Brit/pol/ #2483: Incels and NPCs Edition

Police are BANNED from sticking poppies on their cars as chiefs are slammed for 'political correctness'

UK School teaches six year olds to write gay 'love letter' for same-sex marriage assignment

‘Beautiful breasts’: BBC News fails royally with cringe subtitle gaffe

Rapist who stole £2.60 from vulnerable victim after York sex attack is jailed for life

Two men who drugged and sexually assaulted woman jailed for 24 years

Man accused of raping two-week-old baby ‘punched and kicked by inmate inside prison’

Hackney shooting: Young man gunned down 'by moped riders' in north-east London

Salvini Wants Curfew for ‘Ethnic Shops’ Attracting Drug Dealers, ‘People Who Piss and Shit Everywhere’

In Japan, migrant raids and deportations turned into TV entertainment

People are hanging from hooks pierced into their bodies for a life-changing spiritual experience

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Purify yourself lad

That webm still makes me lel, requesting the Elementary one please.

Unpopular opinions time.

Ash Sarkar (darkie thot) came off better than Piers Morgan in that infamous 'literally a communist' bit. Remember reading based neocohen Douglas Murray saying she 'out arroganted' him but all she did was snap back after him trying to put words in her mouth and not listening to what she was saying.
No I'm not the leftybol poster.

mfw still pretty good at Killing Floor

doesn't count if you weren't drinking at my pace

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This one?

Piers is a cunt but she did terribly still.

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Is Hard Boiled a good film lads


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Lucy Lu still looks pretty good tbh

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Ts = poo eyes

A40 or A50 tbh

t. nordic rape baby

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I agree that he was the bigger bellend tbh but his point still stood. In any case to me the value in that exchange was an example of the far left being acceptable.

I can never tell if this shit is ironic or not.


t. soulless nigger

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thanks lad, the fact this seems to have been done so concertedly makes me think it is a psyop/predictive programming tbh.

It's not, they genuinely think like this.
pics related, also see that NCIS "hacking" scene

It's funny isn't it, they think fuelling the flames will save them.

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The eyes of a person are a window into the soul of that person tbh

akshulee I'm a T30 checkmate atheists

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If you're not C or D then you're basically not human tbph

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The shit abyss

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prove you're white

post nips

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So nigger eyes lad?

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Bit gay lad

nice nip lad

The best is when they have really dark brown eyes that are near reflective

must be irritating to look in the mirror and have the same eyes as every nigger, paki and jew.

reminder brown eyes are disgusting and look demonic.

also chinkies, minus the slants

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Feel sorry for the lads who have brown hair and brown eyes tbh

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Reminder that Saxons, Angles and Jutes were described as having dark hair and blue eyes



it could be worse, they could have black hair and brown eyes. at least if they had black hair and blue eyes they could go for that james bondish look.

Brown hair & hazel eyes masterrace

point and laugh at them

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How do you see your limbal ring when it's all poo coloured? Do you get a magnifying glass out or something?

Reminder SA has poo eyes

The special snowflake of eye colours

T50 or more is poo y'cunt

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no it's the halfcast one
too nigger to be green but too hwhite to be brown

but if wypipo do it then it's raaaaacist

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Lad T50 is the end of the fucking scale there isn't any darker poos after that

You clearly haven't seen the eyes of wogs and chinks, they aren't bugeyes for nothing.

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It's all lefty propaganda.

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Cheeky pair of cunts

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I bow to your knowledge lad, you've obviously spent a lot more time in close quarters staring into the eyes of foreigners then me.

>I bow to your knowledge lad, you've obviously spent a lot more time in close quarters staring into the japs eyes of foreigners then me.

Oh lad

Is the implication that these groups would be fighting against each other instead of together against a mutual enemy?

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Van's just been petrol bombed by mine lads, the boom was unreal. Dunno if drug/gang related or the parcel has been parted. Me arse went.

Blimey. You alright?

Anything on twitter yet or too early?

Pay it no mind lad.

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Yeah lad I am now, thanks to cider. Me ma finished her shift and told me she was on her way home, the fire was going towards the tank and I panicked a bit thinking she'd end up being nosy and get toasted by the tank going boom.

I dunno lad, might be on Twitter. Deffo be in the local news tomorrow I think. Citadel of nationalism echo, ok thank you.

Y-yes Mr Khan. Anything for m-multiculturalism.

Can't wait for Bolsonaro to order them be stoned to death.

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night lads, remember to go to church

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What's the point of contention here?

I can't

For fuck's sake. Getting a second shower and going to bed lads. Goodnight lads.


Funny you mention that.
I was looking about for a 4 poster bed and found this.

Black satin sheets and feather pillows would look amazing a feel like another world tbh. Defiantly going down this styling route. Would look nice with dark wooden floor boards

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How did your Saturday go? I worked all day in the garden. Feels good.

Did nothing smh

It's a beautiful bed, but will it fit?

In a two bedroom (master bedroom) house it will. They tend to be larger in the 130k price bracket.

Queen looks so happy here.

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it will look fucking retarded in any room with a ceiling lower than 18 feet

It didn't though. He kept insisting she supported Obama/dems when she didn't, and that nobody protests Saudi, chink and Turk leaders coming here (they do, including her, the police just treat them like criminals to deter others and the media is silent). He was trying to paint hypocrisy where there wasn't any and annoyingly not adjusting anything he was saying after being corrected.

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on average British homes have ceilings at 8 feet

He is such a lucky bloke. She looked stunning the other day

True. Although this Jacobean one would suit if the ceiling wasn't as high.

I hope she'll do it to Meghan

She was always a stunner. just like her sister.

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ah thats how the royals should look, no veloceraptor foot'd woggesses or ginger faggots around

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How much is it?

She's so down to earth and just funny.

Gingers did nothing wrong lad

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sorry lad, gingers and blonds are the masterrace over poohairs I shouldn't bully

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*proves you wrong*

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good pic he looks like he is getting the succ from a a she pike underwater

Good lad