Brit/pol/ #2476: Drive Edition

Duke of Windsor's famous trip to Germany in 1937

Brexit news latest: Majority of Brits now want to REMAIN in the EU, anaylsis of nearly 150 polls FROM A LONDON-BASED PAPER

Sting and Ed Sheeran JOIN Bob Geldof's latest anti-Brexit attack

The man in charge of the Met Police when an unarmed officer was murdered during the Westminster terror attacks stayed in his car nearby as he had no protective equipment, inquests into the attack have heard

Former solider, 47, who downloaded 10,000 child porn images is spared jail due to his 'exemplary' military service

Gay man knocked out for kissing another man in chicken shop

Disgusting moment residents laugh and clap as they attack police officers with FIRECRACKERS during an arrest in Bradford

Salvini: Italian State Will Strengthen Self-Defence Rights, Cover Legal Costs of Home Defenders

Nazi bomber pilot's photograph helps Russian historians pinpoint mass graves of Stalin's victims

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They are mental cunts, don't expect anything better of them.
If you ever meet one, deck them.


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fucking mad, isn't it? it's beyond a niggers' dinduing

Fortunately I have never had any dealings with these lot. Probably a good thing for them

lad good

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You can find them around campuses quite often, or anywhere where there's a bad smell.

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Gays always run everything into the ground smh

Reminder that the only thing Communist is good for is killing other Communists.

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what do you think of my new motar lads?

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Destroy them with your weapons grade autism lad.


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Yeah I know, we had a (ex) trotskyist in charge of the country for 10 years.

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It's a sickening thought. The Soviet Union is dead but we're still dealing with their ideological subversion.

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Audible keks, saved

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Never been to Brighton tbh

Hi, lad. You okay?

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Are you really Mr. Woes-san?(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)

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Wews doesn't post here.

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Dunno if you got this one

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Yeah lad. I think you posted it the other day

I just wanted to post it again tbh

I think he took one too many to the head

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Man charged with attempted murder of four officers

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Dunno whether wanting to play Verdun with someone constituents being in a homosexual relationship with them tbqh with you lad.

How much more normalfag does it get

Na he's just Irish.

What is this, 2016?

just found out he's 5ft9

he was a shit boxer tbh

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r u s e d

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Scotland Yard deputy commissioner tells inquest he locked himself in a car as he watched Westminster terrorist stab colleague


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Pigs brain?

it's in the OP y'cunt

death to christbol clique for bullying woes to tears and reporting his tweets


I don't give fuck.

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sorry, death to high tory gang™ for bullying woes to tears and reporting his tweets. Forgot they rebranded

I guess it's a lot easier when you're apprehending someone for online abuse.

good lad.

I'll donate to you if you prove it is you, lad. I love e-celebs

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I don't think he's okay …

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Daily reminder;

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this isn't how you post proofs


Politically correct cop who runs police helicopter service being probed over more than 20 bullying claims




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hold up a card with the date written on lad

you're supposed to have a bit of paper with a timestamp you fag

I'd sit on the outskirts and watch Brighton burn to the ground tbh. It sounds like a day out.

I enjoyed it when our Joe ripped you to shreds tbh lad

It's obviously fake and from a live stream. Nobody would take a selfie without looking at the camera.

So who do you think sucked wews dick to get those pics?

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y-yeah what a freak who would do that???

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explain webm 1 and 2 to me

I don't think those search for live stream screen caps.

6th October, Portland - Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence, second video is of them chasing down and attacking an elderly man who didn't listen.

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ty for everything you've done for me Wews you're a good lad please lead us to salvation

why are antifa directing traffic?

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thanks for watching

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lel you could've just done the audio

Best poster

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Want to join in lad?

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we're all gonna make it Wews ty for the inspiration

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what the hell is wrong with that tranny? was it having a stroke?

Shouldn't it be "constitutes" to be correct?

god bless millennial wews

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Nah lad, that's Portuguese

Millenial Woes is a fat retarded scottish failure who does more harm to british nationalism than good. He was too scared to respond to our Lord, Joe Owens, and frankly he repulses me.

That's what I should have said but I could have constructed that sentence slightly differently with constituents and it would work smh



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We're selling ERP sessions with Westie

Prices : £7 an hour
Photos: £15 each

Special Deal: 3 hour 1 hour sessions for just £20!

Sign up now before bookings are full.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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I do that all the time tbh.

Starter: Mackerel and sundries tomatoes in olive oil
Main: chips, onions, steak (well done), mushrooms and tomatoes
Dessert: cheese cake.
Drink: rosé


smdh I thought you were better than this

Fuck off /newshit/ if you want to pimp out Westie do it through your Bongo Bongo Land.

He made a whole video directed at Joe

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Give us a link then wews.

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