Brit/pol/ #2493: Back To Being The Empire Edition

"Let's get back to being the British Empire" - Local Lad

Groups Promoting Anti-Brexit ‘People’s Vote’ March Funded by the EU

UK weather forecast: Britain set for SNOW this week as 21-day -7C Arctic blasts hits

Trump administration trying to define transgender out of existence

Migrant Caravan Swells to 5,000, Resumes Advance Toward U.S

Swedish student who blocked the deportation of a wife and child beating migrant to be prosecuted

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good edition lad

Ta' lad, I wanted to make one for that local lad but Trafalgar Day took precedence.

Fresh Whisky

fuck sake lads

I love you winter-chan

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"Did anyone here vote remain?"
"No I think you're in wrong country"

fucking hell I thought my time in an all lads school was bad enough

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north east is unironically the britpol mindset

they just vote labour because of muh mines


we already had one

This is what pubs are like up and down the country, no matter how much bullshit the media pushes out these people stand firm.
It's reassuring tbh

yeah. people like that are why i respect the working class a lot more than middle class wankers

twats tbh

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all vegans are pricks

tfw people actually have life threatening allergies and this could actually be an issue for them


I hate the cunts, they force there shit wherever they go.

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sorry about calling you a prick

Winterchan is one the way!? Just ordered an electric blanket, thanks for letting us know. Might have frozen this weekend.

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no lad i mean some people die if they eat a nut or eggs or something so have to be careful about cross contamination

im not gay so im not a vegan

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Forgot to turn it off when I was pretending to be Dorset lad

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the latest ftn was comfy listening to them talk about possible militarisation of the border tbh

They despair of the world and love death.

Dunno if it's been posted but ALL CAPS ANGRY JOE

has he gone full dafty again?
someone save it


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ah I guess not


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fucking wew

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naked Jews, also MP

send them in

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This is pathethic. Joe is right.

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Rectal bleeding for 7 months ==reeeeeeeee==

wtf is that police presence

some lad should shop them into this scene

but i thought they were the good guys

stop drinking and change your diet, add psyllum husks to your food lad

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eat fibre bro

oh yeah they should shop them as doc holiday and wyatt earp

Are you still getting cosmic disclosure adverts? I get them all day everyday on Youtube. It only stops if I use a proxy.

Thanks, I do eat a lot of bread, mind.

Go to the doctor mate.

Is bread good fibre? eat weetabix and oats n fruit n stuff or whatever

listen to mercia he's an expert in butthurt

Are you not using an adblocker? Why?

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I wanted to see what they'd target me with.

Yea, I will but I heard that if it's an anal tear, they'll cut the part that bleeds in an operation and there's a chance that it will result in incontenence.

I'm eating lads..

And if you don't get it sorted you could get septicemia

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£39 billion not going towards are nhs

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I hate gays tbh
I would have shot up my school if I went to such a queer assembly

Oy vey you gotta pay


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forgot pic

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how about i blow you ladies

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Someone post the "Having the daughter is the most cucked thing you can ever do" screencap.

that's skinny dam


I know

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Wewee good luck protecting your cattle lad

Would you be our javelin throwing boy in our shield wall lad?

no i weigh 10kg more than that

cool Brittania

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It would be an honour

you got a link to the video

obligatory scene, kind of semi-romantic

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How bloody patronising

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Why the fuck would you ever eat out? You could die, but wow the cabbage is cooked to perfection?

nothing in this video applies to me ;c

Probably the most middle class thing I've ever witnessed tbh

you dont have a tenner?

why does the middle class think it is so quirky or edgy to swear?

it's made for poncey middle-class

id rather buy a tenners worth of food

that's what is the most infuriating about it i think

Fuck knows. Probably because they hardly ever do it.

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class war now

Jolly good show lad. Just saying if you dont have a tenner you are the most povertous lad in England and should probably seek government assistance.

It's vulgar and very alienating personally

It's the most biting thing they can think of, they are passive-aggressive cunts.
This video just proves it actually.



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ticks the tocker

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How come the UK never has school shootings? Stunted genes?

english rebels rise up

we're not mentallers


jilted nonces don't count.