Brit/pol/ #2482: Powell in a Bath Tub Edition

Charges for migrants to use the NHS are being DOUBLED to £400 to raise an extra £220m for the health service

I get blamed for everything!' Tony Blair in remarkable FEEBLE defence as he slams Brexit

Tony Blair advises Labour Party to vote down May's possible Brexit deal

Cambridge University students vote against Remembrance Sunday motion over fears it 'glorifies' war

Naked jam-smeared women in Manchester was 'art stunt

Soldier in Tommy Robinson video to be discharged from army

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I wonder what the context of that Enoch photo is?

Family photo album?

I guess everyone is playing football or swimming then.

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ate Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick
ate House of Lancaster
ate henry ap tudur

luv Battle of Barnet
luv Simnel cake
luv car parks

simple as

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happy for you lad

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He used to scream whilst having his hair washed and couldn't pick his wife from a crowd of women. Autastic as fuck.

the best Prime Minister we never had
I think he would have browsed Zig Forums if he was born in our time.

Can you imagine if he'd been PM?
I doubt this board would even exist. We'd all be too busy frolicking with our wives in a golden field somewhere or something.

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Well at least there is a silver lining to Enoch not being PM hahahaha

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or fighting (and winning) a land war in China

Brings up a good point tbh, what will happen if/when we get what we want, do we disband the board or find something else to complain about?

we part ways and never speak again. only the Bongo Bongo Land remains

I imagine we'd naturally drift away from the board because we'd be living happy and meaningful lives outside of the internet tbh

We need somewhere for me to recruit lads for video games when my crew lets me down tbh

What would 22stone and Steiner be doing?

Swinging from lamp-posts

22st is used as a barrel bomb and Steiner is kept on a reserve on the Bodmin moor and will be fed 2 thots a year to state his hunger.

bit tight lad
give him a thot a month but only frog women


1 Welsh lass every 2 months but let him choose.

What's he going to do with that many thots? Just give him a new one at the start of each season if he's worn his old one out by then.

lad, he murders them and feasts on their corpses

A fair compromise. It is agreed.

hullo there!

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I know lad, but he can take his time about it. The New Machine will only have so many thots to spare.

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at work lads

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Should have shopped his arm
Based Japs tried to trade with Spanish Mexico with their own treasure galleons.

This just happened
Parcel is at my neighbors. Thought i'd tell you lads instead of actually going and getting it. I hate my neighbor. She looks like Terri May and only talks to literal dogs.

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Just borrowed my uncle's time machine for the morning. He has set it to take me to any battle in British history. Where/when should I go?

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was he speaking some kind of Postman Patois?

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get it delivered to amazon locker then you don't have to interact with any fellow Brits

Only 5 months to go :D
Can't wait!

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It's going be good man, did you book accomodation in Tokyo?


You never post Bushs anymore. It's the only reason i come here.

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Nothing more rage inducing than the “Sorry we missed you” slips. Especially where I live where there is literally 0 risk of someone stealing the parcel

This. We all part ways, like in my Japanese animes.

Better idea
Let him rape Ukraine thottery to death. All prossies anyway


That would require importing foreigners though

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Would he have even been PM or would he have another name, maybe something fancy like Lord Protector.

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No. We just import steiner and then export him to Ukraine on holiday and let him back in to live on a reservation in Scotland when his mission has been completed
We then let him out to hunt Scots at the weekends

Cheers Ezra

pls donate


Not going to >(1) me tbh.


Always found it a bit odd that you can buy living people for less then you can buy a kidney for tbh.

You need equipment, contacts and certain expertise for kidneys/organs to be worth anything tbh

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This racist woman went on a vulgar rant on a train… and it’s become common in post-Brexit Britain
This is the first time I have seen anything like it.

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SA got nicked then

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The board won't exist, we'll have a pub instead.

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What is the answer to the underclass question?

Hope you're doing your bit lad

Enlisting them and shipping them off to invade the third world.
fuck, I rode past the crime scene on the bus last night I was wondering what happened

Give them all AK's for shits and giggles.

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whats everyone having for luncheon?

Probably some more hobnobs tbh

Hash browns, sausages and crisps.

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That's a late lunch. Had Thai Pea soup and toasted bread.

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Go to the battle of Maldon tbh and give my regards to brythnoth

Go to Hastings and tell the saxon lads to stay on the fucking hill this time

pickled egg and sparkling water

Also get Godwinson some eye protection.

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salad with tuna
bit of stollen for dessert with a cup of black tea


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impressed she even knows about the fact someone got stabbed under a bridge

It was on that Rome Total War TV show years back


Had a dream where there was a modern Cable Street battle but this time the xenos lost and got stripped naked and sent into police lines. Extreme dafytism lads?

Why would they get stripped naked?

make them into slaves

To laugh at their ugly, oversized ape penises, of course.

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Nice dream lad. I wish that those police had machine guns.

Freudian subtext lad


tbh I had a dream the other night where I was hunted through a grim postindustrial landscape by men in turbans with knives and moustashes