Brit/pol/ #2468: You've Been Staying Up Too Late Edition

‘Stampede’ on London Train as Man Stabs, ‘Rampages’ with ‘12 Inch Blade’

Flog It! axed as part of BBC One daytime shake-up

Westminster attack inquest: PC Keith Palmer 'left at vulnerable location with no protection to die' widow says

Theresa May faces 'humiliating' Neville Chamberlain scenario if she sticks to Brexit plan

Vladimir Putin calls Novichok poisoning victim Sergei Skripal 'a scumbag and a traitor'

Young Tories' night of shame: Students sport 'f*** the NHS' slogan, Hitler moustache and make dodgy hand gesture

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good lad

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What's this staying up too late memi?

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It's called rhyming, lad.

use james c gar's website lad he has a trustyworthy name

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is this already an idea smh, imagine having to tow a 300 year old tank by horse and cart because fuel is so precious and use it like mobile artillery

imagine a world where every country has run out of oil bar russia who is the only bastion of civilisation left on earth lol

good lad

Problem, libtards?

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Reminder that the weakest most soy-enriched male can still DESTROY the strongest woman

imagine THAT being the reason you go to jail

that wasn't a round house kick tbh

Impressed he kicked at all. Does it just come naturally to some people or do you think he's had training? I'd never kick.

Woah that control

Finally I know what this kick actually was, my instructor had a thick yorkshire accent and i thought it was moshigeri

tbh this "manspreading" bollocks has just made me stretch more when sitting on public transport

kek watch out we got a badass over here



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literal creationism lol

thought that was tsuuuuuuuuuuuuu for a moment

no I think he just did some soccer type kick to the shin tbh. people who are really good at round house kicking are very skilled. some people who are really good can kick you so you bend over then spin around and kick your feet out from under you

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Geoff Emerick, Beatles sound engineer, dies at 72

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[F] Beatles are still overrated wank tbh

she probably still lurks

Gay, Muslim and living with HIV

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"Summarise the modern UK in one phrase"

meanwhile in the world of truth
genetics and heritage are proven factors of intelligence, ethnicity data is muddled by outliers and liars/cheats biological sex is set at a variation of X and Y and the only times this changes is due to mutation leading to abnormalities, and climate change in academia is accepted as happening in the grander scale of the fact that we are naturally warming up as we are currently in the inter-glacial period of the last ice age

should add "in London" to the end of that phrase to make it extra modern tbh

tbh Nick land retweeted it

Parents could lose council homes if their kids are caught with knives


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Never ever tbh

If nothing is done then it'll only get worse, at that point it'll just spiral out of control.
The only thing that is concerning is that it'll move the problem elsewhere if they do go ahead with their plans. I'll wait and see.

reminder that climate change fags are massive fags

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I'd be up for a return to sailing ships, if that's what he's suggesting.

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If only airships caught on.

This, it's time to restore our strong maritime tradition in the face of dwindling fossil fuels.

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You're back.

comfy time


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maybe don't attract a bad crowd like shit attracts flies

Not so fast Jam Jar Jezza

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mfw we ain't on there because we've not got a fucking mcdonalds here anymore

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Haven't heard anyone do that smh. We just call it "grill" and "grilling" smh


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She must have, I refuse to believe that's a coincidence.

reading that made my brain hurt

h-he's fast!
Based kernow tbh

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Can someone translate this in English for an old codger?

t. lefties

Sounds like he was more addicted to crack.

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I don't think it's coherent to anyone.

Sure thing lad

I bet she's minging at any angle that isn't manipulated


Is that all you need to have to vote here?

shes clearly and obviously cute you closet homo

she has the biggest JUST face i've seen

The absolute fucking state of humans tbh. Why does he have a flower in his ear?
Top fucking kek. Hope someone memmies him into a baste lad who doesn't take any shit from women.


Pretty much. The list was longer back in the day

Ta lad. If she's decaring war on 4chins then godspeed to her.


I'd hate fuck her ngl

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They're only untethered from heredity when race or sex are considered. When Trumptards are in the firing line, you bet leftists are true believers in heredity.

Wish this memi would fuck off.

Same tbh

Same here

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*teleports behind you*

Does absolutely nothing for me tbh

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marty macfly was a manlet bumbandit

What is with this board and weird animal obsessions.

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smh he's like a greentext

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Explains Steiner.

The Zig Forums bestiary represents a language of magical intent. Each animal plays an important part in maintaining balance in the psycho-social eosystem of the board

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powerful metaphor

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Well a lot of us tend to like the same stuff and a lot of us like stuff to do with hunting weird monsters or taming them either indirectly or directly tbh.

smh pikachu didn't deserve that

Take up the capybara's burden