Brit/pol/ #2508: Question Time Edition

Nigel: Italy's Salvini must not give in to EU gangsters

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables

Universal Credit rollout in north and west Glasgow

London's 'ghost towers': Centre Point joins growing list of empty luxury skyscrapers as developer gives up trying to sell apartments for up to £55m each after receiving too many 'detached from reality' low offers

'Why did he get preferential treatment?!': Outraged Bake Off viewers ask why Rahul was given extra time, how he could win after burning his pitta and losing technical challenge and claim he 'lied' about never eating a doughnut

Waitrose magazine editor quits after letter about ‘killing vegans’

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Bacon and eggs on toast for pre-QT snack

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still not getting it lad tell us

good lad

Good lad!



pasta and eggs for me tbh


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what the fuck language is this nigger speaking?

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jesus fucking chirst this is enraging.

if he was white, they would be calling that posture a display of "toxic masculinity", while she is being submissive and feminine by comparison



Interviewer: "So what was it like to land such a big role out of near anonymity?"
Nog: "It waz like 'whuuut' dis is propa mad innit, man, janowhatimean like propa mad"
Interviewer: "Oh wow, that's really interesting"

Good lad

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Good lad, two biscuits for me not watching QT though

It's almost time

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god bless

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Fag: rolled
Cider: poured
Diazepam: Popped
Yup, It's Question Time time

Wtf is this?

He's too depressing these days.

Are you planning on shooting sniper wolf?

Found Ginnie

wog nutcracker

I'd proper shag Kate Andrews tbh lads

It's an anti-nazi free market zionism episode.



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I love her lads

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I would.

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there was a plug for the new nutcracker just before QT, and that noggin is in the role of the nutcracker, even though it's a trad european tale with no niggers at all

You won't by the end of the episode, lad. She's an insufferable goy.

I'd violate her NAP in every way imaginable

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she will only let you down and break your heart lad, quit it

London really is a nation of its own these days.


He looks like the noncey freud (the one who was exposed as such anyway - after his death).

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lmao fucking Tory

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anne looking rough

Good lad

Lies and slander tbh

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it's not me

thought it was a trannie from the picture


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fuck off ginnie

very muchly its scarely

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I just like mgs, lad. I'm not ginnie.

physiognomy is real

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Lads I can't be arsed with these cunts I'm gonna have a joint and go watch Jacob and his Technicoloured raincoat

good lucking figuring out the song x

I know your lies lass

baste Yank muh free market philo-semite tbh


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seriously, fuck off back to cuckchan

ate wimin

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What song? What are you talking about?

Luv pusys

I'd break the vocal fry granny's back door in

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god her voice is orrible

I can't hack this yank cunt's voice

>"these tax cuts only benefit the rich who get rich off them and we have homeless people that can't afford houses and stuff like that and child poverty and people committing suicide and disabled people and IT'S A DISGRACE!"


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whats the biggest knob you've ever had pet?

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>birdfu Andrews said burden

he will never get it


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I bet she has a very efficient and adaptable bagina that could benefit from either a strong or weak economy though

Fuck off Ginnie, us lads are watching QT

*clears throat*

La creatura

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Christ, this guy just blew my mind

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I very much doubt that she has been "impacted" by "austerity" tbh

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Phwoar, would put my willy in her(?)

Can't imagine I've missed anything.

I bet she'll end up marrying some rich middle class liberal twat just like herself, and they'll read the guardian together in bed

Norf QT

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ate poritics

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You're stoned, lad.

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'ate austerity
luv carlin'

why is his face too small for his head?

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grew up with a mega drive but missed a lot of classics smh

What did she say? Had it on mute. She looks angry (presumably about tory cu(n)ts)

Did you have vectorman?

Ginnie, post your baps