Brit/pol/ #2484: SPICY edition

Police are BANNED from sticking poppies on their cars as chiefs are slammed for 'political correctness'

UK School teaches six year olds to write gay 'love letter' for same-sex marriage assignment

‘Beautiful breasts’: BBC News fails royally with cringe subtitle gaffe

Rapist who stole £2.60 from vulnerable victim after York sex attack is jailed for life

Two men who drugged and sexually assaulted woman jailed for 24 years

Man accused of raping two-week-old baby ‘punched and kicked by inmate inside prison’

Hackney shooting: Young man gunned down 'by moped riders' in north-east London

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We're all gonna get laid.

good lad

Goode ladde

I hope I do next week tbh

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But will you become a daddy?


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*harries you*

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*kills your homo son*

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AZW 24th server if anyone is up for it

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fucksake lads

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check the catalogue

or not nvm

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Tell us more?

I hope so!

Where are all the tranny sportsmen though?

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*rides straight at you*

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what's your usual board lad?

it's Jocko, lad, don't feed him attention

smh I was in the mood to spam them

*Throws cat at you in self defence

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'ere we go

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Wasn't this announced a few days ago?


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big if true

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Wow Jontron's got some nice tits

Unironically would

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dunno lad. just wondering what they'll call the various adaptations.
*sits back and waits for hilarious puns*

legit question here how would they make the animals black/diverse?
inb4 the lion is now a panther voiced by a nigger

A lass that wants me to fug her tbh

Another franchise gets its head shoved onto the block

Have them speak ebonics. I'd put more effort into worrying whether it will convey a Christian ethic or a postmodern secular one.

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Don't need to. They will emphasise the diversity of the animals who co-exist in peace within Narnia. They will fight the 'White' Witch, and the Calormen will be either be less obviously Arabian or they will make it that a greater portion of the Calormen are good, as opposed to the one or two who were in the books.


stop feeding Jocko, faggots

that's one of the poorest attempts at (you) denial I've ever seen

There was no attempt lass

Reminder anime turns lads into homos

This level of attention from a woman is unheard of on this board. What's the secret?

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lad this is worse than those vietnam nightmare vision goggles

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tbh if the thread doesn't pic up I'll start quoting Fanged Noumena

Tbh you just use the person for fuel at that point, they are beyond saving

Are you pretending to be retarded?

westie confirmed

Wrap them in cloth and use them as big candles tbh

top kek

You're still giving the tranny (You)s mate, just stop.

back off

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Made myself haddock and chips for dinner. Prefer a proper roast.

warning ban time tbqh

Last few times I haven't fugged her (I got her in the mood every time), my willy was impeded by alcohol, the last time she couldn't stay but my willy was standing to attention, and I made sure she felt it through my trousers keeek

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But I like giving (You)s, it makes me feel charitable without having to give anything to charity.

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The owls are not what they seem tbh

Nice. Is she English?

Baste Johnny Rotten

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she's not real lad he's a moonshoe'd rape fantasist who hassles 14 year old paki girls at bus stops

She isn't white either
Mixed race

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Kek, someone needs to shop Norf F.C on his top

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kéék good lad

bad lad, get a nice slav lass to make future Zig Forums posters

Puglad is a liar and an incel

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I fancied a Pole lass before but she had a boyfriend, though I had snogged her a few times

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Wilder meets Fury in Dec

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Wow, rare. Thought they were all murdered in the years after the Vietnam war tbh

cara bogu

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I knew something wasn't right.

are you the fucking sailor boy who picks up the bastard children of asian prostitutes and amerimutt marines and wants to shit up the english countryside with them?

sounds like a humanitarian kek

nah container lad wouldn't do that

because last time it was pinoy spic he was after

What's Ray Winstone doing dressed up as a fat punk?

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good lad

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spics are better boxers than niggers anyway

What are you quoting?

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fanged noumena lad

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slightly better version tbh

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good lad

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what did it mean by this?(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)