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Argentina's Congress approved austerity budget designed to meet the requirements of a $57 billion IMF bailout

Spain's Supreme court issued a European arrest warrant for former Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont after Germany refused to extradite him to face a charge of rebellion.

British home secretary apologised to people who were "wrongly" forced to take DNA tests to prove they were entitled to settle in the UK

Man, 102, stuck on roof in Devon for three days

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first for fireworks that dont work

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Jesus, how did he spend his time? Must have been bloody cold as well




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Cảm giác đó khi mẹ bạn tìm thấy thẻ nhắc nhở của bạn

getting laid regularly improves your mental health too

explains a lot

The moment you step away from telly or the net you won't see a single homo.

kek except in the mirror :^)

*punches (you)*

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the utter state

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Found SA's car!

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Seems like its fugly only policy too. Not really a good move tbh.

Pretty sure there's been non-white modelling agencies before, also based reporting telling you how to think.

not one of them will get a job outside of PC PR campaigns and, if they are lucky, maybe a catalogue shoot

there have and they failed

this is racist
where are the abbos??

they literally cannot compete

Where are the Inuits? The Berbers? The eastern Anglo-Saxons?

Cracks me up every time.

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You calling me non-white mc'guiness?

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Yorkshire folk are what you get when a Jew and a nigger have a baby (that's a Scot), and then that baby grows up to have a baby with another Jew.


I meant the ones that emigrated to the Byzantine and yeah the descendants would be non-white by now

t. gay mercian version of slash


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"Diverse" really does just mean no white people

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Look at all the diversity

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all those things are fake news
post physique ?

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Yep, that one's going in my cringe compilation

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y'don't say :^)

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Are irish saxons or english? : }

wrong first pic

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ayo hol up why is the phillipines there

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us colony? its a retarded map

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Because of the way twatter makes thumbnails, it's the same map as here

FACT: Filipinos are the most powerful race on earth

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I know this is a joke but quite a lot of Filipinos do genuinely self promote themselves like this. Something to do with their schooling system.

good lad, women are disgusting and most don't shower regularly

Wise words

uncanny tbh

Its funny becuase its so absurd. They are a pathetic race

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Asda has a ‘gender-neutral’ children’s section and it’s very grey
well what the fuck else were they supposed to colour it, the moment you splash a bit of blue or pink these fucks scream about gender stereotypes, they'll do the same for every single colour

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yeah they are just conquistador rape babies

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Not even that, there was barely any mixing. they were just bossed around by friars mostly.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that actually.

My BMI is 21 now up from 18 thank you very much, you should be encouraging me but instead you just try to put me down. Mummy always said people who do that are just insecure themselves tbh!

feels bad man
ignore tha h8ers

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well that makes them even less relevant. they are just ugly gooks

Good lad keep eating pizza but perhaps not with plastic cutlery anymore eh?

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they're no joke if you've ever tried a proper one

Their spanish second names are for tax purposes lad. They're almost as bad as sorry to say it Americans for imagined heritages.

Brexit transition period could last for years, cabinet warned

They have no intention of letting us leave.

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I've been having cold showers now for over year since my boiler broke down.

I've recommended them for years.

Might want to give it a wide berth lads tbh

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yeah but if you have a proper one it's brutal

it takes me like 10 minutes just to psyche up and then get my whole body in it's absolute torture makes me hyperventilate not doing that every time i want a wash

t. warmthcuck

If warm showers keep the gay away then I am fine with that

hang on, isnt france technically germanic? after all the franks were germanic

Yeah that's why I said they thought it was purely a language thing, because northern French are descended from, as you say, Franks who were a germannic tribe.

Knew there was already a modelling agency

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lad it's neobagan autism don't expect sense from it


the south as well, the kingdom of burgundy was named after a germanic (or slavic) tribes that the romans gave land to

I don't think they had as big of a genetic impact as they did in the north but I could be remembering wrong smh

its dumb either way

They are making the argument that Bolsonaro is someone who wants to ruthlessly exploit Brazil's natural resources and that this is a bad thing for the environment, which is true, but lefties everywhere all support mass immigration and mass population growth which causes the real environmental damage. At least populist leaders will most likely be anti-immigration and possibly later on shift the overton window to the right, which seems to be the only way to truly save the environment as it is the only ideological route that will allow a malthusian catastrophe to happen in Africa and Asia to reduce the population to sustainable levels, as well as the fact that right wing ideas are supposed to lead you towards inculcating nature as a principle of being and respecting the power of nature eventually once you get past neocon shite.

They reduce test actually.

Is that why you consume semen lad?

yes lad because you are a model of the testosterone driven male

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hurr durr
Following her messages calling for the removal or destruction of the mural and the university seeking to distance itself from the student union officer, Dawes has deleted her Tweet and published an apology, claiming she did not mean for it to be taken literally…

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This. I can't fucking stand Green voters in this country wh wax lyrical about how it's the environmentalist party when it supports uncontrolled immigration.

Ive been playing the Zig Forums recomended game Kingdom Come: Deliverence

pretty good if you are in the mood for a slow comfy swashbuckling plod through medieval Bohemia, and can overlook some frankly spastic elements of its design

After I followed the gang of bandits to watch them kill Reeky I walked with them back to their base hoping I could play double agent. Their captain was wise to that though and was all "Who the fuck are you?! Nothing personal kid." and then the whole camp chased me, on of them even took an arrow in the back that was meant for me, I fended off a few for a bit and fought valiantly, until I died.

Jolly good fun tbh

Around 2011, I was still trying to argue in good faith with leftists, and tried to point out that they'd destroy the Green Belt if mass migration continued. They called me racist and then sarcastically said that things were fine in their (rich, white-majority) counties. Urge to kill has never been stronger tbh.

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that mission was bugged on release smh

maybe you should take some because going on about cum trannies and gay shite while hunched over an internet imageboard all day is pretty pathetic

someone who saves images like that can't talk to me about testosterone lol

Most games coming out today are shit tbh, KCD is one of the few exceptions

oh the irony