Brit/pol/ #2507: sPOOKy Hulloween Edition

Nigel: Italy's Salvini must not give in to EU gangsters

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables

Universal Credit rollout in north and west Glasgow

London's 'ghost towers': Centre Point joins growing list of empty luxury skyscrapers as developer gives up trying to sell apartments for up to £55m each after receiving too many 'detached from reality' low offers

'Why did he get preferential treatment?!': Outraged Bake Off viewers ask why Rahul was given extra time, how he could win after burning his pitta and losing technical challenge and claim he 'lied' about never eating a doughnut

Waitrose magazine editor quits after letter about ‘killing vegans’

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Steiner, are you planning on murder suicide?

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*blocks your path*

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He is going to murder his willy

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wrong lass lad, got you

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no I think I will buy a boat or something in the 2030s and go out to one of the remote islands in lake huron and starve to death


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S m h

I don't know whether I should fuck the ugly lass smh. Going for a drink in a couple days

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is she the yoga teacher lad?

No, just a random lass I met on a dating app. She probably wants my willy. we had a long snog last drink

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Why do you keep posting Captain Haddock, lad?

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Night lads.

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Anglican Unscripted 455 - Radical Inclusion of Shame


Man, I missed you lads.

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Fuck off yank, I meant the oldfag bong lads.

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its just you and me lid, they are all asleep

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Whatever happened to the days when brit/pol/ used to session?

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like back when lemo and yktd ran le graveyard shift? That was 4 chan

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Beaten by the adult diaper board

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It's halloween, lads are too busy eating their sweets.

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'Gridlock' fears as thousands expected at three-day Islamic event

Where were you last night user?

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Police has 900 anti-hate experts

Sadiq Khan

You guys ok? Just checking in to see if you need any help. It’s like asking a decrepit 100 year old Lady(British empire) if she needs assistance. (She does, obviously.)

You need a diaper
Change, ma’am? “Yeeeass love, I doo”

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Whilst between two and five per cent of hate crimes reported to the Met are online, community organisations suggest the number of offences may be much higher. Jewish organisation, Community Security Trust, cites 20 per cent, suggesting these incidents are significantly under-reported* and Tell MAMA, which measures Islamaphobic hate nationally, estimates that over 70 per cent of the reports it receives are about online hate. A key aim of the Online Hate Crime Hub is to build a stronger evidence base and better understanding of the scope, nature and scale of online hate, in order to tackle it.
>(((Jewish organisation)))


>the more and more you hear about the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher

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I love films like this.
They aren't even meant to make money. They are there to he the official cultural version if events. Reminds me of that fucking suffragettes movie or the zero dark thirty movie or every gulf war movie.
20 years from now when people want to learn about the migrant crisis they will want a film written by Lena Dunham movie.

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full paper attached

Have you watched July 22? It's (((their))) story about Breivhart.

I haven't but it sounds g r e a t

I really enjoyed it. Watch it on your date night.


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Good fuck em

The damage is already done

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university is a scam

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BBC is a right wing propaganda


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all this is going to do is stop 18/19 year olds being jewed by the establishment and being brainwashed

based neo-con vs neo-lib paradigm

For the most part, yes. I think there are still some professions where a university degree is helpful in finding work such as the sciences or areas of applied mathematics like economics, finance, etc.

The remnants of ideological subversion are certainly an issue in western universities. The issue was exacerbated when the Blair government focused on getting the majority of young people to go to university. Suddenly the value of a degree plummeted because everyone now has one. What's more, universities could offer more and more out there courses to young people who had no clue what they wanted to do with their future, but knew they needed to go to university and wanted to have a good time. As the demand for university increased, as did the prices for these useless courses and the entry requirements crept further and further down to try to attract more customers.

Now we have millions of radical left brainwashed young people, £27,000+ in debt with worthless degrees that won't help them find work to pay off said debts. It's no wonder the university machine is crashing.

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tbh, they are all probably left-wing because they dont want to pay off that debt

Really interesting stuff even if it's presented by soyim. Looking up domestication syndrome reminded me of my dead doggo and her floppy ears.

This about sums it up tbh.

MP denies he was groomed to beat Farage

I need to subscribe to Court News UK tbh….

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this photo explains british politics

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Didn't realise to kill a mockingbird had a race mixing agenda.

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Matched on tinder with a woman with a ps4 and a job in the city today, should I ask her if I can play Red Dead Redemption 2 whilst's she's at work?

jobcentre soon lads x

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dont lad

dont do what lad

go to the dole ofice
What do they mean by this lads

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Don't give in lad.

dont worry lads I just have to give them fit notes none of that job search shite

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gchq has made it a point to hire women gays and trannys
dont be surprised if they leak vital stuff on here

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This norf/souf FC need a taig/hun fc makeover tbh.

i'm gonna be sitting with and screencapping then lads.
Does that make me a hostile agent?

its such a depressing place

Marx ideas are what killed the unis, people aren't blind

That was thoroughly depressing to look at.


seems being a 'work coach' is the career of choice if you're a barren woman these days


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b-but everyone who voted leave has changed their minds right?!

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cant she just go to norn

thats if shes not just a menteler

these tbh

shes probably 12

i like when people these days are religious when it suits them

Working smfh

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wow, are armies full of bright lads in general then?