Brit/pol/ #2469: McSerfdom Edition

Maccies workers in Brixton are protesting not earning £10/hr

Owen Jones has an opinion. Shocker.

Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains

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Xth fir BIG brains

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Italian Populist League to Introduce Ban on Halal Slaughter

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the fuck is that

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labour pundit on politics live

baby steps, lad
also kosher is like vegetarianism/veganism, it's just a matter of being picky

What's the difference?

is it a dwarf? I really don't know what exactly I'm looking at

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literally none, but they are only banning halal
zio-cucks confirmed

Has he shown off his telekinetic abilities yet?

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that slogan is golden for showing just how disconnected Labour are
You want to prove that Labour despises the labour force, just point out that they are prioritising foreigners and mentallers over them.

I think you mean

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I hope he starts a British X-men

Sean Connery looks Spanish/Italian, not Scottish tbh

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what are you on he looks totally japanese

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You have a point tbh, looks like a mix of them all


you missed the joke

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This porn gets weirder lads

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This is me lads, give me some tips to improve

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did she get preggo on holiday or something?

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whats worse is theyre all trying to get us to feel sorry for them about it

no, fuck off, no anchor babies tbh

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Babies make him insecure, they're scare him by how big they become


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shit post, shit get

ban him tbh
I know some of Brit aren't.

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we only need a short rope for him

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Let's face it, the only reason anyone here obsessed over her was because she's royalty.
If she were any other tart no-one here would give a toss.
yes this is a repost fuck off you lot are cunts


imagine obsessing over this cunt
iirc the dutch have a princess studying in Wales who is leagues above this

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looks like one a tranny in that pic


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Stephen Mangan in a wig

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Looks like she got Brosnan'd

wrong gal, can't remember which irrelevant crown but she was at least Zig Forums's age and wasn't a bloody minger

thats the heir-apparent to the dutch crown tho

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yeah I know lad I don't remember which crown I was referring to

Is this in France or he's on tour?

thats in france lad

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even weirder kek.

lad if you think we are suffering from foreigners then don't even look towards the continent

I think tax payer money can be spent on something else, like capes for police officers.

patrician taste

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They will just prance around like faggots wearing them at pride

So dignified and regal. Clothing communicates so much, like architecture.

Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark

look at photos of the crowd from old football games, says a fucking lot.


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Some of you lads sound like you are reading from a movie script

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well it is my job

thank you for your service

Wogs ruined the police force tbh.

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modernity ruined it, and who caused modernity

user that started drawing again recently after 4 years here. Off topic but I drew my ugly mug and a highly illegal semi automatic assault carving knife. Shh.

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breddi nice lad by mug I thought you meant self-portrait

I believe that was the joke

That was the joke.

well forgive me for being smashed

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It's half past one

fuck you neet

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Can hardly see it lad, please post your name and address so I can pay you a visit to properly inspect your art

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sue me

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this good post lad

Thanks Steiner, I got a little put off by the American Psycho memi response tbh.

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More of the knife. Rubbish camera so the wood texture is hard to capture. The metal texture is really lacking anyway. Also tried a spoon and a golf ball but they're terrible. Been reading this to try and do realistic textures.

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Is taste pallette code for bacteria in the gut lads?

knife looks a little like a candle tbh

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Apparently the bacteria in our guts controls what we like to eat (or taste). People always talk about people's palletes improving as they age but is it really just bacteria what they're talking about?