Brit/pol/ #2481: Cider Edition

Charges for migrants to use the NHS are being DOUBLED to £400 to raise an extra £220m for the health service

I get blamed for everything!' Tony Blair in remarkable FEEBLE defence as he slams Brexit

Tony Blair advises Labour Party to vote down May's possible Brexit deal

Cambridge University students vote against Remembrance Sunday motion over fears it 'glorifies' war

Naked jam-smeared women in Manchester was 'art stunt

Soldier in Tommy Robinson video to be discharged from army

Jeremy Corbyn calls for children to be taught about "legacy of British empire"

Secondary School head apologises after 'racist and sexist' Two Ronnies sketch is played at parents' evening to demonstrate importance of good communication

Tea and buns with Laurel and Hardy: Derek Malcolm on the day he met his comedy heroes

Government may force firms to reveal ethnicity pay gap to boost minority workers

Jair Bolsonaro is poised to win Brazil’s presidency

South Africa’s Zulu nation joins white farmers in fight against government land seizures

Pro-migration activist raped by Moroccan migrant in France

Kanye West tells Trump of trapdoor sending people 'next to the Unabomber

Japan now has the most powerful passport in the world

Amazon Echo and Google Home A.I. assistant devices are scaring their owners with unprompted statements

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babybel and cough medicine for lunch lads


Same-sex mice have babies
Baby mice have been made with two mums and no dad, say researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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*eagle screech*
uncagé le bear

its always the chinese
we need to destroy them once and for all

I have £550 in savings
putting about £200 in a high interest savings account
how much of the rest should I invest in silver? is it worth looking at crypto?

If you want to feel safe you should take your money and burn it

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take a holiday and buy a bunch of fags in duty free, then go and sell them back here. You'll double your money

yeah my mates brother did this. I dunno I'm not trying to make money just diversify my savings

this is the most retarded advice I've ever been given in my life, and I've been told to kill myself.

buy darknet coke at 40 a point then stomp all over it with lidocaine and shot it out at 100 at student parties then

you haven't got enough savings to be thinking about investing in anything lad, wait til you're at an even grand then invest

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wew thanks for the business advice but I'm not buying anything off of the dark web anymore. Put those days behind me

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Exploring Sheffield's Megatron: Massive Underground Rivers


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howling lad

Karl the cuck

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you ought to destroy your television before your brain is infected by demons

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The first 4 episodes were kino though

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Kino is the new Baist

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really fucking bored might rob a bookies tbh


all. bets. are. off.

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Kek, I wish deus ex was now


Are there any good britpol Bongo Bongo Lands?

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That brick work is so pretty.

That's part of the life cycle of every memi. This, too, shall pass.

Sainsburys tomato and pasta snack, sardines in tomato sauce, black pepper and olive oil.


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interestin how loads of men were sent off to war together with no women then literature like yukio mishimas homo stories became super popular

This is unsettling. I don't like the symbolism of meat acquired without the shedding of blood.


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*eats monsanto chicken that has never been outside in its life and is killed alongside millions of other by an automated assembly line robot*

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Looks like a fucking menstrual cake

Is there a shred of evidence backing this up


>"muh animal feefees"

post dis cord invites faggots

Why would he admit, in a letter that would presumably pass censors, to committing what was then a crime?

Bought myself a Deano top for the gym lads

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It's called "JUST" lmao

Just fuck my burger up.

Fuck off GCHQ.

I'm sure it's sourced in the book

i'll talk to you if you're bored. why did you switch ips' halfway thru posting though spoopy

I use one like this for running sometimes. That material feels weird on the skin would rather wear a t-shirt really.

Nice tbh.
Trying to cut out the bread, fried stuff and other junk lately but everything else I've tried has never made me feel well or full.

iktfl, the main issue with keto and the likes is the lack of carbs making you feel hungry.
I tend to either have a few chicken-based meals spread out throughout the day, or one BIG bowl of diced chicken breast, with veg + cheese, large enough to keep me going.

Is it worth going on keto if you're trying to gain weight? Seems like everyone uses it to diet.

Of course, that's not pleasant either.

Keto decreases cognitive function

mummies yummy sweeties and chicken tendies increase cognitive function

Get a medieval elixir like coloidial silver or something.
I got some zinc and liquid vit b yesterday and my strange alchemical bent of drinking metals have had me in fine health for a long time.

*blocks your path*

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Yeah I heard that you feel shit for the first couple of days when ketosis in kicking in. Just need to lose about 8lbs and I'd be good to get back into my regime.

High protein foods to gain weight iirc

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LSD and Kool-Aid for lunch

Sounds wonderful

You certainly can bulk on it, the reason most people do it is that it is explained in pic related, it's used to break down body fat and /fit/ uses it to get

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Sic transit gloria memi

>tfw they wouldn't replace or refund it because it wasn't in the 9p Bag for Life™ that broke at the the checkout

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Chrimbo soon lads

The fuck is wrong with you lot

Hindus, lad

Thinking of volunteering for the Royal British Legion

Just rape their daughter and they'll all honour-kill each other, no more fireworks.


it will be here before u know it

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Do it lad.

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Fine winters drink, tis a great shame, you must have openly wept over the red pools, as mothers averted their childrens' eyes from the traumatic scene. I wish you swift recovery from this tragedy.

Christmas comes out of nowhere.

Stores had their Christmas stock back in August.

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Now I dont know how it is with you chaps but my mother would not allow us to speak of the unmentionable day until after Bonfires Night, which is yet the best part of a month away. Silence, I wish to hear no more of it.

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Went into a garden center the other day to buy my grandmother a plant and they had all their Christmas stuff out.

Is it rather windy for anyone else today

Don't let the commercialisation ruin Christmas for you. It's about the Christmas spirit not about gaining more material possessions.

It's been terrible weather all day, thought my shed was going to fall over earlier

Getting back into MGSV lads

it says Ive played 82 hours and I dont feel like Im anywhere near completing it, could be wrong though, those % completed scores can surprise you

I don't remember the last time I gave a toss about gifts I got, I've been telling people that, if they insist on getting me gifts, just get socks or something.
I just like being with my family for the holidays.

I find her weirdly attractive tbh

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That is pretty weird lad, ngl