Brit/pol/ #2489: Kingsize Edition

Inflation falls to lower than expected 2.4%

Unemployment drops by 47,000 and wages increase in Brexit Britain

Trump says he wants talks for a 'cutting edge' free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn facing claim he congratulated Leave campaign on 'good work' while publicly opposing Brexit

Child sex abuse figures ‘truly staggering’, says Rotherham MP

Under-fire watchdog Sir Roderick Evans quits UKIP barmaid video probe

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going for me last ciggie of the night lads



Can't believe this is how the UK's going down lads.

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good lad


May join you tbh.

It's mental what utter sellouts our people are tbh. There is nothing american kikes can dream up that won't be greedily snaffled by the nomalturd.

fucking lovely

smh didn't intend for my post to do that

time for bed, lad?

I have nowt to do tomorrow, but it is half 2 so I probably will soon


Can someone post the hit or miss girl video again plz?

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tubby honest

stop thotposting

I like that filename
I have stopped taking them though, starting to feel blocked up and cloudy brained

May be too late lad.

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Almost had a fucking panic attack mid cig when I realised my rent is due. Came back in and i've still got 3 days. Ruined my smoke.

*Shits myself to death*

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The FALL of my anal cavity

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>reminder that insert something here

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Lad I never said I'm going for the drink now smh @ brainlet lads like you


it was an ironic post lad

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dobre utro lads

Night lad

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Goodnight lads


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how was karate lad did you get that guy from Tuesday?

it was p gud, did qt turn out better than when I left?

I am working on this move alot

i didn't watch it lad i was abed


Willies and bums, lads. Willies and bums.

What's a job that doesn't make you want to kill yourself lads

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Board moderator

Tax collector


I had a dream that I was shagging two girls in a threesome. It’s only been a week since I had sex.

despite Brexit

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quality post, friend

Anjem Choudary released: Notorious hate preacher freed from jail after serving half his sentence - but banned from leaving London
Literally a prison colony now

It was possibly the most depressing episode I've seen tbh. There was about ten minutes of hand wringing about the safety and beauty of trannies. There were also a couple of strong empowered women moments. Utterly deflating stuff.



Morning lads. What's the plan for today? I'm off kickboxing soon then legs at the gym after.

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What’ wrong with your nipples?

Sorry Lads, Gender stupidity is back on topic again.

Kleenex to rebrand 'mansize' tissues after gender complaints
…but they will cave anyway instead of telling people to fuck off.

"It's never our intention to cause offense — we're not dictating who should eat this sandwich," the company said in a statement. "We hope anyone who tries it will love the distinctive flavors."

(please dont send a mob of tranny freaks to our offices)



He’s a state asset. spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

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Is everyone at work?

leave means leave rally in Gateshead tonight boys, what should I tell Nige?

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Tell him we still love him.

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No idea why you lads are attracted to this one

It's cute.

Is he a magician,lads?

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Looks so boyish to me

Total Chad

How do you have sex all night? I can only manage for two hours max.

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We know. He's cute.

The bourgeois desire to just relax and live comfortable lives until they die while the nation burns around them; that's what gets me worst.

What do we do about the JQ?

Come on dude there are other tables available get another one

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I think is it actually a non trap

You can never be too careful tho.

Very viking-sounding.

This video is cursed.


local Rotherham newspaper from the 70’s

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this tbh

I must be dead and living in hell

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Truly when is enough enough? I am not a blackpiller but believe we are going straight to a hellscape where the living will envy the dead. Maybe we are already there

Idk lad, there's some pretty cool free digital comics out there.

Death to shills



There is no escape from mass violence at this stage tbh, my only regret is that the people who caused this are all too dead to suffer for their actions.
Looks like another white girl killed by blacks smh

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Somali in red?

But lad if mass violence ends our current situation then that's that. Just nothing ever seems to change, most people are completely placated and don't care. I think the class system has a role in making our country particularly vulnerable to things like rape gangs. Middle class insufferables can rationalise it as never happening to their kids (if they have any)

Dunno, it could be a ninja tbh

Spot on. Like, share, comment!

hullo Joe

Why do Somalis look so distinct, it's weird.

Because they are thin, have long faces and are black as night.