Brit/pol/ #2473: Coolsville Sucks Edition

Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker says chance of deal has increased

Facebook UK tax bill jumps to £15m as Chancellor prepares tech tax crackdown

UK weather forecast: -3C Arctic FREEZE TONIGHT before bizarre tropical 'battle' next week

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Work in progress lad.

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Good lad
Dont forget to BLOAT

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Oh Japan, never change.


is good thread but where is Conor? is Conor scare of thread?

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Your fault for passing out somewhere public.

he's off shilling his whisky tbh I'll be at a party tonight with a lad I go sparring with so I'll probably end up watching it

tbh, do they use it for drunks or something else though?

I think I have fallen in love tbh lads.

Tot tier totty tbh.

*lightly taps bear with a stick*



This tbh, don't know what they expected screaming and poking it would do.

Fucking YES

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Yes indeedy

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It's that easy lad.

What time is it on tonight tbh?

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Maybe bodies killed with a virus or radiation?


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She's talking to my parents, lad. As we speak (and as our curry sits there).

Forgot sorry lad

Good laddo

Lidl's steaks are top.



Main card starts at 3, title fight prolly no earlier than 5

seconding this their sirloins are fucking decent and half the price of anywhere else


It needs to be reheated (my parents insist upon spending at least ten minutes eating bloody popadoms every time). Can't heat it all because their's will go cold.

wtf lad they're there to eat it with

Can't you plate yourself up some and just reheat yours?

I meant more like a really virulent virus that's wiping the human race out.

Nha, eating popadoms like crisps is based


tbh plebs in NBC suits would probably still be more useful

Thanks lad, can't watch it then smdh

Thanks lad

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Popadoms are a starter, lad. You're thinking of naan bread.

It's fine, lad. She's fucked off.

roooooooooooooooo I have spent extensive periods in SEA, I know what I'm talking about

Righto, hope you enjoy.

Don't you like curry?

of course I do

We tried brainwashing the plebs to eat tidepods but they didn't die and not everyone took the tidepodpill.

Might have to take up genetic engineering instead

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What county?

West Midlands

Yeah but wasting rare earth metals on body removal bots looks way cooler.

good thing they're so abundant :^)


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Recommend me a good bottle of Port lads.
I want to drown my sorrows tonight and need something decent. cheers!

Having chicken/mayo sandwiches with salad for tea tonight lads

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this looks nice

the 4.60ish stuff they have in Aldi is alright, not sure what it's called as I don't have any on my but it's my goto don't know if they have it in the UK though
what's wrong lad?

wait it obviously won't be 4.60 as currency conversion is a thing, smdh

The cheapest shit you can get your hands on.

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laaaad I'm just an expat

tbh tbh

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West Midlands isn't a county
If it's Staffordshire, then we're gunna be neighbors, based

This, cuck the men take the women

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Thanks lads

She is still at her moms and i'm bored tonight. I want to curl up in the fetal postion and fall asleep in a drunken haze tbh

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well judging by the radio silence from Cook and SA you won't be the only one


SA is probably "working"

music of that era was so overrated

only found out recently that this is a cover

Most likely

If we're going to be neightbours then you'll have to get used to the midlands lingo tbh

At the KT on £5ph?

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port puts you in a wheelchair

Oh yeah, I forgot, they say "mom" here.

How's it do that?

Taylor's First Estate Reserve Port


Black pepper

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tempted by this one

sounds nice that.

ps lad

norr place f' racism in modern football lad. are team'd be nowt wivart ngubu 'n' t'other black lads

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Yeah heard that before, that and they're a rip off of Manfred Mann.

I'm really not interested in whether something was overrated as it's a social artefact often due to a number of factors. Though I do agree with you.

bad indians go to the west
good indians go elsewhere

Port and wine have no effect on the development of gout but beer and spirits do.

What sorrows? I thought you had found a house.

This, and general drunken incapacitation.

Maybe it was the lifestyle choices of port drinkers in the past or something.

Should have said:

I despise Shaun Ryder. Talentless Irish junkie.

None of you know what a 'slab of beer' is, and there are English people who say 'mom'.
Nothing seems real anymore.

Poortherners have said mom forever lad


Slab is an Aussie thing and I'm not from the West Midlands, I've heard people here say it, but I forgot, I thought Bushposter was just being a Yankee.



that's another way that some of them say it yes


I only rucked your mother cos she's a munter tbh.

(Working class) Welshies also say 'mam', and general Welshies say 'slab'. Never heard of a northerner saying 'mom' though.