Brit/pol/ #2471: Cuisine Edition

Curry and cottage pie top list of UK’s favourite comfort foods, survey claims

Plans to force restaurants in England to put calorie counts on menus could push up prices and lead to thousands of job losses, the Treasury has warned

“A Teacher Gave My Son A Detention For Saying He’d Vote Ukip”

Alice Gross blunder coroner is back at work after two years

Anthrax threat to Theresa May

Parents who won't let their son wear a skirt may have to be referred to social services, schools advised

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on overdrive

Flake: No corroboration for Ford’s claims in FBI report

Brett Kavanaugh: Hundreds arrested in Supreme Court protest

US unemployment rate lowest since 1969

Sweden's 'true queen', 8, pulls ancient sword from lake

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cor blimey lads


Have you joined the Labour party yet, lads?

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why doesn't Sargon do that?

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because his handlers dont want him destroying the party

8th for big tiddy wops.

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I'm actually a semi-high up momentum member who has been pushing them in a more Strasserist direction for the past few years, they have no idea.

If being vegan/vegetarian is so good why do they have to make substitutes of everything they've sworn off eating?

tbh a mate of mine has the server which hosts George Galloway, he died in the 90's and got replaced by a hologram

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because how else will they overdramatise and attempt to indoctrinate people into their cult

Uh oh. It's been noticed. Not long until the word is picked up by Paul Joseph Watson and executed.

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Hadn't seen this one. Wew.

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tfw homemade curry to dins

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Go to the US.

Pfft Jeremy Corybn died in an botched IRA terror attack in the mid 80's, he's been played by various homeless men ever since

It's pathetic, but just filter it.

I was very surprised to find out that lad you posted the other day survived his encounter with the bollard for several hours before actually succumbing tbh

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That must be one heck of a rosebud when they pulled that bollard out.

Trooper tbh


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Finally, a weapon to surpass SA.

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Chernobyl begins new life as solar power park
>The facility, which is installed across an area of 1.6 hectares (4 acres), can power a medium-sized village, or about 2,000 households.

why fucking bother

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how the fuck did this even happen



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What the fuck is happening in this pic

This is what happens when you don't put points into Luck

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I have no fucking clue what is going on anymore

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Objectively the finest women on Earth tbh.

Women are the biggest cult in history

They are literally just dumb dumbs

Even practiced here.

It's like they're praying

He jumped arse down on a bollard and destroyed his chuff.



very fuckable but they age like milk.

Any of you lads seen my toolbox?

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They are short so when they age they become wrinkly round people.

Fuck, Marry, Kill

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Her voice though, lad. They tend to be a better shape than ours (more slender and elegant looking). My parents did say that Italian women are getting increasingly fat and tattooed though (they go there all the time). Smh. No where is safe from the cult of nihilism.

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kill all three

Kill autism gf
Fuck retarded gf
Marry aspergers gf
cry while thinking about aborted gf

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Well it aint gonna be pale, is it? Two wongs don't make a white

my kids will have a hard enough time as it is

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I'll fuck and marry whichever one's Italian, and kill the other two tbh.


Objectively one of the funniest memmies ever.

None. I don't get paid for being a carer


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Someone post the mp4 of may walking onto stage at the Tory conference


Meanwhile in Rotherham…

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Watching Seven rn tbh

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This thread is turning into Eurotrash

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She needs to be fed a willy

why the fuck did this deserve laughter and applause
every ethnic gets the rope, fuck it, it's the only way to fix it

Needs to be an animated banner tbh

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She needs to be fed a glass of Hemlock tbh

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good lad

the goodest boy

Whimpy for dinner

You can see the exact moment where he snaps mentally and wants to stomp her

are the frogs retarded?


Series 5 being filmed.

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PHWOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!!! (Mine was hotter though - I would seriously take the faceless spiclad punishment if I could bed her before)


lucozade and eggs for dinner

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its good but I was getting a whiff of poz in the last series

She needs to be fed glass tbh.

I suppose your mums up there and shes a dog n all

A BBC series has poz? you don't say!


That sounds like a real treat

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some lads liked it