Brit/pol/ #2491: Bazza Edition


People’s Vote protest signs: The most uninspired and copypasted placards on display

People's Vote march: Delia Smith, Bob Geldof and Eddie Izzard among celebs leading calls for new referendum

'This is NOT Brexit!' British writer claims WALKING away now is ONLY way to secure a deal

Sadiq Khan claims there's 'NOTHING more BRITISH' than trusting UK with another Brexit vote

‘Supposed to be NEUTRAL!’ Protestors BLAST Sadiq Khan for supporting second referendum

Sajid Javid lambasted for 'Asian paedophiles' tweet

English Defence League hold protest rally in Manchester as anti-racists mount counter demo

Over 50s make better bar staff than millennials, says Wolseley boss

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That was never on the ballot, it was Leave or Remain, end of
The more they try shit like this, the more they fracture the idea of this being a democratic country

Only politics from here on out, lads

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yeah or I'm banning you

Best usage of this picture I've ever seen tbh

If you break that statement, lad, you gonna get it.

Muslims BTFO

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Even Baldrick had a plan edition

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well gee never saw that coming

What are they wearing on their heads?

Tbh the left have basically discarded their mask as far as democracy is concerned. They are now running entirely on self righteousness and vanity. It's now simply a case of they know better, thus opinions to the right don't matter/are evil. Really feels like civil war is coming.

oh fucking hell I would have done this had I known there was more than one picture of it

important poll
important poll

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I agree, referendum on pakis when?

There's some more if you'd like them

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Why is blackadder suddenly a reference point for them again? On a semi related note - isn't Rowan Atkinson ever so slightly baste?

What's with that British empire map in the first picture?


I'm convinced there's some kind of mailing list telling people what kind of signs to make. It's the only way I can explain there being so many signs with the exact same phrase written on them.

All he did was defending a comedian's right to offend

This is ridiculous, I saw the one with the little girl and thought "oh at least there was an ounce of originality even it is still pop culture" but seeing this I am 100% on board with the idea that this is a simulation and these people are NPCs.

Because oh em gee so British
He's said a couple of relatively tame things but these alone should be enough to have these idiots screaming.

Having 2 Cheese burgers for tea lads.

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It's saying that the evil British Empire is rising again, like if people protested the AfD with a Third Reich map.

By the way, those always get our Antarctic land wrong. We claimed what are today the Australian and New Zealandic parts, too.

I had burgers n all ngl in my defense they were homemade inb4 microwaved

Or, call me crazy, maybe there's some kind of internet-forum where people with similar interests congregate to discuss things

Elvis would be disappointed lad

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Diazepam and cough medicine for supper

It's probably some sort of union thing. They and a load of charities will be in cahoots, and hand these signs out on the street on the day. May be wrong, but it seems more probable than a load of middle class mumsies organising via social media to all create the same bloody placards.

Percy Pigs and Vimto for my tea

I bet it was (((Tony Robinson))) himself, the guy that played Baldrick, that came up with this fucking slogan

What a fart sniffing cunt

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We have over 700 of our own cheeses
Should have gone down there and gone dafty tbqh

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good lad

He's a very very small man

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I think I might have the answer

Boris johnson literally is hitler to these yeah - Rowan's at least semi evil in their eyes. What's the news coverage of today like?

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I love her and I just bought another book about the Romanovs tbh, tempted to also buy a photo book about them

I don't want these feels m8

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tbqh lads this Baldrick sign thing is proper suspect, didn't see nor hear anything about it prior to the rally and suddenly they're all using it

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I haven't had Dinner


Tbh the ain't nothing but a braphog post was such quality

your photo made me think of Saudi Arabia, smh

smh lad

It's such a powerful and tragic time in Russian history. The twilight of the Romanovs feels more real than reality tbh.

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I think I figure it out tbh

smh I'll get banned again

there should be a stipulation in the rules for creative elvis brapposting

Bad lad

I had a cheeseburger for lunch from Mcsatan and a redbull at about 6 and I am a bit fucked from my hand pain still tbh, not very hungry didn't take any codeine though
What did you have for dinner?

play a record

see tbh lad, was noice

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So tragic tbh, I hate thinking about greasy commie kikes defiling those sweet Russian princesses before setting their bodies on fire, makes me so sad and angry

Embarrassing time tbh lads.

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I've come up with a great slogan for our march, "Even Baldrick Had A Plan"! Someone should make it into a sign, eh?

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22st is the cheeky freak of the week

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Kek dw about posting it, was just saying how funny it was, the words fit perfectly


I'm all fucked up still tbh

Good shit, need to make some homemade burgers and chips tbh, divine stuff

hang on a minnit lads

Ahh fair lad, that makes sense.
Whilst not as obvious as the Battle of the Thames, it shows that there's a coordinated effort by the higher classes to sabotage Brexit.

What's your point lad?



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He has such an annoying voice as well fucking hell, hated time team because of that

My mum has a way of making chips that I haven't worked out yet, iirc you bake the potatoes whole, cut them into wedges and then bake them again. Very nice.

smh when my dad was a lad his neighbour had one

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Did you draw that?

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don't (you) it lads

Yeah, turns out he's a kike too, which explains his creepy appearance, makes me shudder

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Thanks for reminding me, Scandi manhood is pretty weird these days.

Yummy, I usually chop them up and bake them for a bit then fry them and put salt on afterwards

If I could only read one book, it would always be that.

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Nah, lad, kek. I wish

yeah but
the thing is
I dunno

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I remember finding Isaiah 53 and being stunned that nobody had ever told me about it.

*doots on you*

Yeah, you'd never guess by the unnerving way he looks

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open it tonight

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He's such a massive cunt, I'd pay good money to smash his face against a desk.

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We probably have a few if I asked my mum so I could, but they'd probably be suspicious of me

I suggest starting at Isaiah 40 tbh lad, it's the start of a big sequence of Jesus prophecies.

smh I'm not that big-brained lad

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Not very Christian of you

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Has he ever gone after Islam? Or Halal slaughter for that matter,since he's such a massive animal rights twat too?

It's worth reading.

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Tbh I would take a brick to his face in minecraft

He's a slave to sin.

Also you can get at least one Norwegian version on Bible Gateway. Everyone at Pentecost hears God's word in his own language (Acts 2:8 says so). 40&version=DNB1930

I get where you're coming from, but really he should start with the Gospels.

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I am almost certain that this image macro is a troll to get harry potter fags to read decent books and so realise that HP is utter shite