Brit/pol/ #2486: BUF Edition

Tory MP broke election spending rules to kill off Nigel Farage's dream of entering Parliament, court told

Global warming could cause beer drought and double price of pint

Life on 'warzone' estate where firework yobs as young as 10 terrorise residents with nightly arson attacks

Explosives and guns discovered in Blantyre house by council workers sent to fix central heating

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This is a lovely and a mild autumn.

lad bit risky posting girls(?) that look like lads

its obviously a girl lad

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It's a woman
i miss when all that stuff didnt exist it seems like it all appeared so suddenly in the last 10yrs

isnt farage only on at 7pm?

That's what they always say to us. Nice inversion.

First for Jerry Jones

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xth for G.K Chesterton

I dunno lad Bush poster got tricked that one time..

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the taxi driver told him, not the other way round

Yes, excuse my lack of clarity. That was what I meant by saying it's a nice inversion: he's using a phrase that our enemies like to use against us.

That's a good point lad, although he could be just recalling the story from earlier on in the day.

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top bants from civicman

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I think he knows that, it's why he said "inversion".

It's normally their go-to, I remember one girl on FB who was dead salty and spent the entire day saying that brexit bigots needed to travel more, despite her only experience with travelling was when she moved from Bristol to London, and those basic package holidays.

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The man was ahead of his time.

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*Travels more*

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who was she?

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Implying he would catch a bus with shouty wogs and potential rappers with knives.

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travelcucks owned epic style
also why the fuck would I leave God's country before I've seen every corner of it.

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caffeins bad mkay

there are much worse things for your mental health

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Tbh I stopped drinking coffee altogether

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It's a lad, they all are! From now on I will only be convinced until I can see their flappy bits.

That is a bangin tune not even joking

That one with the guitar?
Makeup should be banned tbh

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The age old rule of "Tits or GTFO" should always been in effect tbh.

what a time to be alive

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Yep. Crikey! Is that Katie piper?

This tbh. But tiddies can be faked. However they can't make a convincing axe wound. Minge or GTFO

Let's see if you can get it right.
boy or girl

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That's a man


It has a cock/10

Easy mode.

no tranny can fake that smile

its also nyanners

Seems too obvious so I'm going with "female"

The shoulders always make me laugh.

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was gonna post, th hips and shoulders are more feminine here, i was mistaken

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I blame the estrogen in our drinking water.

lel it's fine lad, it's funny watching the drama around these tiktok tarts

Why does the culture people 5 years my junior feel so much more alien than everything that's preceded me?

It's a d00d

I think it should be law to make all trannys look like Kenny Everett when he dressed up like dolly parton just to make them easier to identify.


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Forgot to stick an "of" in there, that's embarrassing.

Because our culture is now rootless, it changes constantly with no central point of reference.

Because the internet has warped everything.

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We could just give them all armbands and make it a legal requirement to wear them when they're out in public.

t. Henry the 8th with road runner legs

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how do you know

or just gas them all

because you posted it before

I've never posted that before.

smh, we need a new BO

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would tbh

its nyanners you dumb fuck

You posted the same person before.

At least you know Kate Bush doesn't have a dick.

No BO's should always be benign unless you're dealing with someone like Jocko.

This is the only thought that makes me comfortable.

theres no proof its a man but okay

no it isn't

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Why are young men dressing up like nip cartoon women and dancing to pop music? What the fuck is going on? Why am I even wasting my time trying to understand this shit?

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because the internet is the greatest tragedy to ever afflict mankind

baited weed :^)

No it isn't, you can check the twitter handle anyone remember when /v/ bullied nyanners so hard for being a sjw whore she wrote a massive tumblr post and disappeared for like 2 months? Fun times

End times brother, many more horrors will unveil themselves in the upcoming years.

Where do you get these videos from?

yeah my mistake they all look alike to me

"she" took down the pompf song too

That one I had saved from some other thread. I don't know where they're all actually coming from though. It confuses and scares me to know there is a central hub churning shit like this out.

I think I either missed that or ignored the threads.

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That central hub is called North America.

American brain on Japanese-Jew.

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It was 2013ish, when that drama with that kickstarter game was going down.

TikTok, it's a Chinese music video app (read: data mining app) that came out last month.


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what is this zoomer shit?

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I think there are brainwashed kids like this all over the west.

You're witnessing the end of culture lad, this is something only we get to witness.

It's what happens when you give kids smartphones.

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What are they on about? What is this shit?



Sounds like they're singing about playing Overwatch.

You mime along to a song or some audio clip like a talentless fuck and then upload it.
They added a feature where you could then do couple clips where it's split like that, so you'd upload half of the clip and someone else would do the other half of it.
However people started taking the piss and uploading micktakes

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lol why kids act so strange these days!
*lets society fail and does nothing cause muh pension and i need jamaicoons to wipe my arsehole*

This just makes me realise I've become a grumpy old man, totally out of touch with the youth of today.

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Lad seriously do not worry about it, my 16yo cousin thinks it's retarded too. It's a passing fad like fidget spinners and whatever other crap came out that I've already forgotten.
Just laugh as you realise that these silly shits have put this embarrassing stuff on the internet and it'll be impossible for them to ever escape it.

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Iktf lad

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That doesn't look like anything I want to be in touch with.


#218, now THAT was a good thread

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