Brit/pol/ #2504: MCMXIV Edition

MPs do not have 'legal veto' to stop no-deal Brexit, Commons officials say

Summary of Budget 2018: Key points at-a-glance

Budget 2018: Chancellor gives £1BN to MoD for submarines and dreadnoughts to protect UK

'We are treating this as a hate crime' - photos emerge of gang dressed as Ku Klux Klan outside Islamic centre in Northern Ireland

Mother blasts Amazon and eBay for selling an 'Israeli soldier' costume for children - while other online retailers ramp up the bad taste with Oscar Pistorius and 'sexy Muslim' outfits

CRIMEWAVE BRITAIN: Man attacks woman on busy London street and NOBODY tries to help her

Salvini Congratulates President-Elect Bolsonaro of Brazil

Kanye West designs new clothing line encouraging black voters to leave Democratic Party

Israel stands with Hungary, denouncing George Soros

‘This is an invasion, our military is waiting for you’ - Trump to ‘migrant caravan’

China ’rounds up 1,000,000 Muslims and puts them in prison camps’

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So annoying. What the fuck do her parents make of their girl spending all her money on stupid wigs and contact lenses so she can prance around to robotic nignog music for thirsty men on the internet?

good lad

First for Popular YouTuber Popular Youtuber, Popular Youtuber, Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of Akkad of Akkad of Akkad

xth for Bolsonaro

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boxing > mma tbh

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vid related tbh

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MGSV Mother Base with Snake in the tuxedo.

jej, no idea what's going on there, can't tell if it's her father or partner

What was going on there?

she had a nice bod ngl


Is that her boyfriend kek? Can't imagine a father talking about 'good content'. Nor a non-npc tbh.

top lel what is this?

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Where have you seen her body? Asking for my friend (I consider my appendage a friend).

iirc it's her father


Maybe it was her brother, who runs a serious gaming channel, while she thots about online for thirsty perverts

thot streamer #23578928357

I would also like to know. I want to see what degrading, embarrassing shit she's done to upset her bf/father.

Sadly, they are hers. His original tweet only garnered 153 likes.

And I'm definitely not going to masturbate to it.

This is what happens when you refuse to beat your children.

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I saw it through her jumper in the MP4 SA posted

im on day 5 of nofap so have a low threshold attraction atm tbh

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Who in the name of all that is niggery would like any of her tweets? I'm guessing baste feminists who will like any expression of vulgarity from a leftist woman.

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wew haven't seen that in a few years

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pretty much, that and a plethora of beeb, indy, and grauniad journalists and interns

I don't know what's going on but I like it.

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I'm more of a tum chums kind of guy tbh

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Good lad. Too thin for the breeding press ngl.


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*makes you break nofap*

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I was just assuming that she's one of those women who doesn't have a front hole.

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But that would be gay then lad….



What contraband did he post?

Whats the clip in the OP from?

my sides, even moreso knowing he unironically thinks its a man

It's one of YK's old videos.

nude ginnies

Might ban him for being a gayist tbh


I was joking you gay.

Hey, y'all sounding dangerously close to being bigots! I will have you know those wahmens are EMPOWERED. You should do yourselves a favour and figure out how you can become a better ally. #Resist

That cowardly atheist midget Joe Rogan didnt dare challenge Tyson on his religious views.

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no, even worse he tried spinning "woah so it was goal setting and determination that got you out of depression? woah"

Thanks lad, must have missed that one.

here's one from the UK

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fucking hell that's pathetic

People should be banned for not having at least one nyannyancosplay pic on their HDD.

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wait, what? are you saying that should be the case? or that it shouldn't?

hullo jocko >>>/newbrit/308327

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when's the right time to start wearing your poppy lads?

Do you have the one where she gives the salute? I needed earlier and found I didn't have it

when you buy it

It's bins driving another FOTM memi into the ground lad pay it no mind

You can wear it all year tbh

Nah I've only got two and I've posted both already.

all that dudeweed and he cant even comprehend that belief in an external force can literally save your life

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been wearing mine for a bit now

well yeah, killing your brain with a leaf will do that to you

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night lads

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Joe presents his inability to commit to anything he believes as a form of open mindedness, but it's just a front, and he's actually a flake.

His whole channel is just for NPCs to imagine they are cool hip deep thinkers

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Tyson was interesting, he seems like a genuinely decent lad. Inspiring stuff. Can hardly stand Joe Rogan.

I'd join his loyalist group. I know he is a gypsy but an absolute unit like Tyson was born to lead.

he's got the normie appeal for being a world class boxer, trad appeal for actually being conservative and dafty appeal for being a nationalist

i see only good things with him tbh

'ate 'omosapiens
luv' neanderthals
simple as

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This tbh

What is my subconscious telling me?

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What would you do if he slapped your gf's arse though?

that women are all slags lad

That "if she breaths she's a thot" lad.


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cursed image

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wasn't he found doing coke in vegas

Just respectfully remind him that slapping her arse is not appropriate behaviour for the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ulster.

meant for

find me one person who achieved fame and money and hasnt fallen from grace

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Pretty sure there are a fair few.

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There is literally nothing more High Tory than doing coke in Vegas.

did you watch the JRE interview? he goes into it all

naah I don't watch him