Brit/pol/ #2503: Coin Edition

Commemorative 50p Brexit coin to be announced in budget

Labour lord in Brexit call for Scottish parties to form 'popular front' to back People's Vote

Man who stabbed wife 49 times in front of child jailed for life

Man, 22, dumped on road side after being sexually assaulted in taxi

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary 'will be forced to go on government deradicalisation programme or face being recalled to jail

Members of Britain's biggest suspected female jihadi cell including the Muslim convert daughter of an ex-Army paratrooper are among dozens of Isis brides flocking back to the UK

Islamic Jihad vows revenge after three Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Angela Merkel 'to abandon key CDU party role'

Angela Merkel shuns Brussels: German Chancellor rules out EU takeover in top job rejection

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>A stern-faced president-elect Bolsonaro begins his first public comments on Facebook with militaristic language, blames the media, appeals to God, and says 'Together we are going to change the direction of Brazil.'

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Goode ladde


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Pitu has pretty much become a memi for the BR's because of that facebook post.

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His last video was wank tbh.

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Zig Forums /fit/ posting tbh.

Fresh Ralfy

Big words. I'm not holding my breath tbh.

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Wew it's already started


Eurosceptic AFD was founded in 2013. After Merkel’s madness they have:

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Newtownards: Group dressed as KKK members is 'hate incident'

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In five years, they've done quite well, I suppose a proportional representation voting system allows for new parties to rise a lot quicker than FPTP.


ah fug beat me to it

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don't arrest me mi5 pls

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daniel hannans grin is very creepy. imagine him making that grin at you as he signs papers to allow another 300,000,000 pakis into britain and abolishes all tariffs.

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Did he not mean "Germanic", in the same sense that this country is Germanic?


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there's so much salt over Jair

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Found some in RDR2 yesterday.

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globalism is getting dabbed on

aren't most Germans grandchildren of one of Hitler's soldiers?
Speaking of which, how do German's commemorate their 'fallen' Or do they not bother?

is this a regular thing? Why are they all so calm? He could shoot any of them, run!


I miss the ww2 lads, they are all passing away these days. when I was at uni I worked in a nursing home briefly and there was a US soldier there who wore his medals and hat all the time and one time he dropped his hat into his soup and he was so sad because of that, it gave me feels




They have small statues put up by local people, thought its often a thing that encompasses everyone that died during ww2.


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Jealous tbh

account filled with salt

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Yeah but look at what they've had to go through to finally get a man of action.

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good second morning lads

‘This is an invasion, our military is waiting for you’ - Trump to ‘migrant caravan’

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1928 thompsons were so aesthetic

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What's a 'petista'? Is it a whore?

lad watch this its epic

Who shot the tiger?

he needs some milk

It's the slang name for the Workers Party, Partido dos Trabalhadores

Kek. That makes that story even more hilariously made up.


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At least your tax money goes to something BIG

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pretty sure that stupid commie stabbing him guaranteed his victory

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Israel stands with Hungary, denouncing George Soros

it's like Ancagalon the black all over again

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What is he dressing up as?

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they probably realise that Soros is not exactly a good image for jews/israel

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Might go to Brazil tbh

awwww. i hope he had some kids to visit him old people usually light up when they see young uns

Bear this in mind, then.

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the absolute madman

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Guess the Israeli Jews realised that Soros would come after them next.

Where did he get that term from? It's not in what he's replying to, right

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I'll avoid the dodgy bits

He sounds russian

Oy vey

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Mosley on repatriation, fairly sure I've not seen this before, anyone else know of it?

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going through twitter right now is gold, you've all the salty faggots whinging and all the hues are going HAHAHAHA WE'RE COMING FOR YOU FAGGOT

what a time to be alive

I'm not really sure, it's hard to search for everything due to how shitty twatter's translator is.

Gonna call my mum and tell her I'm sure she'll be proud of me.

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yes lad tbh

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found the tweet
he's just calling him a faggot

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do you speak the hue language or something lad

naah there's a translate option on twatter


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stealing children smh

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We should have colonised south america smh