Brit/pol/ #2492: Trafalgar Edition

Fans of Horatio Nelson to raise a toast to Norfolk’s most famous son at Trafalgar Day Service

Trafalgar Day Parade 2018 – what time does it start, what’s the route and where can I watch it

"Let's get back to being the British Empire" - Local Lad

Freed hate preacher Anjem Choudary caught on tape saying he’ll NEVER stop supporting ISIS or spreading hate

Isle of Wight ferry crashes into yachts and runs aground in Cowes as witnesses hear 'cries for help'

New York witches place hex on Brett Kavanaugh

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You would think they would get a memi ideology that actually makes sense oh wait they did

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yeah and they still don't even follow it

post cool symbols, lads

Too bad it isn't consistent.

good lad

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I'm sick of these 15 hour shifts that work keeps putting me on. they must be breaking some law

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Is it part of your contract?

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Do all wagies suffer so?

nope it's nights as well I'm supposed to be day team, also it's partly on Sundays that I said I couldn't work for religious reasons I never signed the overtime waiver to top it all off

nah lad I'm more a slave

me IRL

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based toil

My long shifts are rare. The average for me is 11 hours+80 minutes commute

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I like working but it's destroying my relationships with my friends and family

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If you go to a doctor and say you have trouble sleeping, get pains etc. all the stuff everyone gets when on night shifts, they will give you a waver saying you medically can't do nights anymore and your employer is obligated to put you on days.

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post this on your timeline lass

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Nice try GCHQ

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I love him lads

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no one cares, right

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I don't get it

Does anyone even fucking care? No one was hurt

They're talking about it like it was a terrorism incident

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It was in Bareclona airport. Can Essex police do anything?

They said Stansted


Is this some kind of suggestive racist joke? I don't get it,M what's he saying?

They must have meant it arrived at Stansted, spastic news smh

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They're the same

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brexit utterly destroyed!
They forget that we don't need a fucking plan, we are just leaving the EU

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tbh the NPC mene is reddit shite from normalfags who weren't into philosophy and use video game language to describe reality. just like how they developed "simulation theory" which is just platonism/gnosticism repackaged within video game language. NPC is just epictetus's "lay men" and Nietzsches "flies in the marketplace". the NPC mene is just an example of the decline of intelligence in western states, how the past is simply forgotten for the virtual world. terry davis talked about this

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top comfy

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(((Oh gawd, don't be a bigot goy)))

literally the only thing worth keeping the BBC for is the archive

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lads, I'm finally under 14 stone!

about 13 and 3/4 and a bit though tbh

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cracking lad

Superbe lad. What's your height and frame?

lad it was an SAS memi to listen to her singing this over the Afrika Korps channels

tl;dr oldfag

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Not saying, I don't want to get bullied

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This tbh. The dialectics of the entire situation means we can never actually achieve anything with just memiy crass language

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do it lad

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well done lad. how tall are you.?

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this is what people who say gammon look like

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when will these libtard NPCs learn?

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Learning isn't part of their programming lad, that's the point

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Not falling for this trick again

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keék lad

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Maybe add ice cream to that cheese cake.

It's a bit cold for ice cream today

Signed up for a part time job and they've got me doing full time hours next week

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reee oh well I have a second serving

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what meat is that?

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is your family poor lad? maybe you should start giving mummy some of your wages

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Looks like processed mystery meat with artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives and additives

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Looks good lad

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It's a bait post but I'm ok with it.

but I bet they kept you just underneath the hours needed for benefits right?

He uses a spoon instead of a knife!

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I thought she just lived in a house full of Bassett shit and never went outside tbh

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Yeah to scoop up the tiny chips, and you can use it to cut the meat as it isn't that tough

They're beef

top keeeek

Remember when people were kvetching about that Donald Trump rally where the little girls sang, and they wrung their hands claiming it was "just like North Korea"?

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You didn't actually expect better of them, did you?

Is that a song?

this fucking clown

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good channel to watch lads

yeah Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive

Why don't you learn to use a knife a fork like a normal human?

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lad no


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In the collapse I'll be drinking reindeer piss to enter a semi-permanent state of berzerkergang and gain familiarship with the animals of the forest

Because this is more effective