Brit/pol/ #2474: Stuff that didn't happen edition

Woman on train gets 'strange' note from man - asking her to wait ten seconds before opening it
She says it's part of the 'cumulative effect incidents like this have on women every day

Mother-of-one, 26, beaten up after Brexit meeting 'was attacked for being Labour supporter'

Furious protesters are removed from the steps of the Supreme Court after banging on the door while Kavanaugh was being sworn in, hours after interrupting his Senate confirmation hearing – but Trump laughs off their ‘tiny’ gathering

Partying MPs told off after cleaners find used condoms and vomit in their Westminster offices

Remoaners to march thousands of dogs on Parliament for 'Wooferendum'

Far left Minister admits a civil war could be near in France as he fears the future

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First for him

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for her

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I wonder where feminism goes after the current ones are satisified?

I love this

She's a bit extreme for me

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isn't the unicorn the scottish national animal tho?

I love this

It's a horse with downs that tried to eat an ice cream and missed it's mouth.

no more arguing over fake sport now lads


No one is in the mood to argue with you schizo.

Meanwhile: In London

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Why can't they do it somewhere that isn't an international tourist spot.

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"I live the high life…."

Preferbly in international waters.
It's embarrassing

Who cares? Tourists are trash and not welcome in this country.


why is it okay to say "everyone voted for brexit for different reasons" yet its never said "everyone voted for remain for different reasons"?

surely we could throw it back in their court and criticise all the remoaners reasons and pick it apart
…would turn into

Neither does that thing.

The authorities don't care lad. Just look at this shit.

Rather it stay in central London tourist spots then bleed out into the actual country.

Good lad.

What do you mean it's in most urban centres anyway.

I never seen that going on in Manchester, most buskers are homeless. I saw one recently playing amazing grace on a tin flute.

thats coz up norf they cull the fags

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fucking southers

Sounds like a generic Manc drug pusher with that name.

hat's a lot of pigs

I would break her tbh


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*punches (you)*

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he can't keep getting away with it

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Canals are shallow.
Btw, have a look at this genius website. It brings back memories of the 90s.

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sounds like a jock until he said "jesus christ"

Liking the look of Kaluga oblast tbh

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It's not so bad lad, we've a long way to fall.

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what you playing lad?

silent hill 1

ay up
where'd you find this?

Good stuff lad.

Army offers £10k golden hullo to drug shame soldiers: Astonishing policy to lure back troops who've been kicked out for using cocaine and cannabis

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Someone needs to die for Israel.

Should jack all our squaddies up on super-soldier drugs tbh

Like the stim packs in Starcraft?

Maybe the coke heads where enough as they were.

More hardcore than that. Something that gives them super strength and insatiable bloodlust and leaves them crippled with nightmarish headaches for days after battle

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spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)?

I feel like I'm living in an alternative universe sometimes and I occasionally drift into this universe where everyone lacks common sense.

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Just imagine SA’s gristly testicles in your mouth. Heavy weight. Sweaty. Oozing man juices. Imagine that you are a black man and SA is begging you to fuck him ip the arse to impregnate him with those potent savage seed. He gets so excited he shits himself. Oooh yeah SA, I know you begged me to type this. I got your back white boi. My little SA slut.

Same here. I mean what's next? A Halal sweet shop in birmingham?
…..oh wait

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This fight was better

It's getting difficult to remain optimistic.

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Nonces used to use sweets to lure children to their untimely doom.

Pakis open up a whole new sweetshop

Like fuck it will

Feel like heading down to Speakers corner on a Sunday and shouting Tommy Robinson tbh

Nah lad

Tbh Willy Wonka was a powerful film, really powerful. That final line.

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surprised mark collett isn't down there shilling fascism as he likes to talk about doing so much

Gayposting has reached a whole new level today

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smh can't even have a nice Sunday thread

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Probably scared of all the ethnic minorities.

Have some wholesome music lads

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Stop this nonsense

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How do we compete with BLACK men

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We don't

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is what i got from that

*grabs Zig Forums*

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would you?

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When I comeback I want this sorted out.

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Dear country, political event I don’t like should wake you up to the fact that loosely related victim group is under severe threat.

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filter, report, ignore and refresh
I go for a shit and come back to this? Haven't we got about 10 fucking mods what are the chances none of you are on?

delete by IP lad

It's your job lad, currently sat with my legs up playing forza horizon 4.

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It's Sunday lad I've other stuff to do.

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google bonbibonkers

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fucking hell

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these mentallers get the rope

i did some digging
time to kms tbh

He was always a cuck tbh

this is what insanity looks like

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