would be banging is Westie's arse.

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I mean IDM

fugg I really do need an update

feck orf oldie

don't encourage him lad

But lad, why would we violate our lead singer? His voice makes all the girls shiver, don't you know?

Tbh there was that NA bloke who got sent to prison for that dafty plot a months ago, he ended up getting stabbed in the neck a day into prison by a gang of coons lad. Fucking worse nightmare tbh

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I thought this memi ended in 2016

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tbh they probably wouldn't bother convicting us, just intern us or get rid of us

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god tier taunt

Did you manage to avoid overusing pic related?

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Clicking the buy button physically hurt. Bloody extortionate.

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Yeah I had a legit copy of cubase SL2 and it was ok for a while. Made the big step into the world of Abelton live last year and brought a new soundcard. Haven't managed to do much but hoping to get back into it when I move out of here.

Mainly IDM stuff, glitch hop and dark ambient. Similar vein to Quinoline Yellow, Botchum Welt, jega ect

I have that on a dvd somewhere. An old copy tbh. It's good but I tend to draw my own midi loops but tend to use MAX MSP these days

kek, I did indeed lad, though I admit I had plenty of fun messing with that classic. I'd generally make my own "glitcher" from various effects in the mixer tracks and trigger the wet/dry amount via the keyboard controller, with a shit load of automation of parameters to boot..

Got my RAM nearly 7 years ago and the exact same thing costs more 7 years later

Moore wouldn't be happy tbh

>Shitskin Man jailed for sexual assault aboard buses in north London

rare metals are becoming rarer

Might download LMMS and play around with music production again. Probably for the best if I don't, though.

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Top stuff lad, sounds good. I used to have so much fun making random stuff, even if I was barely ever satisfied enough to call a track 'finished', good times.

Yeah I want to get into Ableton actually mainly just for the integrated MAX stuff, that stuff's right up my alley.

Yup, absolutely ridiculous.

Had the Abelton demo and used to hate using it. Found it to be too unconventional because I was used to cubase. Grabbed myself a tutorial book and a few mags and now I think it's the dogs bollocks. Really powerful kit and easy tbh.

MAX for live is only available in the Suite edition of Ableton and that'll set you back £599. Or you can just buy the standard edition and pay seperatly for the plugin.

Look at the state of these williams at the Tory conference

Jacob Rees-Mogg calls African country 'the People's Republic of Jam Jar or something’.

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Reason was pretty good

That was a different daftie. The daftie who got his skull caved in was in their for putting up stickers at a university.

Goode man

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Never got into that but I heard a lot of pro artists used it back in the day.

Oh shit your right lad. Tbh have to geel for the lad for getting the shit beat out of him for put sticker up. That and the screws and the wogs were clearly in on it to kick the shit out of him as soon as he got there.

smh tories ripping off UKIP again

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wogs btfo

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epic style

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I think these pseudo-politically incorrect statements from the likes of boris and now moog are just sham appeals to political deanos tbh

Was easy to patch and rewire and created some pretty cool effects

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tbh default spoons pints where I sometimes am are 1.85

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But he just said that he never drinks… :^)

I felt similar when I gave it a try about the time when it was first coming out, was too used to my own DAW to give it a real go I guess, so I never stuck with it. But I've seen now that it's probably worth my time learning, I want to make my own funky patches or whatever they're called.

Is that what you use, Max for Live, or have you ever dabbled with the full MAX MSP? Think the Live one would probably be more than enough for me tbh.

Yeah I can't justify that cost right now, maybe in the future. What's more I'm not sure there are any decent up to date cracks of Live, last I looked

v. comfy

sorry lad

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unironically amused

I'd rather join UKIP than pay to memi as a tory tbh.

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I had an old version of MAX MSP but didn't really get into the tech stuff as most of it at the time was scripts, mainly got into the nitty gritty of using Reaktor. I imagine Max is a lot more streamlined and from what i've seen it looks way better than before now though but I'm going to give Max for live a chance when I get round to it.

Nope, you're wrong lad I've had a shave

If you want to dabble with Max, this is free and virtually identical in core functionality and by the same author, after he sold Max on:

nah lad 5 people on twitter will be able to change the Tory party despite the game being rigged and designed to stop that from happening.


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I'd rather eat my glass pint tankard than shill for the fucking tories, even if it was 'ironically'.

Yeah it's probably too low level for what I want/need and the Live version would do nicely. I'm no programmer so it'd be much more suited to me and yet still have loads of functionality. Think it was hearing that Autechre uses it that first got me interested.

Oh nice I remember that now, cheers lad. Again, though I'll have a look, it might be a bit too low level for my brainlet head.

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It's not for me, varrucous veins around the thighs I think?
Anyone wish they had a pscyologist just to chat about themselves and their plans with?

prefer a mycologist tbh

I'm not generally into nips, but that girl in the middle looks tasty tbh.

Psychologists are a Yank memi tbh

What's the difference? Are asteroids what we call them when they enter our atmosphere?

She's no Soph tbh.

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wew, I've missed this weather

Yep you're right. They had a usb stick that was stolen and someone posted their Max patch online.
I think they started using Max just before they released 'Confield' in 2001 possibly the EP7 ep in 1999 IIRC
I think the Hafler Trio used it too

would tbf

do you mean psychotherapist lads? I have loads of psychologist mates who I bullshit with but they're probably not what you mean

Asteroids are big rocks or collections of rubble in space. When they start burning in the atmosphere, they're called meteors, and when they reach the ground they're a meteorite, -ite being a common suffix for ore types which they are in a sense.
Comets are big dirty snowballs, which typically fall towards the sun from much further out, and can produce plumes which is their surface matter ablating away.
I could go on but I won't
also this thread has triggered my autism around proper classification of things

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Probably. I mean the ones you can visit and chat to confidentally.

Niggers really aren't properly human tbh.

*rolls a fag*

asteroids or comets? that's psychotherapists

smh I just had one

Just push those feelings deep down inside lad. No point worrying people

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Don't worry, lad. I'll just listen to my mp3 player.