Brit/pol/ #2490: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Edition

Brexit: France's Macron makes English faux pas over visas

‘Supposed to be NEUTRAL!’ Protestors BLAST Sadiq Khan for supporting second referendum

Amazon creates 1,000 new UK research roles as tech giants home in on British talent

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Good lad

that nuttall webm is legendary tbh

Only few posters will get this meem tbh good laad

Civicism tbh

exceedingly good lad


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for her


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Ulster lad's feel right now

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For her

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Thanks lads


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filtering all tiktok nonces from now on

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Tbh the best is when you have a mental breakdown at work and become a massive shitposter on here as a form of therapy

inb4 SA bans you for trying to escape the board enforced homosex



top bants tbh, he should have stayed king

first for heavy trainin

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Just want a lass to cuddle and kiss smh

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put your moonshoes on


Think I've passed that point smh

Good lad

Shermans were shit

t.history channel

Jesus Christ I can literally fap to this but I'm doing no fap

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why did they never make subterranean drill tanks?

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I'm not a nonce it's been confirmed she's female

They did, but the ilumnati kept them all out of public knowledge as part of their secret subterranean army that they intend to use to fight Jesus when he returns

stalk her on kikebook lad

Is there any more like this plz lad?

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Lad, whether she is female or male has no bearing on the fact you're a nonce fapping over an underage girl lad

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Plz tell me how

She's not underage is she?


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There has to be, it's not enough

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this is worse than ginnie

Shut up

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SHE's 19!!!

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Ta lad

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np lad

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Ah, she drives me nuts. I have to hunt her down and force her to marry me tbh

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shes a yank tho, why would you want mudbloods for kids?

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*takes power*

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night lads

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Night night lad



Doesn't stop him being right.

this tbh

see? works for ginnie too


You missed:

Is this bitch jewish? Her video is mesmerising. I cant stand the fucking music and yet ive spent half the last few days just watching it. Its some kind of satanic programming.

stop it lad

Well stop posting it.

come on lad

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is poolad ITT rn?


who is this lads? Not posting vid because it's a weird screamer

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You're waifus are shit and outdated, welcome to the new age laddy.

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what a carry on

Saudis have said he died after a fistfight Trump has called credible
Like every fistfight he lost his fingers - snipped off - and his head - snipped off - and he was then dismembered
See this all the time in fistfights tbh so, nothing out of the ordinary
The 18 thugs he was involved in a fistfight with have all been "sacked" by MBS [ Mohammed Bin Salman ]

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this has to stop

this is just embarrassing


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lad just get another cheesy song stuck in your head

morning workout lads

there's no racism when everyone's on cocaine


why is it shaking its arse at me smh

It's so weird it looks like claymation

I know right, way too old.

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Oh she did that loli dragon that nonces love

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Oh my something for my fellow welshbois

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why can't I save this image

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i think those are meant to be rabbits rather than sheep lad

It has horns

dno, I can

Hop in, kid, we're saving the west.

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People's March today lads I hope madeleina is there

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creepy looks like it is trying to kill him

I would've smashed it with an overhead hammer fist and broken its horns off

Ugh I want to beat her like an animal and shag her from behind while her doggo watches

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People's vote march today lads

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is it actually today?

Why do they always dress up like retards? Terrible optics for them tbh.