Brit/pol/ #2472: Moo edition


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Gud bwoi

Good lad. I don't trust you though.

Going to make some late night scran tbh lad. Possibly involving bacon and eggs.

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Good lad

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tbh my internet went down and I made this jokingly thinking captcha would come up but it didn't

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go away spic no-one likes you

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all taken care of tbh

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Still not forgiven you tbh lad

What for lad?

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Dismissing this gem from the appeal list smfh

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go and complain to the bongo cabal tbh ;^)
Ah lad that's nothing, I've seen ban appeals you wouldn't believe. Nothing lasts forever saved a screeny of that myself though tbh

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I already have gayboy

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I know lad.

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I really really like this image


You know lad if you weren't so gay we probably would have played some Anglo Zulu War together by now.

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god I wish that was me



*plinks you in poorly colourised*
Probably tbh.One day lad.

Good lid.

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let me post ffs


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Fucks sake lad. Come on now.

I'd probably only be completely shit lad. Used to be decent at games and beat all my friends but I think I've lost the plot/gone rusty.

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At this point lad it doesn't matter if you are good at the game or not.

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you should drive there and cause a ruckus lad

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its about 4 hours away lid, I was just there a few weeks ago its too BIG for me. also I was not on the northside where local lads were prepping. I'd have to take the lake ferry to get there

Tried to play Verdun the other night. No real clue what was going on and just died repeatedly without killing a single person. Most unsatisfactory.

Unreal tournament 2004, now that was a game.

This. We're all rooting for you steiner.

this unreal tournament 2004 was based and fortnite is just a ripoff

Lad go and fill up on Chi-town pizza pie and start liquidating negroids or you're a little poof

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they have cucked gun laws lid, plus my only gun I can carry legally is a ruger blackhawk

AZW is almost all bot killing. If you want to get better at Verdun you can do a bot match, where waves of bots attack you and your squadmates been getting back into Verdun tbh

is it still free?

AZW? Yeah but you need Napoleonic warfare for it now because muh exe muh file size muh assets etc.

holy shit this total nutter is calling into alegs right now

Right, going to make it a pre-new years resolution to have a game of AZW with you at some point lad. fair warning has been given that I will be shit.

Really? I never noticed that in the menu anywhere? But I guess I haven't really looked and just dived into it. That sounds helpful/what I need.

You go "Find Match" and then you see the different game types, it's the bottom right one iirc. Can play Verdun together tbh

I miss the winter Olympics

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Nope. I can't even manage to find the bot match, that's how bad I am. Don't find the Verdun interface particularly user friendly anyway tbh. And is it just me or are the servers all but dead most of the time?

She's cute in an autistic way

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"Squad Defence" lad fucking hell. Sometimes you get full servers, sometimes you end up playing 4 v 4. But with squad defence you only need 4 players, which is a full squad.


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Nobody cared who he was until he put on the mask

Cool/ Just had a thing

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Now seems like a healthy time to go to sleep tbh.

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here is a smug pike

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Such an expressive beast. I hope he was returned to the water to tell tall tales to the little pikelings of how he bit the fisherman's hand and escaped

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morning lad you on the way in or out?

Got in yesterday afternoon, lad. Woke up now

What about you? bit early here, especially on a weekend I guess

Boomers and 30 year old boomers alike unite to laugh at libtards epic style

Man I wish our country had stricter punishments. 1-2 years for fucking rape

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I don't even know what my sleep pattern is anymore tbh


You a BASED NEET, lad?

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yes lad I'm dedicated to the NEET life long term

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yeah kek.

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That's what happens when retarded devs split what small playerbase they currently have and make fucking Tannenburg

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More than it being pathetic, it is really creepy knowing that they are doing this to try to change other people's behaviour

do you ever stop the van and have a good old cry lad?

kek, nah, I try to stop as little as possible. Picked up some Polish tourists that had car trouble yesterday though.

did you chop them up and bury them in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Sparbu?

Nah I drive through Sparbu in rush hour. Safest thing would be to gut them in the van and keep them in there until Monday night.

Thought SA would like this

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epic style

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I posted all of them last night lad.

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#398 KAVANAUGH AND RAPE CULTURE HYSTERIA! Ted Cruz and Nick Di Paolo Guest | Louder With Crowder

Oh my bad.

so weird, whoever made these would hate christianity

Irish victim complex sufferers btfo eric style



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What the fug

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Holy shit they got the zodiac killer himself on.

Women will learn to live in actual fear again

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God I hate pretentious wankers.

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oh wow how not scripted

Best way to deal with that is just to dismiss it if someone does it to you.

Sort of want the muzzie to beat the taig lads.

Kind of impressive how they've got the media playing along. Society is a joke.

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People will get sick of the modern art joke one day.