Brit/pol/ #2496: No Fatties Edition

Court stops Telegraph publishing 'sexual harassment' story

Theresa May: We'll stick to 'tens of thousands' migration target

Young couples 'trapped in car dependency'

EDL founder Tommy Robinson went straight from court to lunch with Ukip top brass at the House of Lords

Queen breaks her silence on Brexit – telling Dutch royals ‘shared values’ are what binds Britain to Europe and she is ‘looking to a new partnership’ during state banquet

4 Apparent Explosives Sent to Hillary Clinton, Obama, CNN and George Soros Are Linked, Sources Say; 2 Other Parcels Investigated

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edit it if you've got anything

nah I don't

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I had to act fast before lads got tricked into posting in moonfat's thread

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I'll do it then

go for it tbh

Done it tbh

lovely full moon tonight lads, look out of the window in an hour or so

Theirs is full of fanfiction anyway smh


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Almost forgot it'd be like that; thanks for the reminder, lad.

Someone pointed out there's no postmark on the stamps.

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np lad, thought I'd missed it but it popped up where I am

I bet someone thought this was really fucking clever.

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moon is fake



smh lad just read the bible then you will understand

time warner hq apparently got one too

more pictures

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just wait till the next GE, we gonna get raided constantly here

must be them russian hackers removing likes and comments

can't imagine how this might not appeal to the general population

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Heard it's a blast

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Lad, it says right there that it's selling out fast.

the reason so many of you fap to traps is you've been trained to

Another mental conspiracy theory for me to investigate.

Insults to our Holly will not be tolerated

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if it looks like a false flag, toots like a false flag, and smells like a false flag, it's probably a false flag

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it's a bit late but I'm having another cup

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everyones a tranny to this guy

he is for sure a closet traplover


Tell him Poland started the war.

KEK this is a perfect response, witty

What a bizarre conspiracy

lads i think he might be the most insane person on the entire internet

what happened to him

do you reckon he went to give a brass a good rogering to in the dam and then felt her stiffy pressing against his leg?

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t. a walking false flag
To hell with this shapiro twat tbh.

everyone thinks shes a bloke

I think the people in his comments section are just as insane tbh.
He literally thinks every woman in the public eye is a tranny. If they have any slightly masculine features: they're a tranny. If they don't: they're hiding them - so still a tranny.

Umm aren't you forgetting someone sweetie?

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my dick canes lads

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slag off are Gord again and you'll be getting a weegee cunts grin

Autism tbh, managed to get it in his head that woman all look one way and can't handle the fact they don't.

Seems to be lots of women in the comments as well.

hes obviously not seen the alex jones nudes

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Jahans isn't insane he's just pathetic.


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just tragic

brew's just in it for the keks at this point, pure contrarianism

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I think it's because women fear the trap like the jew fears the samurai.
This is unironically true btw.

okay this is clearly bullshit now

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phwoooar tbh lads

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Agreed. Wanked to her a fair few times tbh.

no idea what this is about but it looks like yank shit so i dont care

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Women fear any competition tbh, might be why they hate video game waifu's.

these fucking people

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someone tried to ira some yank politicians

Love her tiny nipples jfc smh

Baste alt-right tactics for the next year:

It's already happening with the TERF's.

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the trap pill is too much?
maybe Zig Forums really are homos, i was warned but thought you we're good god fearing lads


uncle ted ?

Tbf most women don't know/give a shit about videogames.


They jews fear the Willoughby

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Can't remember what that means.

"trans exclusionary radical feminist"

Mogg: Green Belt is a corset

(tbf I have always thought these women (other than maybe winkelkike) look/act quite masculine so maybe this guy's onto something after all…)

aka. "Feminist"
the others who use that word aren't


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Yeah but we should be selling the idea that feminism leads to trannyism (which it does, obviously) - and that feminism has always been about diminishing the feminine (which is sort of bollocks: it's really about inciting the worst aspects of the feminine, and destroying the best).

no lad, the media and casting people are either women or faggots - so they always like to offer masculine looking females the jobs

He's said this shit before, don't think anyone here likes him anymore.

I can't believe how late it is

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terfs are more 2nd wave feminists (bra burners)
3rd wave feminists are the slutwalk ones that enjoy being totally co-oped by capitalism because SEXY IS POWER GRRRL GIMME LIPSTICK


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He made it clear that he has no real principles when he said that he'd attend a gay wedding if invited.


I find muscley women gross.

the days are disappearing lad you don't have long left

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It's also about the yids wanting to push a horrible version of woman: loutish and vulgar, and totally ready to take on any man GRRRRRRRR!

This is a great quote, does anybody know where it originated?