Brit/pol/ #2498: Nettle Bath Edition


Argentina's Congress approved austerity budget designed to meet the requirements of a $57 billion IMF bailout

Spain's Supreme court issued a European arrest warrant for former Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont after Germany refused to extradite him to face a charge of rebellion

British home secretary apologised to people who were "wrongly" forced to take DNA tests to prove they were entitled to settle in the UK

Man, 102, stuck on roof in Devon for three days

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Good lad

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it's all so futile tbh


God no

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top kek chief spreading bull
was listening to the daily shoah today tbh they probably have a lot of groups in michigan you'd probably not be interested i guess though
had me laughing hard when they talked about the weird louis ck sarah silverman jews masturbating into plants phenomena

me too lad



please make it fucking stop I'd forgotten what UK tv was like

Just the pictures alone are enough to make you cringe.


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tfw my town just got new roads everywhere

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Thanks lad


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good night!

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Gay boy

in your maids outfit?


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and all the pieces go back into their box


don't act like everyone on Zig Forums doesn't do this in their head


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pretty sure rowan atkinson is pro-brexit

Lads, it's the centenary of the end of WWI tbf lad

my siblings love that show is it redpilled?

and that stops them paying protestors to advertise Blackadder how?

Not as based as Dragonball, which teaches traditional Muslim values.

Lad, don't tell me you're a catboy too smdh

youre surprised?

This tbh good lad

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cia report worth reading
weird how cucked they have become from even 90s


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he was not gay he had a wife and kids

gay staged shite lad


dont bully me just before bed smh

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I'll stop bullying you when you stay on /newbrit/ for good


Good lad

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‘Where is the black Scottish experience?’ — attending a Scottish school, then studying history at university left Tomiwa puzzled
fuck off then

ty lad, no clue what the regular is doing

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thats a comfy song


*wobbles your melon*

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"i dont feel comfortable here, you need to change everything until i feel comfortable here"

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the european man causes deep anxiety simply by existing

Wasn't paying attention to the clock smh

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Did I miss owt good on QT? Been in Manchester tonight. Didnt get molested by purple aki

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tfw no gf

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oh god she opened her mouth the mystique is gone

Come and join me on the Caravan, lads

Overrated film tbh

What didn't you like about it ?

it was good until the retarded ending tbh

was way better than Birdmemi at any rate

Do you mean this film, lad?
it was total garbage tbh

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Worst movie I've ever seen tbh

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watch Aguirre der Zorn Gottes

Sorry lad. I should have given you your yous.

Herzog's best film tbh

Marmite on toast for dinner

Eating jelly beans now tbh

Good lad

Jelly babies > jelly beans tbqh lad

blimey lads, spoilered for a reason, click at your peril

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Such a weird looking fucker. If he doesn't turn out to be the living embodiment of Crowleyian Eyes Wide Shutishness then I'll eat my hat.

What did you have for dinner lad?

Haven't had those in year, didn't know they still did them

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It's literally about a guy with infidelity issues and a deep seated fear of women having a fight inside his own head.

Watch it again, also watch Prisoners, Jake is a good lad

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Prisoners was awesome

FFS Forgot the (You)

Oh. I didnt get that at all from watching it.

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Good lad but you should watch Prisoners again

I love Jews



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God I wish that were me

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BIG Cats With BIG Cattitudes