Brit/pol/ #2500: Cheese Edition

Oxford-Cambridge housing development will destroy area of countryside size of Birmingham, campaigners warn

Vandals smash glass poppy memorial in ‘senseless act of violence’

Three people arrested after man stabbed to death in London

Election watchdog head quits after claims commission is biased against Brexit

Snow hits Scotland and northern England with wintry conditions and plunging temperatures across UK

Arctic blast brings heavy snow as temperatures plummet to -3C

Supermarkets' own brand gin crowned best under £20 as Sainsbury's, Asda, Lidl and M&S beat pub classics as Britain's favourites

Israel warns response to Gaza rockets will not be 'geographically limited'


‘The Simpsons’ producer confirms Apu is being written out of show following controversy

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Just watched a doc on the yanks opioid crisis.
Yep they're fucked!

Did they fuck themselves?

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we back?

Clear out all the pakis, nogs, chinks and juden, and suddenly there will be a lot of empty houses.
Dispose of the chavs and there will be about 20 million left in England.

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They are planning on building a million more.
Who the fuck are they packing into these houses.
They make it so obvious what their intentions are.

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wrong pic

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It starts here and spreads everywhere.

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yup, south is ruined already


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hey rabbi, watcha doin?

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the woodland i used to play in as a kid was fenced off ages ago
all the fields i used to walk my dog in are housing estates

*builds moat before the (((developers))) can get me*

these #FBPE accounts are pathetic, if they dont block me for replying to them on twatter they reply to me, but block me so i cant see it

Are we still down?

what do you mean you don't want to replace the racist green belt with these lovely houses, you some sort of bigot?

I can't imagine why on the people of Oxford and Cambridge would want that. Swamped with one million foreigners would be a disaster. Property developers deserve the rope.

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try driving down around new build developments when fully populated and with cars parked in the road…nasty

As if they really have a choice.

Don't tell SA ffs

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Absolute dafty

Yeah I suppose. Good on CPRE for opposing it but i'd expect more resistance. I suppose the university wankers will be in full support.

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just woke up wtf is habbening rn?

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kikes getting zyklon b'd

don't be daft, she's a tranny

looks like a false flag to get jews to vote demoshit tbh

wonder if yanks wouldn't be as obnoxious if they weren't so pozzed

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wouldn't (You) like to know

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Top lel. Good thread, lad.

yeah most of it is cope from being so emasculated

Teen damaged bread
Drunkenly damaging a pallet of bread has cost a Pembroke teen £155.78.

Why do they all look so horrible? What is it about them?

Also this, developers really don't give a shit that both road and pavement will be unusable when people actually move in with their 2+ cars.

kek you should try talking to Oxford and Cambridge people. Can't speak for Cambs but Oxford is xeno and pro-xeno territory.


They're designed as individual buildings with no regard for their natural surroundings or other buildings and with aesthetic frameworks. They're also designed to be as cheap and quick as possible to manufacture in order to maximise profit margins.

I’ve moved onto an estate where I cant park my two cars & 3 motorcycles, solution 1 car & the biggest bike are staying. I had no choice had nowhere else to go to live. Fuck

by the way, that second pic is right next to this estate which is infinitely more appealing

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She knows exactly why. There are too many pakis in my Britain. Roooo.

*without any reference to aesthetic frameworks

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Brian Eno

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looks shite

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Imagine working with her. Anyone got real life experiences with trannies? Greentext it lads I've literally never interacted with one

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was this man sporting a healthy brown tan also?

I sort of get that but tbf older housing developments probably looked naff when they were first built. It took a few decades for the bland identical houses to diverge in appearance as the inhabitants modified them for them and thus they acquired character. Even still, something about new builds sets my teeth on edge, the way they look conjures a feeling of despair. The narrow wiggly roads, the lack of vegetation, the non-existent gardens (a couple I knew moved into a new-build and apparently grass is optional, an added extra, and so is fucking flooring; they opted to do those themselves rather than pay extra), the distance from any real amenities, the fact that they all seem to be set back from the road with fancy fences and trees cutting them off from the outside as if to say "these houses are separate, these are God's Chosen houses", only one access road to the outside world. Eventually I came to realise that a place isn't a real place if it doesn't have a pub and a church and a bus route, maybe other things are needed but those are essential. Perhaps it's just me being a butthurt pleb that I can't afford these bourgeois luxuries, compounded by the fact that ten million immigrants apparently will.

We already have his name and his Gab account, the guy was an anti-trump Q larper.

totally not a false flag though

Hope America gets holocaust denial laws and a national holiday for holocaust survivors. Enough hatred.

I knew a lad who wanted to be a tranny but changed his mind after a year of being on hrt. He was naturally quite small, soft and feminine (no homo) and had a mind fucked up by porn, which caused gayism then trannyism. He's now straight and normal (ish, still a bit emo) and embarrassed by the phase. He really put his family through some grief with it though. Glad he didn't lop it off.

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I really doubt it is, the guy looks like a legit Zig Forumsite


my best mates dad was a tranny
he was just a bloke with long hair and tits
even had a girlfriend
all ways wore baggy clothes to hide his tits
whats the point?

was it westie?

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Is lossless better than mp3 lads if I use a phone and shit headphones or it's negliblible?

Right lads. I'm back. Here we have fully transcribed Oswald Mosley's resignation speech from the Labour party titled: Unemployment. In the speech, Mosley sets out his policies for solving the unemployment problem Britain was facing after the great depression.

This is an interesting read from both a historical and economic perspective. It's interesting to see Mosley's ideas forming before The New Party and BUF. Economically, Mosley sets forth some ideas that were decades ahead of their time. For example, his policy of Government borrowing to invest in areas that private finance won't touch is Keynesian before Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Mosley also briefly touches on something rather Austrian when he discusses low interest levels causing banks and investors to back bad projects. Of course, you also have the economic nationalism you'd expect from Mosley, discussing private finance investing in foreign slave labour that puts British workers out of the job.

Another user correctly pointed out that the speech should be featured in Hansard. It was, but was extremely difficult to find, even with all the information about the time and date of the speech next to me. The speech was buried at the bottom of all possible results, and even then was hidden among other pieces of text. Plus it wasn't in PDF format. In fact, I haven't seen this particular speech in PDF format anywhere else on the web, so hopefully I've done a service by bringing this to light.

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If westie is from Manchester and around 20-21 then maybe.

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yeah lad totally looks legit, esp right after the fake bombing false flag failed

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negligible on shit headphones
worth it on a proper sound system, but i doubt you would be able to tell the difference between lossless and a CD (wav)

Top lad

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Did you transcribe this? Good work if so lad.

Do they even try?

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Still haven't got round to his autobiography but good work. Sounds interesting.

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good lad, he truly was a pioneer. I remember someone on here who didn't have a clue on what Keynesian economics entailed arguing against its fascistic qualities.

The problem is and always will be, the power which has now been centralised by pernicious monetarism by the you-know-who's. The only solution now is to collapse the very economic foundations on which the institutions lie.

good goys and good lads

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Don't worry lads, it'll be ok once they lithium us
Over and out

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the migrant horde was probably the last straw for him, poor lad.

How many scoops should I put in my shake lads

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Audacious… I have noticed they are really hammering for forcing of folic acid "fortified" flour. Was trying to figure out the angle, now I know it is a trojan horse for lithium and fluoridated water tbh

too relatable tbh

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Li-thi-um, don't wanna lock me up inside,
Li-thi-um, dont wanna forget how it feels without,

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Anal sex with young boys

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Just hurry up and put oestrogen in the water already.

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clocks go back tonight smh