The Tommy Robinson saga, part 744a

Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton has uploaded a copy of Tommy's witness statement, and I'm no legal expert but it appears that the contempt conviction at Leeds in may is completely unfounded.

"Firstly, I would like to assure the court that undermining the court’s authority or interfering with the administration of justice was never my intention. I believed I acted in good faith within the parameters of the section 4 reporting restriction in place. The information I provided was in the public domain, factual and relevant but did not provide any details of the trial proceedings other than what had already been reported previously and was readily available online. I rely on the documents in my bundle as examples of what had previously been reported.

When I arrived at Leeds Crown Court that morning I could not obtain any specific details of the reporting restriction order. I do not believe there is a website which holds such details, so I researched online and reviewed the reporting restriction guidelines provided.

They state that the court should include details of reporting restrictions on the court listings both online and in court and also provide a notice on the door of the court.

My solicitors have photographic evidence to show that the court did not follow these guidelines that day and had no details listed anywhere of a reporting restriction for that case. This is also in the bundle. The only time the notification about reporting restrictions was available was later that afternoon after the Court had convicted me and sent me to prison. Only then did the Court follow the guidelines and list a reporting restriction against the court listings for both the grooming case and my subsequent case.

After my previous experience with contempt of court in Canterbury I went out of my way to ensure I would not fall foul of the law again. I privately paid for training with one of London’s leading law firms, Kingsley Napley, to cover all details regarding contempt of court. There is documentation in relation to this in my bundle.

On that morning at Leeds Crown Court I had knowledge of the verdicts of the first phase of this grooming trial and many of the specific details discussed in court for this particular trial. I did not talk about these in my livestream on that day. I had understood based on my training that the specifics of the case and the verdicts were off limits for reporting restrictions.

Having been unable to obtain any details from the court on the conditions of the reporting restriction I decided to review the guidelines for reporting restrictions. On the Judiciary’s website there is a practical guide aimed at judges and the media on the statutory and common law principles that should be applied with regards to reporting restrictions. The paper was called ‘Reporting Restrictions in the Criminal Courts April 2015 (Revised May 2016)’. In this paper it stated that

Courts have no power under s.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 to prevent publication of material that is already in the public domain (see page 27 of this document).

I followed my training and this guidance to the letter. I did not divulge any of the previous case verdicts, did not detail any specifics mentioned in the trial, did not assume guilt and refrained from entering court property. I even asked the officer outside the court where the court boundaries were and that I was ok to film where I was to which he confirmed.

I also followed that guidance document issued on the Judiciary website informing me that I could only reference information that was already in the public domain. Every single thing I said that day was already in the public domain. I actually read charges and names of the defendants from a BBC article which to this day is still live on their website. I also made sure not to film anyone other than the defendants, I was calm and respectful throughout.

… since my original trial that there has been an additional charge added suggesting that the contents of my livestream were prejudicial to this case. The case completed, the jury concluded, and the verdicts were given. I would like to state clearly that in the transcript from the original trial the judge discussed my video with Mr Wright QC, prosecution counsel.

'''Having reviewed the content of my video Mr Wright stated in court: ‘There is nothing they could have seen that could in any way prejudice them against the defendants’. Judge Marson agreed on the record."
Judge Marson QC was the one who sentenced him in may for the exact thing which he agreed was not possible…

full statement sauce:

Also, this:

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couldn't give a shit tbh

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And? That only proves he has worn a t-shirt.
I wore a football shirt years ago, I'm still waiting for MUFC to send me a cheque…

Ignorance is not a defence.

I'm going to guess you live somewhere leafy, and with less than one percent of the population being muslim. Pic is for you.

Okay, that's enough internet for today…

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This 'fucking children' or rather young marriage is precisely the great strength of Islam. That and the fact that it's righteous in Islam to rape your enemies.

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Not particularly…

No matter what your fellings toward jews are, we should all be supporting Israel's defence of it's borders.

Tommy Robinson is the enemy. He works for Hope Not Hate.

Shut up you utter cretin, this "nationalism for all people" nonsense is gay and retarded. Fuck Israel, hopefully Iran nukes it and they all get sodomized by angry Arabs.
Israel doesn't even respect borders, have you even read the Torah? Yes, the Torah, the Old Testament, not even the Talmud. These people want to conquer the entire planet, why the fuck should anyone respect their borders?
Get reading, faggot 15:18&version=NIV 31:17-18&version=CJB 20:10-18&version=CJB

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Alright Stephen, whatever you say mate. Fucking spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

…trying to take over the world? (((Political arenas, higher education institutions, the media etc)))
They already have…

If the natsocs want to achieve their goal of de-jewing the world, another 6 gorillion to clutter every headline for another 70 years is not the way to do it.

Rather than pissing off the entire world with an actual holocaust (unless you blame it on muh russia), relocating and containing (((them))) would be a better solution, and for that we need israel to stay right where it is…

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It's hard to believe Israel would conquer lands up to the Euphrates but not take all of Mesopotamia.

No, not quite. Only defence from the neighbours. Business as usual on all other points.

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What about SouthAfrica whites?

Excellent riposte, Rabbi.

It's painfully obvious you don't normally post here, OP.

I've mixed feelings about Tommy tbh. He is certainly too soft on, or even defends/has a blind spot for other troublesome minorities, and he loves Jews. He's even claimed to be one before. No surprise then that he blames muh sharia even when someone gets dragged through the courts for criticising Jews and on the request of Jews.
While I think he started out genuine enough, I reckon he is trying to "unite thr right" and control their response, like he said in one interview he was asked to do by security services; a good liar would tell half the truth.
In any case, he's no King Arthur. More normies seem receptive to him than ever, which shows a general shift in attitudes, but I worry about his newfound influence tbh.

Okay, thank you.

Sure thing kike!

Anglican Unscripted #451 - Calling the bad ‘good’.