Brit/pol/ #2506: Reformation Edition

Nigel: Italy's Salvini must not give in to EU gangsters

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables

Universal Credit rollout in north and west Glasgow

London's 'ghost towers': Centre Point joins growing list of empty luxury skyscrapers as developer gives up trying to sell apartments for up to £55m each after receiving too many 'detached from reality' low offers

'Why did he get preferential treatment?!': Outraged Bake Off viewers ask why Rahul was given extra time, how he could win after burning his pitta and losing technical challenge and claim he 'lied' about never eating a doughnut

Waitrose magazine editor quits after letter about ‘killing vegans’

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lood gad

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Link for anyone who wants to see the replies

there has been such an effort to downplay the rape gangs, and prolong the debate as if it's still unclear whether it's a Muslim problem or not. Sickening.

And now after all their bullshit they are finally starting to realise that the masses aren't fucking blind.
The damage control and backtracking will be sublime, we have their names either way.

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Some package holiday company sponsor advert, can't remember what programme he's in the sponsor ads of

happy halloween

y-you too *cough*


If a white man said what this bitch is saying, he'd be crucified. Fucking hell. Surprisingly candid.

Train in Arizona heading southbound towards the border

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I hope this is real

No english working class community EVER voted to be shoved together with pakis

Apparently this was really good

Since it's tanks it might just be that they are moving assets around rather than going to border detail, however Trump has said that he's not fucking around.

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If they actually fire on the invaders, the outcry around the world will be extreme. I suspect there could even be antifa riots in parts of the US and Europe. It'd be great

Lefties cannot help but be condescending elitists. Our entire civilisation creaks under the weight of their conceits - yet they jealously maintain their stranglehold on "acceptable" discourse.

You know what I hate? The way lefties act like the far right is some evil force which exists regardless of circumstances, and is ever ready to pounce on the saintly left's mistakes. The far right exists BECAUSE of the left's mistakes.

The caravan will be exactly like last time (which everyone conveniently forgot)
Photo ops throughout Central America, and before they hit the US-Mexico border it fizzles out and vanishes.

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Conservatism and Nationalism have ALWAYS been reactionary towards Liberalism, yet they insist it's the reverse which would make no fucking sense.

Conservatism is about keeping the normies in check to make sure their values don't become warped due to improving material circumstances. Leftism (of all stripes) is about deliberately warping the values of normies to appoint themselves as messiahs of a great new age.

Conservatives conserve: leftists squander.

The right creates, the left destroys

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Trump did pretty well with that "Jobs Not Mobs" slogan.



Well put.


A modicum of fucking common sense.

Not good that burried in that article paki Javid says he wants more police centralisation, i.e. govt control, and 'innovation' always means trendy bollocks that isn't as effective as what's described here as core policing, neighbourhood patrols and crime prevention, previously known as police doing their jobs.

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Lefties are more likely to suffer depression, more likely to use mental health services, more likely to commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts and more likely to use anti-depressants.
I know this to be true.

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don't bully my regional dialect you Irish fuck

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Nope. Never.

tbh id love to watch just two blokes fishing all day and chatting about their problems together

norvern monkies are very insecure lad

tfw bought two weeks of hulloFresh for 50% off and cancelled after discount

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the lad stopped the car and dragged the copper out, funny vid tbh

holy shit our police are a complete joke

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thrown like a fucking ragdoll

shit, they're onto us lads
tbh aut-roight dont want brexit either

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comfy feels knowing that if the SHTF we wont have to worry about the rozzers being on our case when most of them bleed once and month and can only do half the amount of pushups as us. Their weakness is our opportunity when the time comes.

It's why I just laugh when I see articles like "women allowed into the SAS"

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same with the army lads

it's pretty hard to feel sorry for the police these days

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I read that article and they've technically allowed them but they havent changed the entry requirements so we wont be seeing SAS Stacey unless some roided bulldyke freak somehow slips in or the brass force a diversity quota on them.

Did he think he was playing GTA? He almost managed it as well. Kek.

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how is keeping who safe again?

You could get away with murder by just punching your way through the lines of female police coppers.

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SHTF is going to be one cluster-fuck vortex of the overburded and weak establishment on one side, the ethnics hordes on another side, foreign soldiers (see: saudi funded mosques) on another side, and us English patriots in the middle blasting away for our lives.
At least we have the home advantage, nothing to lose and everything to gain.


he's white lad

Nige on wop telly

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we are also built to survive in this climate, guerrilla tactics are extremely successful in any type of conflict

I kind of do when they have to deal with a chimp out but most of the time I just think, "nah, fuck 'em".

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We know the land and we have the greatest right to be here, Patton said what makes foes flee is not the point of our bayonets but the glint in our eyes. Motivation is everything (see: Vietcong, Taliban)

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The only disadvantage we have is that we've been declawed, however acquiring weapons in a dafty scenario won't be too difficult.

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couldn't really understand enough words of that. No matter, it's bound to be all the stuff he usually says anyway

It's in the OP as well lad, Nige said for them to stop giving in to the EU

those aren't white hands, those are gloves

shaking in my shoes
DOTD will be gold

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I'll never understand why women want to be policemen. I assume they think its like fancy dress everyday or perhaps the uniform makes up for their inferiority complex toward men. Either way the police should only hire men 6ft tall and in good physical condition.

tbh can you imagine any force trying to go up north against local insurgents

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They get to be bossy.


They get to sue their employer for asking them to do their job?

those tattoos actually look pretty neat

compare and contrast

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sure lad, whatever you say

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white people don't commit crime, only niggers and pakis do. fact

that cant be a real person

tbh at least your cops don't indiscriminately shoot people

shame smh

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Vietcong and the Taliban had a numerical advantage.

They also knew the land, they were able to blend in with the populace, etc

so would we

that one old wop looks like marc anthony


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norf raiders

u want sum?
u got noo faaaans


crime = violence + mud skin

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I often wonder about all the factions (or ordinary people) that might be hoarding arms and just waiting already. If your average gangster (even the white ones) are trafficking machine guns and grenades all the time, committed nationalists, commies, akbars, obviously IRA, etc. could have stashes of weapons and training groups already. And of course as you say, outside interference (from based Russia to Saudi, US, even Pakistan) would mean arms get smuggled in, and move from group to group whenever say a group of Zig Forums dafties kill some ackbars and take their US military equipment. I reckon once it gets going, the UK could have a pretty long and brutal civil war of it's own tbph.

*rips your stunted face off*

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Have hope, lad.

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*cums twice*

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