Brit/pol/ #2494: The Gay Community Edition

"Let's get back to being the British Empire" - Local Lad

Groups Promoting Anti-Brexit ‘People’s Vote’ March Funded by the EU

UK weather forecast: Britain set for SNOW this week as 21-day -7C Arctic blasts hits

Trump administration trying to define transgender out of existence

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Good laddo

Good lad, nice dubs

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Based and redpilled in fortnite


Is tumchums slang for the Templar toilets

You do realise that women like this are then 50s version of E-thots?

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Yup, and look where they're heading :^)

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School boy takes MICROWAVE to school to carry books after school bans bags

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Lonely tbh


Thanks lads

Nah it's about the tummy of that girl from the hot new hit or miss memi

Lads how do I stop watching porn?

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lop it off and then gouge your eyes out

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This tbh

Is that what you did?

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I've got you filtered lad but thanks for the (You)


I wish I was better at identifying posters tbh

np lad, another nice set of dubs

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6th form?

Ulster is great at it tbh, I only know certain posters when they don't have their flag on, don't know how he can identify bins on sight tbqh

fuckin hell, must be easy for chad to pull in these places if thats the "men"

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If you're a chad and you chuck a costume on the fanny comes running to you

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Does fapping make you lose gains that you make from lifting?

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fucking hell

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Not if you recycle your ejaculat

she really does look like a boy there tbh

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Does this really work?

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hes not wrong monkeys do it

no hope for you tbh


gotta get dem protein gainz

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Yeah you would do it for pleasure wouldn't you lad, not surprised.

live drumpf

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Hell. Fucking. Yes.

takes me back to the good all days of 2016

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stop whacking it, lad

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Yeah she does a bit actually…

Think I just spend too much time here tbh I've started supperposting while at work

Thanks and good lad

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Is it me, the mic, or has he got a lisp

It's too late… How much gains did I lose?

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it's back and forth

More than half.

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Good lad supperposting will save the white race

is he alright


Noooo, I'm drying up like a raisin, each time I lose my vital bodily fluids

I need help

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night lads

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Night lad,

Don't forget to pray before bed

just stop wanking

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Can't seem to manage it, don't know what's wrong with me smh

that's going to work really well

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Nofappers and cereal masturbatiors are both annoying

Stop making a big deal about it

Got a bad feeling it could be the pride before the fall

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Dubious imageboard broscience for supper



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I can't do nofap, makes me mental. Best I can manage is to reduce the amount I do it. At the moment I'm just trying to quit doing it to porn, like TGO says to do

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Aimsley is fucking nuts, don't know how he got away with it for so long. I guess he got s free pass for being black tbh

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Guess they never missed, huh :^)

is this peak drumpf?

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They are afraid of him lad.

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So am I now tbh.

Best I can do is 1 wank a decade

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You aren't trying hard enough.
Distract yourself, find activities or hobbies to take up whenever you feel the urge.

Okay I'll try harder

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Guarantee SA has a massive fleshlight that he prays to every night before bed

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They must be seeeeeething.

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Nah, that's silly

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He's great, despite the other stuff

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I've never understood wtf he was doing that for


He probably didn't either.

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lads does he have a bloody lisp

We deserve a Trump. We really do. Haven't we suffered enough yet?

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Will brit/pol/ succeed in memiing you into a bum bandit lad

of course not

Stream just died for me, anyone else?

Still fine for me.

sehs fers confirmed