Brit/pol/ #2478: Lewis Edition

The Army is investigating after far-right activist Tommy Robinson posted a photo of himself surrounded by a group of young soldiers

NHS Ranked 35th in the World for Health Care Efficiency

Soubry claims she will not be drowned out by 'people down the pub'

Victoria screenwriter Daisy Goodwin says TV dramas are "airbrushing reality" by having too many powerful female characters

Antifa retard who tried to attack Generation Identity conference died of a heart attack

'Boy, you gonna learn today!' British truck driver films migrant stowaways pleading with him to stop when they realise his truck is going to Holland and not England

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first for Rumanian megastructures

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Laura tbh

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They're making a new mega-structure.

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lads ITT who havent watched hornblower either

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smh tbh

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is it as good as sharpe lad? also someone post the shitty cgi webm

Started to watch it but it seemed a bit 90s

It is significantly less repetitive, not hard due to it only being a single series whereas Sharpe was multiple + films.

it is less action orientated but the character of hornblower is more noble than the character of sharpe. also there are some glorious naval battle sequences. the haiti episode (Mutiny) was great.

I'll give it a look when I've finished Sharpe, I've never sat down and watched them all so I'm catching up on that first

thought it was multiple series, wew

8 individual hour long episodes tbh

It feels more grounded and realistic, whereas Sharpe was more of an action hero.

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always gets me

hold onto your sides

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Amazon scraps a secret A.I. recruiting tool that showed bias against women's machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem: their new recruiting engine did not like women.
The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants' resumes with the aim of mechanizing the search for top talent, five people familiar with the effort told Reuters.
The company's experimental hiring tool used artificial intelligence to give job candidates scores ranging from one to five stars — much like shoppers rate products on Amazon, some of the people said.

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Please tell me it's real



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Oh bwoi

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the memmies are coming alive

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Police in Coventry have been criticised on social media for entering people's unlocked homes and tweeting photos.

The Cov City Police team has been on burglary patrol in the city, testing front doors then advising homeowners to lock their properties.

The photos, one retweeted by West Midlands Police's chief constable, showed officers inside hallways pointing out the home is insecure.

wait, doesn't that mean potential burglars can juts follow the police and see which houses are unlocked?

yes I suppose so XD

Isn't that a bit 2000s?

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Aren't they supposed to have a warrant to enter a property?



kek who cares any more, the world has gone tupsy turvey stupid.

If you expect the rule of law, you're clearly not ready for modern Britain.

does that lad have a job or living of bennies?

I bet they like going through the back doors too.
Fucking useless faggots.

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No I've heard that they don't need a warrant if they have access, permission from the resident or the resident doesn't stop them. tbf if someone is being attacked in their home you don't want the cops to have to wait around until a warrant arrives, but they can go through open windows etc.

Common sense and decency should be exercised though. Some of these coppers are bent as fuck.

That's where laws like that fall down, it's supposed to be used to protect the public not to permit the old bill to enter your house through an open window without a warrant


just remember to work out and have weapons about your home because when it kicks off these useless faggots wont be able or willing to help you

Imagine coming home from work and finding a copper's face down in the wife's knicker drawer. ffs

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I think its the same law which means if the cops get a persons phone and it's unlocked they can go through it but if it has a password or whatever they need a warrant to do so.

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It's mad. The amount of crimes they don't investigate because of reasons, and then they have the time and resources to do stuff like this?

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They don't do their fucking jobs, but tell other people to do their jobs for them.

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and the Fake News spin

Imam Asim Hafiz, Islamic religious adviser to the armed forces, said that "any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly".

He added: "The armed forces remain absolutely committed to welcoming individuals from across all faiths and cultures into its ranks."

sounds like a fucking cover story for them actually doing this.

Glad I wasn't the only one to think this tbh

me: Captain Sir Edward Pellew
you: mr bracegirdle

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And they wonder why the public has lost respect for them. Non of them would do the right thing and try to change the culture at the top because of muh pensions.

rip nigga
*pours one out on the ground for mr bracegirdle*

It's what happens when you put career before duty.

Stopped watching Sharpe after he cheated on his wife tbh

Hornblower not only never cheated on his wife, he never married her out of petty emotions in the first place, AND had a son by her.

wish we could turn back time

the utter audacity of the beeb

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Having a fry-up later.


people shit on the modern diet but prior to the 20th century the average height for poor to middle class people was like 5'0''

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imagine being a 5ft russian peasant and 7 foot peter the great rides by on a huge warhorse. hail my king

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us cutting out steak is a drop in the fucking ocean

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thats what the jews want


yeah the shitskins are the ones destroying the earth at this point

We wouldn't want to alienate our Chinese sponsors, though, so keep that hush-hush.

5'6" in Europe

noticing China, India, and Africa polluting the planet is r a a a a c i s t

why is german milsurp all in manlet sizes lad?

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The climate change kikes always pick on the developed countries because they're jealous.
If we do have an iceage coming then I can't wait. I have a feeling the shit will hit the fan before that happens tbh.

wew that's probably more than Glasgow back in the day

really rinks the dink


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His father left him some money and he's a big time Youtuber.

Leaked pictures of Galaxy A9 reveal Samsung really did stick four cameras on the back

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actually rather neat tbh

what, too bigoted to let your wife sleep with another man? get a grip you pale stale male.

THere were children on the bbc today protesting education cuts, statist propaganda, they should become big brained libertarians not eternally go muh budget.

It's retarded

we need a good old fasioned ice age to freeze the xenos out of europe and absolutely btfo the stronk independent millenials. only those with families will survive. lone wolves die. society at its most visceral. only the strong and the wholesome will survive.

but i had to choose the smallest size available for mine

a woman in primark told me we'd have 4 months of snow ❄

she thicc

how so? each lens serves a different function

wonder why

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