Brit/pol/ #2479: Eat Your Soy, Goy, Edition

'It was a UK referendum' Remainer Soubry SHUT DOWN by DUP MP on second Brexit vote

A package believed to contain ‘white powder’ was sent to MPs’ offices at the Houses of Parliament

Man who passengers stopped being deported on their flight from Heathrow is 'foreign criminal convicted of serious offences who was being sent back to Somalia' by the Home Office

Coventry Police enter unlocked homes and tweet photos

Tommy Robinson video with trainee soldiers sparks army investigation

Jeremy Corbyn to unveil proposals for schoolchildren to learn about Britain's role in slavery and colonialism amid accusations that Labour is putting 'ideology first and children second'

Greece has banned fat tourists from riding donkeys

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

The Far Right's Use of Cyberharassment against Academics

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Irish tourist arrested in Poland after defacing Auschwitz memorial

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Fresh Project Veritas
"We don't say that out of these walls." Bredesen Staff Says He Is Lying About Kavanaugh Vote
This report exposes Tennessee staffers from Phil Bredesen's U.S. Senate campaign revealing his willingness to court moderate voters through deceit. This was especially evidenced by Bredesen's recent statement suggesting he would, if he was already in the Senate, vote to confirm now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


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Whole squad full of fucking killas, Ima killa too SCCCCUUUUMMMM GAANNNNNNNGGGGG

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alri lids

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is that dietwyler or dirtwengler or whatever his name is?

it's the Oberführer of the 69th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (scum gang)

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Seeing the media fail to understand localism is absolute fucking gold.


Imagine being so brainwashed and disconnected that you think that people would prioritise irrelevant nonsense and media propaganda, over their community, immigration, employment, hospitals, crime, schools, housing, etc.

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based predictive programming

just standard issue normalfags who only care about cummies and circuses

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I should have gone to sleep 5 hours ago. Goodnight lads.


get the fuck in the basement you bourgeoisie whore

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*blocks your path*

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* destroys your nation with the krauts help*

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*destroys self by forcing niggers to become citizens*

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Liberte though


that is the definition of being a wagecuck lad. try to find a better job I am getting paid 50 dollars extra for work tomorrow because my cool wine aunt boss wants me to move some lumber to her house to make a fence

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Is she grooming You, lad.? I love the job but looking at my average hours I will demand more pay

probably she is an ugly kikess though probably wants to have some kind of nazi gas chamber brap fetish


hullo lad, long time no see

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Loaded and driving night lads


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night also gas the taigs


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wish they'd stop bullying this lad

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Might be losing my life savings during the shemitah that started today lads.

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kek futures are down basis points 1000.
No sympathy lad I tried to warn you

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Wat do you do with silver when the economy tanks tho how is it useful? t. Brainlet

barter it for women and potatos

you can use it to purify water

Why not buy women and potatos before the cataclysm.

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use it for its primary use as a monetary metal smh lad
look into Executive Order 6102 , the German restrictions on the weight of Gold in wedding Rings and the wops gold for iron campaign

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getting excited for chritmas yet?
I once got some pannetoni. Didn't think much of it tbh. Stollen with real marzipan is good though.

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panettone with nutella is kino

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Mmm looks good I'm more hyped for halloween 🎃 🎃 though

might play the Borderlands haloween DLCs again

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What the shit is wrong with people

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spoopy and cute

this is why you need strong communities that look out for each other to stop these absolute nutters. If only they had one friend who told them how fucked up that is

Yes, but I won't move in to my new house before Christmas. All builders have told me that they are fully booked now and could start renovations from January.

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Why are they such petty faggots?

Puff pastry mince pies tbh, they are like festive Eccles cake.

Eccles cakes themselves are also top tier.

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mince pies have more suet and xmas spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine) flavours (cinnamon etc)

Had anxiety last night that I went to Vietnam and the locals tried to murder me.


Then you come back and instead of a parade you just get some hippies spitting on you

Vietnam was bloody 'orrible tbh lads. I remember hearing somewhere that the average platoon would have to spend more than month in the field and would likely never see an enemy combatant, but would still lose 10-20% manpower through boobytraps.

Yea, it was more language barrier and travelling alone combined with being paranoid but good vid :)

Ive seen enough liveleak vids to never want to go south of the Alps ever again.

why in the last year has everyone started obsessing over panettone.
I'd never heard an Englishman speak of it before this year. it isn't special in the slightest, it is just a dry, light spongecake. England has far superior spongecakes that aren't even for special occasions apart from having them with tea.
tired of real life memmies spreading without sense or reason.

I had a similar dream once, but it was Okinawa not Vietnam. The nips were forcing the Okinawans suicide bomb themselves, also burning out caves and houses full of women a children.

t. not a william

7 years for child murder

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Was that to stop the americans from raping them as they've done for the last 80 years.

They've been doing it for a few years…
Red Velvet cake
Pulled pork
Eton mess

tbh Panettone is one of the least faddish

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tired of hearing about pulled pork too.
what comes next, chitlins - oooh mama wanna make y'all sum chitlins chaaaaaaild

red velvet cake and pulled pork are two foods associated with the American deep south. no sure its relevant just thought i'd mention it.

Tony Blair advises Labour Party to vote down May's possible Brexit deal

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because they have been hyped up by supermarkets and foodies in recent years

mummies shitposting on pol again

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Jeremy Corbyn calls for children to be taught about legacy of British empire

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i wonder if they teach them about how many african kingdoms supported the slave trade and became wealthy off it? or how to support it they waged endless war with their nabours to gain prisoners to sell as slaves? or how a certain (((rootless clique))) of people dominated the finance of the slave trade? or how it was white Christians that eventually ended the slave trade?

really makes you think

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Nah tbh. That part of history will be scrubbed from the curriculum because it will shatter the niggers narrative. Instead they will do their up most to make the blacks more satisfied but uppity at the same time, just like in burgerland.

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Or how they committed human sacrifice and cannibalism? hullo? Corbyn?

Because they're a nation of children

I'm tired of seeing this shite we import from the US. How long will it be before we have a Portland style shutdown of our streets or a Charlottesville dafty scenario? And that fucking emaciated commie jam enthusiast would be to blame.

The irony is the people importing those toxic politics claim to be anti western despite basing almost all their thoughts on things they've seen or heard from America.

2 Peter 2:14 refers to false teachers as cursed children, and it applies here.

Their minds are just a cacophony of cognitive dissonance, honestly. It really comes out when you debate with them.

Because all the shit coming out of burgerland is itself anti-western.

The entire existence of burgerland is anti-western tbh

This: it's a country founded on rebellion against legitimate authority, and has been ruled by one or another kind of Babylonian mystery cult since its inception.

It is frustrating how much he's emboldened the far left in Britain. For a short time after Trump and Brexit it seemed like anti-white cultural Marxist leftism was dead. Yet Corbyn embodies this and is at the brink of power. What's more, there is no challenge to the far left; The Tory's have shifted to try to appeal to Labour voters. The Overton window in Britain is now firmly on the extreme left.

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There's a statue of Marx in manchester

You'd think this would actually pave the way for the much-harbinged cleaning up of right-wing voting by UKIP, but…

It's fucking typical of this country tbh

I thought it was Engels?

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silver is starting to go up lid


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I don't know a fucking thing about economics and even I could tell you that's never going to happen

Imagine going to a European American history exhibit and seeing tons of displays about European kings. Absurd.

I bet the Nigerians find this as annoying as we find the muh heritage Yanks.

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