Brit/pol/ #2470: True Autism Edition

Russia cyber-plots: US, UK and Netherlands allege hacking

Merkel, Juncker & Barnier ALL facing Brexit uprising from German industry, claims Farage

Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains

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still watching Falling Down tbh

Good lad

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Good lad!

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first for mummy isabelle

first for capital is sentient

Good lud. Have a free (you)

First for George the Nigger


good lad

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Why is the goblin wearing it's curtains around its face?

Xth for thick wogs alwayd getting claps for being thick on QT

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nth for the finest poet this fair England has ever birthed

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Falling Down is a lughably bad film. It's also particularly jewish. Almost everyone involves is a yid. I swear the only reason it's a 'cult classic' is because of this fact and also the neo-nazi getting totally btfo'd scene. Just terrible. Watch something better.

If the agent avoids you, it means you didn't get it. I hope you'll find a new cuckshed soon.



yank lass or irish?

why are there no english peo…oh wait london epsidoe


It's just that I watched it for the first time recently and was amazed at how shit everything about it was - considering how much I'd heard about it.

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Also fuck Canary Wharf and all those cunts who fucked over the East End London dockers

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Thanks lads

Good lad

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well now I'm definitely not watching

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um why doesn't the government just make more money?

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Lad QT stands for quivering thighs it's a leftie cummies chamber, probably smells like a fish market

>…im a little confused
fucks sake again?

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smh no pub in town here was showing it lad, still fucking chuffed. Haed my doots after that first goal of theirs, even with the quick equalizer

Good lad but I have to admit I'm a little confused

jej, audience BTFO'ing the wog

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tory ausy-sterity is killing the country!

What did the cute (slightly deranged looking) foreign lass say? She seems angry.

Pompey lads are true blues.


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what's happening?

I know it hurts.

are ye a catholic welshman or a protestant welshman?

some lad called out the wog on his bullshit


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Angers me that these Tory yids can get away with the balancing the books rhetoric this long after 2010.

Fijian I reckon

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For some reason I think it would be appropriate for her to die under the wheels of Mr Toad's car.

fantastic, lets vote for him.

Good lad

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Half my family are Orangemen and the other half are taffs.

get out gypsie

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Probably a member of the "based NA"

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>what is the real reason for reducing immigration?
to get rid of the likes you, you slavic rat

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I'd raid her camp

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Kill him

What bullshit? Something to do with austerity? And did the audience agree with the audience member or the wog?

tbh I'm methodist godless heathen scots kirk Polish Catholic mixed raised CofE, baste selective schools

Thanks lads

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Quelle Surprise

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Get in the bonfire

Fucking nigger needs to hang

t. Wordsmith


the road to civicry is laid with good intentions

She's probably Romanian. I'm reliably informed (by a romanian mentaloid thot) that they ain't slavs (I was teasing her).
This bitch is cute tbh.

holy fuck the nog is taking offense at

The hairband look is really cute tbh.

romanians aren't slavs, they're horrible mud poeple. same for most of Balkans, and related southern people


Cute or not?

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The mere presence of this thing on television is the strongest possible condemnation of our society. This man does not belong in a high IQ civilization, It's unfair on him and it's unfair on us.

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Based construction worker


i'd give her a hard-brexit if you know what i mean ;^)

posh girl green voter

still probably would

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Are they spics? They do often seem to be dark (and hot tbh).

Civicism is based and british lad

All the more reason to gas the boomers

they are a roman and baltic mix

literally a jughead

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Romanians are wop-slav hybrids.

Haleema in a background

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nuke london

no they're swarthy balkan types, the worst part of slav mixed with the worst part of med, with a lot of genetic residue from the great migration period the language is a fucking interresting mess as well

are you fucking high lad?


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Balkan =/= Baltic

Kek. She's cute tbh. The one episode I'm not watching is full of cute retarded fembots smh.

come on lads i was dunking my biccies no bully




*clicks magic wand and delete key, twice*

If only there were an antidote for the W*lsh

Was it 'We should string up every traitor, oven every jew, drive every wog into the channel then set about cleaning this country up at a national and LOCAL level'?

Pohui, kurva

This is Labour immigration policy in a nutshell.