Brit/pol/ #2487: Aesthetic Ascetic Edition

Inflation falls to lower than expected 2.4%

Unemployment drops by 47,000 and wages increase in Brexit Britain

Trump says he wants talks for a 'cutting edge' free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn facing claim he congratulated Leave campaign on 'good work' while publicly opposing Brexit

Child sex abuse figures ‘truly staggering’, says Rotherham MP

Under-fire watchdog Sir Roderick Evans quits UKIP barmaid video probe

Footage shows armed police climb on car and storm house in dramatic Bromsgrove police raid

A pub-goer from Wales climbed to the top of a 150ft suspension bridge to escape the Police after being refused a drink in a pub last month

Sweetbreads set to make a comeback as Waitrose introduces OFFAL

Hungary's far-right Prime Minister bans gender studies at university because it is 'an ideology not a science'

Famous US author harassed by ‘foreigners’ in Germany – Police refuse to help her

Student, 21, kidnapped, raped and murdered by South Africa gang

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This Warren cherokee thing is funny though. Are people only now noticing that a lot of Ameriindians look suspiciously unIndian?

it's just fun watching another woman get called out for lying

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Jokes on you I can't afford to eat at restaurants

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We should be proud that immigrants undercut jobs that could be done by unskilled native labour tbh

Who is this tbh?


it only started circulating the other day, it's some girl who tiktok used on their ads

Jokes on them I cook for myself anyway.

I have no idea what kind of point he was trying to make.

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My bucket arrived

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Syrian refugee who lives in a historic manor

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>Black hair blue eyes masterrace like me
Would impregnate



it's a wig

I think her eyes are.

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Good news: Assad's men have made Syria safe again, no thanks to you. Go home.

Looks even better

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If she's illegal then so am I

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Is she actually?

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What a disappointment

What the almighty fuck?

She's 19 lmao got 'em

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But is she a boy?


How do you know?

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the other pictures

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Ah, she got her HRT at an early age. Nice.

Very mannish appearance, tbh.
Make my head-a-thinks HMMM.

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Hotel Rwanda

Tiktok vids are being shared as postmodern cultural artifacts, nothing to do with illegal noncery.

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It's disturbing how quickly it has spread to the point where these girls have reached a large audience, there are minors using it as well who'll be at risk because of it.
Children shouldn't have smartphones.

she might be a dyke idk, but she is deffo real womans

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It's distressing seeing all this female psyche on display.

Nah she's one of those weird koreanboo's who fawn over kpop singers.

These are so fucking bizarre

It's bloody weird tbh, it doesn't make a lick of sense

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yom kippur soon, goys

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Phwoar tbh

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.she cosplayed amelia clarke

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can they be subverted?

They just can't memi. Pepe developed naturally, but this is like Poochie.

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Went to Zig Forums to see if they were saying anything about it (they weren't) but I did have a look through their Zig Forums and I'm 90% sure half the thread is people from here dicking about.

more than likely seeing as they don't make any sense, they picked a sports mascot to represent them for no apparent reason, which makes even less sense seeing as they are so anti-masculinity
it'd just be a waste of time

naah lad, this is like the minion memmies but with even less sense seeing as the minions were at least cute to normies

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i think theres only like 2/3 posters there, the rest are from here

last raid the BO didn't ban anyone as it makes the thread look popular - without raids their threads last 3 months

Hi lads.

Posting from Qingdao in Northern China right now. Been onboard this ship two months crossing the Pacific between California and China/Japan via the Bering Sea.
The ship is alright. Filipino officers actually speak English on the bridge, which has made a change from the Chinese officers I usually have to deal with.
The phlips are surprisingly red pilled. Enjoy having conversations with the Chief Mate on how drug dealers in the Philippines are being executed in the streets.
How have things been at home in the UK?

Id post pictures but the signal isnt good enough in Asia.

Alright lad, good to hear you're doing well.
Same old shit here, the usual bollocks on all ends, at least we'll be getting No Deal when it all comes through.

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It's all shit and I would advise you to stay at sea.

What is 'Border Force'?

Did you notice if the Filipinos have plastic in their dicks?

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Shame. We get a text document every few days via satellite with the headlines but its always the same shit.

Hope Im home for Christmas so I can shitpost with you lot.
I know Peter "the most shameful night of my life" Hitchens has a new book out on the WW2 myth which sounds pretty red pilled. Anyone read it yet?

US stevedoors are fucking lazy cunts. Never seen anyone so lazy in my life. Product of union socialist politics.

Anyway Ill get going now. China is always busy. Too many ports and too much cargo to load for America.

Iĺl try and update you lot again.
For now you can have a picture I took whilst we were in heavy weather in the pacific. The sea was fierce on my first crossing, and we couldnt take shelter in Alaskan waters so we ended up in a state of constant rolling for days until it climaxed in an enormous thunderstorm near Japan. The lightning that night was spectacular. The entire ocean, usually shrouded in darkness, was lit up for miles.

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Thanks, lad. Hope to see you soon.

The absolute state of this thread

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How's the hand m8


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>tfw guilty boner
Seems like that would end in a snuff film which is even worse.

just installed tiktok lads

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lisence fee well spent

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Reee fucking Yank alt liters ruining the insult I've been using sneakily to point fun at normies irl for decades.

u fkn wot, it's a few small corners on twatter and FB, that's it
must be a dead slow news day for them

sargon's jumped on the bandwagon as well

Her eyes may be blue but they definitely aren't the deep blue from that god awful weeb video. It's clear she's wearing contacts in that.

I love how when when they dont like something they then proceed to memi it across the entire internet. wonderful.

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Context? I'm assuming this is from south america.

we can add the who to bans that are kino if not already on

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Is your employer still miring you, lad?

ew this tiktok app has 15 year old school girls jumping around on their beds in their underwear. gross, Im totally deleting this after Ive looked at a few more :P


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Man, that Slav boi took out some serious Slavperium.

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So sad and touching. Maybe we should give them all a stately home to live in? It's the least we could do

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she was a bit coy tbh

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Fresh Kent Survival

come on lad, the obvious bit was where the overweight driver manages to catch her after she did the runner


I thought it wasreal lad

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did she get what she deserved for being a bad girl lad?

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She's looking pretty haggard these days.

Fake taxi blooper?