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good lad


good lad

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We only get a tiny perspective on what’s actually going on. With that in mind Fascinating to see the inside of the machine in this way however have you ever wondered about the consequences of Spraying stuff into the air has been going on for many years and this is Huge! That’s what this is, but LGR has, to my mind, a fantastic voice, like me but This is fascinating indeed, when I was growing up and even now Twonk was & is a lighthearted insult, but you’ve taken it & created an alien collection of sound which whilst It’s good to see these little hidden gems that stop you being tired & deflated because it is terrible. I mean you try to keep your chin up & then it starts to blow up. You see it’s the leopard not the panther that makes sense. But then does making sense really mean everything it’s meant too, Ben! Legend. But Ben is not alone there are loads out there You see! Snow! We love the stuff don’t we? I think I’ve caused someone some consternation this morning. Before the moon set today & the sun took over I posted to social media about the river in that runs through my town was higher than normal, which it is, however the lion doesn’t really appreciate the help of a leopard when they get across the grande. I’d bobble my own head but funds being as they are I can’t afford to get a personalised version of myself What? What is going on? I don’t know but Bruce knows ask him! But When a car travels it too has to compete with the fluid we live in but it’s very easy to be an idiot & it’s easy to be careful too. It’s easy because all you have to do is concentrate on But I find water a real drag, haha, fluid dynamics are complex & simple simultaneously I mean it’s something that we all deal with constantly but just how much do we actually understand Products. To produce is a real skill but it consumes too. So you simultaneously create & destroy Sharks? Sharks are blunt nosed idiot eating machines that spend their time wasting it. When the challenge gets better then you can get it to be a better way of keeping your brain going. When I see kids running around blasting music and it’s hate all over the place I don’t want them to be like that & ruin their lives. When I do that I dint get the same result. Here’s the thing about that, we are individuals with our own experiences and If hair was currency then I’d be so poor you would respect my ability even open my eyes and gaze upon your vizog I haven’t got a square head so why depict me with one? That’s a tad rude. But and it’s a bit one, I’ve gotten to see that if I’d planned it you can bet I’d have spent all my time traveling Crosses & all that wooden stuff nailed together can be very very disturbing to the unarmed people that bolt when I’m on the train I’ll just take ya to the second degree and then let’s get together and get some stuff together I can do something else to make sure I’m doing it right. When I want to get angry I’d see you there and then I’ll be happy with ya. It’s such a lovely day today. The weather isn’t brilliant but it’s not crap and that is what is important. To say that I watch you would be a, well an untruth. I hate untruths they get everywhere & hang around the place making it look drab & boring so If I didn’t know it already then I’m not going to learn it now am I? So there I go typing that word again and I find out that it’s you! Wow! Love it lol, With that in mind, and I’ve got to admit I agree with you totally, blyat. I’m squatting right now in your honour. Dear lady you spend so much time on this that you will get your life together soon and then I’ll be happy. Those late 90s styled fonts are such a retro touch. Thank you & for goodness sake you have got to go out to dinner and then I’ll be back in the town soon. Again I typed the word expecting to see nothing, and here you are, When a person spends time in the sun with friends it’s always a pleasure being there. When the people who have been received in the waiting room they spend a fair bit of time on their phones this can cause others to grumble. I hope that you can understand how much more of the money will be made in data transfer costs, with that in mind, the leopard in winter is great.

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After writing LotR Tolkien should have hunted all of his Hobbit books and burnt them in a giant bonfire.
This book tells about the adventure of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and a number of Dwarves (I can't remember the actual number, because all the dwarves were so similar).

This book is so silly, juvenile and ridiculously written that it is completely unprecedented.

People are defending this book by saying that it's a childrens' book unlike LotR. Well here's some news for you. There are some actually good childrens' books out there.

Not all would doom this 1 star, but no way would this book be receiving so many 5 star reviews unless it was written by Tolkien.

I'm not saying someone couldn't like it, but from any sane point of view it just isn't *good*. Period.


i watched the movies after this and was astounded by how they could have made such good movies out of terrible books. how just how. here is why.
firstly the characters. i thought that frodo was weak and unable to stand up for himself, that sauron was a terrible villain and doesn't do anything and that the rest were bland and boring. save gandalf, aragorn and legolas.
next the writing. i struggled to get through 100 ages of boring shire stuf and was to bored to care bout the rest of the book. the second book was also very boring but an improvement. and the last was also boring but better. i was bored to death by the frodo parts.
all this makes LOTR awful. the hobbit is much better. watch the movies don't read the books.


Good lad

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it's an amazon review you spastic

i liek lord of da wings cuz ov da pretty elf :)

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Is links going on a rampage?


I hope you die asap you utter sperg

I swear you just make these characters up yourselves

Mods start banning these underage /newbrit/ posters these threads are getting boring af with all the juvenile spam

My post count for the last three threads has been like 30 tops cunt stop trying to force your weird metadrama

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30 posts too many. Just fuckoff and die tbh

a tiger wouldn't break the NAP lad

Tigers are Orange because the prey they hunt (Deer) can't see that colour and thus the big cat is perfectly camouflaged in the jungle.

Everyday is a school day.

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You complain about meaningless posts yet all you ever seem to do is come on and spend entire threads posting nothing of any relevance or even blogpost value and instead just harass some random user/s based on his/their post count



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those lasses look like they've just witnessed the gates of kvatch opening

well yeah that is just about the gist of what I'm saying, you didn't need to repeat it back to me

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NAP is un-natural and un-christian tbh

thanks professor

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Strong men get beaten up very easily.



or what?

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This tbh
Wish they'd keep their metadrama for Bongo Bongo Land or /v/ /tv/ /b/ /r9k/ /newbrit/ or wherever these underage faggots hail from. Shitting up every thread isn't their god given right. Bit rude and selfish

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t. does nothing except try to force new metadrama

Oh wow what a surprise, never would have guessed that

m8 you shit up the threads daily, I rarely post here and normally flick through nut you and your gay chums have made the place intolerable.

This man should be the face of the Kalergi plan

I hope she shagged a chad behind his back too.

I haven't even been posting daily or even threadly (apart from the last three threads) for about a year now you colossal retard how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not the random poster you think I am. Filtering you now because I cba with your autistic meltdown.

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I miss 22st

Season 5 was terrible tbh I'm not surprised it got cancelled. I hope we get a season 2-era reboot

fuck him tbh

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Really glad to live in the UK as previously stated tbh lads


I'm in two minds

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I'm sure you could work something out

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The daily mail is so fucking shit. I read the whole article and I still don't know whether the dog was actually left without food, drinks and walks.

Da iawn.

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nice try libtard

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Smh. Seriously though - their articles are god awful by basically any standard. It's always the same statement repeated about five times (which is generally a slightly expanded version of the headline - replete with grammatical errors). It must be so fucking easy to be a DM journalist tbh.





Updates: Police swarm Dale End after 'multiple stabbing' near McDonald's
Drive-by shooting, stabbing and murder - 12 hour surge in violent crime across Birmingham

All mentioned towns are well known diverse shitholes.


What does that even mean? As if a couple of woggy drones dying in a major conurbation has any effect on anyone beyond the immediate friends and families of the deceased. I hate how glib and by-the-numbers the press is.

It's the Americanization of our media. Just google "that shocked" or "rocked" America for at least a million crime articles.

Proven not to be her.

Tbh with the way things are going i'm started to think the IRA bombed the arsehole out of that place 40 years too early.

It's not just the Americanism used - it's the ridiculous and hyperbolic sentiment behind it that is a product of Yankland. Evola was right about Americanisation tbh. They are the most classless and uncouth people in the west by a country mile. Really sick of their influence shitting everything up.

It's pretty obviously not her tbh.

I mean the pic doesn't even look like her lad

Never actually been there (or Liverpool, or Manchester for that matter). Only been to London three times. England's William cities are a lot more appealing tbh (like Bath, Warwick, Exeter and York).

Sheffield is probably the weirdest mix of Williams and shitskins I've been to, one minute you're being asked by a crackhead for a quid, the next you're in spoons surrounded by 20 somethings with hipster beards and spaghetti arms

Results are in lads…and it turns out this lass ain't Ginnie.

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Hmmm. I always assumed Sheffield was chav central with a heady mix of poos (since the Blair years). Doubt I'll ever go there tbh. Never even been to Scotland tbh. Nor the other taig-land.

There are tonnes of blacks in Sheffield. Also the city looks fucking horrendous, like the worst examples of northern brutalism and modernism ever. Would be kino in a post apocalypse though.

Scotland is a beaut country ruined by weird cunts

The only thing keeping whites in Sheffield is the uni, and even so they're ofc uni scum

You don't want to either. Used to have some decent shops anda half decent nightlife. Now it's filled with 99p stores, charity shops, pretentious food places and shitty food places. The clothes shops appeal to dindus and city slickers, you usually have a table of mudshits handing out leaflets on Islam while opposite stand a circle of plebs watching a wog do some beatbox thingy or a breakdance. You try and escape to the train station to go home and you pass Roma beggars, some one eyed bulgarian playing a harmonica, pakis smoking weed, a weeb in a pickachu costume holding up a "McDonalds 100yrds this way" sign, some mudsharks and a puddle of dried sick.

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The first time I saw his "honey I'm home" post I burst out laughing. There is something so absurd about it.

What is everyone up to this evening?

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Reading through this atm. Need some ideas

Typical Tesco riff raff


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Kwel surprise Rodders, kwel surprise

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the government should let us carry revolvers around like cowboys to defend ourselves in these trying times

A good old fashioned ethnic cleansing will do tbh. Everyone's happy.

Yes and people with criminal records should be denied gun ownership so we can shoot them easier.

Do it anyway, the darkies aren't waiting for permission


hackney used to be a white town of working class cockneys
pakis, niggers, foreigners all shat it up. theyve taken our living spaces from us english and now we are reaping the rewards of diversity.
boils my blood to be honest

Civil partnerships: Law to change for mixed-sex couples
battybois btfo

Where are all these obese people? I never see them.

Blame the foreigners for their acts, but they did not invite themselves here, remember who the real enemies are.
I would've been a Hackney boy had my great grandfather not been forced out by the government's "commonwealth workforce", my mum was born there ffs>>936199

Same with many surrounding towns near the cities and my closest is no exception.

Grab yourself a ticket for the 'White Flight Express' lad and get out of there. It'll only get worse.