Brit/pol/ #2499: You don't need a loicense to own a TV Edition

Argentina's Congress approved austerity budget designed to meet the requirements of a $57 billion IMF bailout

Spain's Supreme court issued a European arrest warrant for former Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont after Germany refused to extradite him to face a charge of rebellion

British home secretary apologised to people who were "wrongly" forced to take DNA tests to prove they were entitled to settle in the UK

Man, 102, stuck on roof in Devon for three days

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Saucy fuckers

I used to own a tv exactly like the one pictured /old

Going back to the Licence fee, fun thread on MSE with a loicence enforcer admitting he spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on people while reading their electric meter.

Lad I have a judgemental butchers in every customers house

Go to bed grandad it's late

Yeah but you don't hand out fines because they are watching Homes Under The Hammer.

Another thing from that thread, apparently the courts have accepted that someone owning a plugged in TV is enough evidence to fine them for not paying the licence, even if it's not actually being used. tl;dr from this whole thing, get rid of the shit and replace it with a sub service or none at all.

Who /excited/ here

No what is it?

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I guess there's nothing new under the sun.

In theory it's meant to ban outrageous tenancy fees and keep it so that you can only be charged for
If it doesn't get amended to fuck it should be ok tbh

Landlordism and it's excesses is one of the core themes of media from and fiction set in Britain circa 1800~ up to the first world war tbh

So how the fuck was it handed over from aristocracy to pakis in 100 years? Labour?

Aristos sold their properties?

Considering the amount of property held by housing associations, investment groups and wealthy foreigners in London it certainly feels like it. I don't know maybe the just obfuscate it behind share holdings and companies now.

Weird shit happened in the 60's/70's tbh, my grandparents owned like 5 houses in the 70's.

I think Labour had something like that in their manifesto, but it makes sense for the Conservatives to push this through to try and win over some more voters.

The heir to the Duke of Westminster is in line to £10bn so I wouldn't be too sure that they sold it more what said.

I should add those aristocrats make their money on the unused land and trick selling it to developers.

My other grandparents got lucky and bought the house and farm they were tenants in during a massive slump on countryside properties back in the 60's and then sold it 40 years later for around £600k, just gotta wait for my grandmother to die and I'll no longer be under the poverty line, yeah boi.

Want some help knocking them off?

Good luck with that.

Lad it's like you want an adventurer to come and murder you.

Fucking why does this exist. Government shake down through and through.

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Gotta pay up lad.

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Do not ruin fun

Nah she's nearly 100 tbh

Same with stamp duty and VAT tbh

Funny how we suddenly don't like foreign goods and free markets, eh

You're free for a fee lad.

thats because were in the EU tbh

im looking for a song
its a recent song sung by this bitch looking boy with really long hair
he plays a guitar
i think its kind of popular
he sings about brushing his teeth and then looking in the mirror and seeing himself
think the song is about Introspection
in the video he starts out alone but is joined by other versions of himself
i think someone posted it here before


Sounds like it could be this song:



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Never 'ear of 'im.

Might be preferable to Zig Forums being larping christians tbh


You mean those three Christian posters you disagree with so blame the board as a whole.

Blimey this user is a laugh a minute, I wonder if he's genuine. Over a thousand posts though, a bit of a long game to make a handful of internet randoms hate Capita and the BBC.

fuck is all this hipster music just listen to jungle lads

hipster music is implicitly white, lad

ya mon

It's implicitly bent, lad

Bloody angry lads.

Saw some UAF scum say he doesn't give a fuck about grooming gangs and said they're just used by racists. Wish I could've gotten a hold of that cunt.

go listen to more chugging riffs in a dark room

Bloodclot Ragga Jungle Drum n Bass is the music of our indo-scythian ancestors lad. Anything with a guitar in it is nigger music

They own and mod the board banning all those who might disagree with them. SA is perhaps the worst offender, he constantly posts pagans, women and twitter shit and in filling the board with these same things again and again it prevents any real discussion that might be had. Were he and the other mods not so quite wrapped up in their circle jerk about how intellectually superior they are to the same three people they found on twitter than the posting quality would increase.

University of Alaska Fairbanks?

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Probably doesn't know about or understand the full nature of the problem. I wonder if he'd say the same if someone showed him how the pakis would nail the girls' tongues to boards and threaten to light them on fire, then asked him how he would feel if that was his daughter.

You seem really bent out of shape about this, Spic is that you?

Nah, metal is gay too


It wouldn't matter a bit. People like that and cops are not fucking human.

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He does sound like spic but he's right. SA does abuse his mod powers.


tbh, post-punk is the best music and implicitly white

I've never been banned.

No being hung up on the Christian bit makes you sound like spic.

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How have they been going for so long?

These people are mad. Consciences seared with a hot iron.

once you make it big you can tour all your old songs constantly without the need for writing new material

another example is this band

It's an organisation promoted by politicians on all sides, that they have no moral compass should not come as a surprise.

Not actually heard these guys before.

good band

not surprised, they only ever had like 2 songs in the charts in early 80s, but that was enough to allow them to tour constantly to this day


I don't think singing about the glory of britannia is a chart topper anymore lad.


*destroys your one refuge of sanity*

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Is Morrissey bent lads?

i was thinking more about subtle redpill lyrics disguised as friendly pop songs


Isn't pop throw away culture?

exactly, you just keep churning them out, embedding your message constantly

no he's just flamboyant and temperamental lad

So bent in spirit?

We already have two Zig Forums bands, 'Gas Killing Animal' and 'Bushie and the Maddie Smashers'.

pink's what about us is implicitly redpiled
if you think of it as aimed at jews

Fair play, it just seems dirty.

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No it's the pissing kidney stones, gas killing animal is their single.

you gotta beat them at their own game lad, it would be easy because our message is wholesome and righteous as opposed to the tribes obsession with sex and debauchery and generally being an awful person in general

The only refuge is in god. This country needs a great flood.

do you think she's subverting? from what i've heard of her in interviews she seems pretty based aside from the stronk woman shit

One could be forgiven for thinking that Judgement Day was unironically near tbh

Late-period Judah tbh.

Why do they look so ugly?

It's designed to crush the inhabitants soul.

i like to think so
stronk womyn could just be a front for her pop star image and is secretly running an underground resistance

Morrissey is pretty redpilled
>Because it's not my home, it's their
>Home, and I'm welcome no more

If you look at a song that way you say almost any song is
ABBA's King Kong Song is implicitly redpilled, as if you think about it, it's about how blacks and how are urban cities have become jungles filled with monkeys.

A lot of pop songs can be interpreted that way.

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Bellamy is arelad tbh

Some people are convinced he is a closet white nationalist because of songs like The National Front Disco and Bengali In Platforms but I don't buy really buy it.

They basically own everyone in the 25-35 age bracket