Brit/pol/ #2477: Chesterton Edition

Police pose as grooming gangs with teenage victims in operation targeting London hotels

Politically correct cop who runs police helicopter service being probed over more than 20 bullying claims

Scotland Yard deputy commissioner tells inquest he locked himself in a car as he watched Westminster terrorist stab colleague

Man charged with attempted murder of four officers

NHS pays out £37million in biggest settlement for child injury in history

Brits are getting POORER thanks to sky-high taxes which leave people with less cash to spend

'F*CK. YOU. ALL': Google 'design lead' wishes for Republicans to burn in hell in Twitter outburst

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good lad, Lepanto is a cracking poem, I've read a fair bit of his works

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Still listening to NF Disco

Anyone else wanna listen and /feel/ along with me?

I'll tell you one thing, I've never got food poisoning from a local pub, restaurant, or takeaway.

Which makes it even better seeing how many British chefs have one the fucker.

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>"I am not much of a crusader, but at least I'm not a mohammedan"
absolute chad

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Fried Shropshire pigs liver, fried eggs and onions are top tier British cuisine tbh

Looks tasty.

A lot of the British chef who win Michelin stars are trained in French styles and cooking philosophy tbh i.e. Gordon Ramsey

Bought a couple of pints of milk from a new paki shop, put it in my tea, and the milk was absolutely fucking rancid. I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls though.

Am I gonna be shitting through the eye of a needle tonight?

They invaded our country, so we may as well get the best out of their culture.

I wonder if he can explain why a litre of petrol costs around 50p before tax yet a jar of jam can cost a couple of quid.

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tbh the thing which got me reading him was a teacher having Lepanto up in the corridor of my secondary school, absolute madman whoever did that

Lucozade Sport, Dairylea Dunkers Breadsticks and Pot Noodle are top tier british cuisine tbh

Ever noticed how Christian authors actually become more renowned and beloved after they die, whereas people like Philip Pullman are quickly forgotten?

The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

Sounds like it, just a bit, lad. But this is why you have to be careful.

looks like a fallout character

French cooking philosophy is over "engineered" to the extreme, you need to spend way too much time preparing every individual element of a dish when we know that is often unnecessary.

Are Goths the modern day skinheads?

What am I in for lad? And I didn't know the paki shop was selling milk that had gone off did I

Alright. I can't say I've eaten too much French food.


*eats a pret-a-manger bread roll*

Aren't half that band xenos?

Post actual NF gfs

*serves you a coffee*

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Amazon Prime will be the death of me.

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Bet you a fiver you only read one of them and the rest sit on your shelf collecting dust

Watch something like hells kitchen, or one of those programs when they go into the kitchen of a Michelin star winning restaurant, they did one for Marco Pierre White back when he first won one and Ramsey worked under him.

I've got his St. Francis book right next to my bed and I stopped reading it halfway tbh, terrible attention span me.

broke: Pret-A-Manger
woke: Greggs
bespoke: Dorringtons

naah I'll get around to reading them

I hope you kept a receipt, sue the fuckers

ascended: countryside shops which sell local produce and also have a rustic restaurant attached which is constantly filled with OAPs

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Gregg's Cornish pasties = 10/10
Actual Cornish pasties = autism wrapped in pastry/10

Think I might try and make some pasties next week tbh

oim a bizzee geeza

literally permabanning you for that

*douses you in petrol*

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"foodies" get the rope

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I've had an proper Cornish pasty and it tasted weird and had fucking Stilton in it. The shock was strong enough for me to chuck the bugger in the bin. What on earth do they use in them things?

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where the fuck did you get it from
if you say Ginsters I'm hunting you down

sucking dick is very time consuming lad

some of us have active social lives, n e r d

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Nah lad I've chucked the milk out already and didn't keep the receipt


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Bit strong for pasties imo

*smug chuckles* riiight, you love hanging with the normies you never ever complain about.

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Some foodie pub in Devon ages ago. I'm sure they fucked up my order because I didn't get what I asked for. Couldn't be arsed to complain and found a chippy afterwards.

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Where was the crimp situated? your a Fucking tuss

Honestly laughing too much and making my belly hurt, trying to fast here lad smh

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it's actually surprising how many alright people I've been able to find through work and whatnot tbh, so long as the conversation doesn't drift towards politics it's a laugh

which subtype of caucasoid are you, Zig Forums?

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Can't remember exactly. It was about 13yrs ago IIRC

Faelid or Tronder, but with dark hair

Yeah most people are alright until you are stuck in a city under siege and there is no food, then suddenly everyone thinkings you and your children look tasty.

any pontids in this thread come to RM9 6XW I'll batter you


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I've just watched porn after going 26 days without it

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No thanks


ye feckn eejit
start again

What's the most shameful thing you've ever done lads?

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North Atlantic masterrace

Nothing I've ever done has been anywhere near as shameful as that tbh lad.

Soubry claims she will not be drowned out by 'people down the pub'

Anna Soubry slams ‘Brexit bullies’ that tried to drown out her speech

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Gorid tbqh


wanked in a classroom surrounded by other kids

the fuck is wrong with you

It was when I was in year 10 in class, nobody ever noticed though other than the retarded autistic kid who just kinda stared at me in awe

I wanked in isolation at school once

wew I wanked in year 8 music lad

When's the last time you watched porn lad

I finished a test early and had 30 minutes with nothing to do, and our teacher was a qt

I'm not that degen anymore

SA doesn't need porn to push his boat out, he saves it for the customers

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remind me never to go near a school again unless i want AIDS

tbh that is the real masterrace, can you get tan? my uncle is like that phenotype and has grey eyes but he can tan and look like a swarthy

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thot got called out

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was dead drunk and let a creatura fat thot touch my b*nis

I don't tan easily just go red and flakey. I tend to stay in the shade or be covered up tbh

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muh neoteny tho
literally 4/10
I bet she is like a 5'2 turbo slut who only gets railed by 6'7 turbo chads too

slavs don't tan though?

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She's a professional shit stirrer, just like Milo's bf

forget the actual video lads, someone actually looked into her and proved how she's chatting bollocks (who'd'a fucking guessed it)

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