Brit/pol/ #2501: Marty Robbins Edition

Oxford-Cambridge housing development will destroy area of countryside size of Birmingham, campaigners warn

Vandals smash glass poppy memorial in ‘senseless act of violence’

Three people arrested after man stabbed to death in London

Election watchdog head quits after claims commission is biased against Brexit

Snow hits Scotland and northern England with wintry conditions and plunging temperatures across UK

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Good lad

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good lad

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Goog gad


Thanks lads

For the thread edition tbh

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Can you imagine how bad it would be if they tried to do something like that today?


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Chips covered in cheese for dinner

Bit late for dinner innit lad

voted yet?


Work late shifts and I don't eat during work

Good lad

अच्छा लड़का

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did you go to the judo clinic lad?

no I should have gone but the memi shooting happened and I hate listening to normalfags talk about psyops


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Feel like pure shit just want him back

he's dead lad, got to close to a boat full of cajuns and was chopped up by the propellers

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Girl at work wants my willy and i am going to give it to her

Thanks lad, didn't know 8ch allowed Hindi text tbh

Hope you didn't say anything anti-Israel to your Mother steiner there will be many arrests of antisemites in the coming weeks.

समुद्री गाय टीबीएच

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Time to let it end lad

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Kek is this you lad?

reminder lads

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I love her

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She was a bit hit or miss tbh

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Alt-Right featured in the superhero movie.

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What capeshit is this from?

Batman 5: Revenge of the Jedi


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god I hate this time period


fucking antpeople I swear to christ they have some kind of turbo-autism

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They believe that you are a person from a moment of conception.



let me guess they have you be a based black cowboy and you kill william jennings bryan and denis kearney and save the vanderbuilts-I mean the chinese coolies- from evil racist white socialism


Was a Hegel just another dafty or was he based and redpilled?

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The cowboy you play as is blonde/blue eyed and none of those people are in in the game lad

based and misinterpreted by jews and civics but his philosophy is wonky and made better by nietzshe in an oblong manner


whats a fortnite? is it like when in age of empires 2 you get catapaults?



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It's abit late innit lad?

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is alpha centauri a good game to play?


EDL founder Tommy Robinson 'set to make £1million when he visits the US on speaking tour'

What do you think? Why are Americans so naive?

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yanks love zionists

tommy looks like the virgin from the virgin and chad mene

Brother's been playing it all night, looks expansive.

Just as well.

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Fresh fashy orbiter bait from the graduate scheme cia operative.

Be honest how many times have you watch the video?

tfw Zig Forums never is on the news, only 56% yanks.

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*hand loads silver bullets to slay the doggoman*

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today we will remind them

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That's fake. Nobody's that short.

Had a cheeky midnight supernoodles and baked beans snack tbqh lids

< features hair that grows

why do they give us things we don't ask for?

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Anglican Unscripted #451 - Calling the bad ‘good’.

hate this thot

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Whose passport will he be using this time?

Any of you lads got the original chad deano vs virgin William memi? Folders are a mess tbh


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Any of you neets want to wash my car?

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This transgender paedophile sexually assaulted a child while identifying as a MAN and is locked up in a MALE prison… so why do police insist on saying his crimes were committed by a WOMAN?