Brit/pol/ #2488: Hit or Miss Edition

Inflation falls to lower than expected 2.4%

Unemployment drops by 47,000 and wages increase in Brexit Britain

Trump says he wants talks for a 'cutting edge' free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn facing claim he congratulated Leave campaign on 'good work' while publicly opposing Brexit

Child sex abuse figures ‘truly staggering’, says Rotherham MP

Under-fire watchdog Sir Roderick Evans quits UKIP barmaid video probe

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Good edition

Good lad.

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Gotta eat dat ass


You shitposting bastard

ooooooooh mummyyyyyyyy my braaaaiincellllls are meeellllltiiiiiiiiiing

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mfw steiner

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He's the only one getting worked up over it, she's like marmite tbh

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I guess you could say she's hit or miss huh?

Would honestly tie her to the bed and hook her up to a masturbation machine

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fuck sake

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Oh so that's why you weren't about

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who is she anyway? Also who is this one?

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fucking hell

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naah I dunno if she was hosting it on instagram or something else but all her accounts are private


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how ghastly

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What kind of name is that?

yank rootless


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peak metropolitan middle class

That's the sort of codename you're assigned when you reach level 33 in the black triangle conspiracy and they show you the magic yellow cube

Is that a sacred tree in his Twitter handle?


you haven't got to the best part

What the fuck

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This lad must have a sacred tree growing out of his cranial cavity.

Did this go unnoticed?

>"b-but it's n-not m-monoth-theistic checkmate c-c-christcuck"

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Colour me surprised
Judges face court over ‘£12m legal aid scam’

Its not monotheistic but clearly conceptually dualist

Never been that interested in LOTR tbh

'Mad cow disease' at Aberdeenshire farm after BSE confirmed

Ultimately its upsetting that T is known more for LOTR than his literary criticism tbqh

didn't think he could make himself looks stranger

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i hope the jocks aren't too pozzed to see this when it happens

*hits you with double spinning muay thai elbow strikes*

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That's jahans? I thought it was a Brazilian.

In short. She's a globalist plant and half jerry


Bet it's just mad jock disease

he smoke his testosterone medication in a pipe now lad keith cant control him

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Think he's moved out. looks like new surroundings.

Ah so shes a mammon worshipper


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this is so beautiful can we get five hundred and seven thousand likes alexa play pumped up kicks

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is this legit lad?

doubt it

In all seriousness why do leftists think they can 'shame' anyone when they're all moral relativists?

Don't bother trying to figure it lad.

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yeah that and the jumping made me think its a ruse

the fact that we have to debate its legitimacy is very telling of the sort of people they imitate


oy vey

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did you see the documentary on the new aircraft carrier?

it has some state of the art recycling thing in it but it keeps breaking down because people put metal in it so the lad who is in charge of it has to sift through all the bags of shit to make sure that people are not putting big metal fucking pipes in it.


why is there a giant pizza building ?

you mean the walkie talkie building?

I'm surprised that they didn't oh no that sucks him.

It sounds like a fucking joke, how the hell is this the best we've come out with in however many years.

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oy vey

American embassy lad

Rastaman! Rastaman! Does whatever a Rasta can!

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okay thank you

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what's funny is how they appear differently on the other ones, really makes you fucking think

funny how these are basically memi responses compared to quality of life and diversity, isn't it

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pretty sure our elites think we will never have to fight a conventional land/air/sea war again and so most of the armed forces can become cosplayers

muh missiles tho

I'd like to see the modern military pull off a desert storm


hit or miss tbh

yeah missiles cannot hold ground or put down an insurrection

muhdronecucks are fucking braindead

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What? Next to Nelson?
These fucking wogs

why is it always 40 something men becoming trannys?

in place of Nelson

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The training wouldn't matter in a conventional WW3, average life expectancy is around 36 minutes for the Navy.