Brit/pol/ #2509: Bestest Friends Edition

Portugal prepares to sideline Barnier and negotiate own deal with Britain

Stabbing at Sony HQ in London, building evacuated

Armed police storm Sony music building in London amid reports of a 'man armed with a machete'

A Muslim convert has blamed his autism for plotting terror attacks on Oxford Street and Madame Tussaud’s

Attleborough Baptist Church in Norfolk was ordered to remove a poster (left) suggesting non-Christians would burn in Hell after Rob Gladwin complained about it

A scientist will feature on the new £50 note, with Bank of England asking public for suggestions

Manhunt is launched as boy, 15, dies after being 'repeatedly stabbed' on southeast London street as capital's year of carnage continues

I’m a feminist. So why does infertility make me feel like a failure?

Mother who blacked-up her three-year-old daughter for Halloween defends the 'creative' beach-seller costume

Next week's US midterm elections will tell us if Donald Trump is an unstoppable political force

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Good lad

wew lad, back to /r/gamergate you go

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Sargn of Akkad is a fat cuckold pseudo-intellectual

Is he really making over £100k from his youtube channel?

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Probably, but cam-whores make more. Either way, that doesn't change who and what he is. Can't imagine the type of people who pay him. Must be some fetish or something

I find it hard to listen to his voice alone. Same thing with that American guy who banged his east asian gf on a livestream.

Big if true

Apparently it's £40k/month, but I doubt it tbh

It's the smug, sardonic, self-righteousness of a wanker too big for his boots.

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We all do lad, but the way this wanker went overboard over less than ten clicks is retarded.

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How is this relevant to my post?

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All of the YouTuber 'Alt-right' bunch are garbage, but Millennial Woes is probably the best of the bunch. He's still garbage in many ways, but at least comes across as somewhat likeable to an ordinary person. He speaks clearly and explains himself well enough (in his videos), where as people like Sargn of Akkad are just fat gamers who have found a niche "owning libtards" to an audience of bully victims. See:

who are you quoting
He's been le ebin intellectual sophist since he fucking began, going after low-hanging fruit for easy (you)s and inflating his ego.

>"look at this dumb christian, so stupid amirite"
>"look at this dumb feminist, so stupid amirite"
>"look at this dumb sjw, so stupid amirite"
>"look at this dumb liberal, so stupid amirite"

The moment he's in an actual debate it all falls apart, which is why he's avoiding leaving his bubble now.

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hes a mongoloid and probably a spy lad

Thoughts on accelerationism?

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I didn't mean to quote it.
But yeah I agree, reminds me a lot of moderators on certain websites, ha.

Any words to go with the picture or?

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he btfo me epic style and it's beautiful

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C&C > Psychic TV tbh

housing market is starting to blow lads, get comfy

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Did you make that pepe?

Its ultimately a risky position because there is no guarantee as things get worse that we will win. The further into degeneracy our society drifts the less likely we are to even return to a time of decency so im not convinced it should be encouraged.

PTV is a bit too rockschool for me tbh

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no my harddrive with photoshop on it brapped out and now I have to wait until my uncle retires more cpus from his buisness and get another one so I can run photoshop on it and make autistic joe celt drawings

It's going to be fun to watch.

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Are all your boomer relations rich fags?

its more realistic than the types who think that these release valve neoliberal like dump and bolsonero are anything that is going to "save" anything.

Coming from the people developing homes that aren't supposed to be sold to the inhabitants of that nation.

Trump and Bolso are just a shift in the right direction, however it is not enough.

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kek tbh

Are you planning to start a cult?

I worked an event for one of these developments which ranged from £2.5m to £20m, they'd sold a bunch of them but only two of the flats were actually in use. It's just for foreign investors to dump their dosh into.
All the while the gov't is screeching "housing crisis" whilst only developing property for rich foreigners and poor foreigners, all the new build estates I know of have been filled with ragheads.

do it lad lel, and only allow native renters

The point is that it's going to get there anyway regardless. Conservatism is dead. What are you even conserving?

Brexit and Trump were and are release valves. The people who voted for either still believe they 'won', people on the so called far right still support Trump now. All momentum lost, there goes another 20 years


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It's in the OP lad.

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Right Wing Brythonic Nationalism.

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Shit I might have to move out to Wales.

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If we don't win then it's rigged.

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This board wouldn't survive without the incessant posting of blackpill articles tbf

or it wasn't rigged correctly.

Top 78 have been picked, being narrowed down to top 16.

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The stick to borders, you won't be welcomed in places like Merthyr tbh.

all the property and land for under £100,000 before the bubble bursts*

iirc we have the most in the world

I'm watching their live stream.

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these presenters are pretty spergy tbh

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but muh brexit will mean no cheese!!!

compared to me, yeah. one uncle works for lingenfelter corvette making custom corvettes. but one of my uncles is a homeless drywaller who lives in his suburban. idk some boomers are richfags, others are poorfags

direct stream url for mpv:

it's made in Belgium



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that should be self-explanatory tbh lad

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Belgium doesn't even make good cheese.

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my life has been a lie

pretty much non cheese from pretty much a non country

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Babybel is French and Cheesestring is Irish.

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Im inclined to conserve certain historically significant building, statues, and art works. I'd like to conserve our land. I will conserve Anglo-Saxon and Celtic genes at all cost.

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This is the best cheese dish, prove me wrong.

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*proves you wrong*

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I guess they didnt like his mix tape.

So that means it's a bloke who's had his cock cut off, but who still likes women, right? Difficult to keep up with these freaks.



Being conservative is standing still while the world bowls you over anyway. You may as well become an anarcho-primitivist

I don't know what that is. I never said I was a conservative. Im primarily a nationalist who believes in conserving some things.

smh morning lads

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muscular christianity


LIBERAL STUDENT Accuses BEN SHAPIRO Of RACISM, Exchange Gets Really Interesting

I hate both and made it 10 seconds in


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Tbh biggest redpill about israel/palestine is how fucking ugly the whole thing is

oy vey, this isn't going to go well

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u wot m8

Little Benjy is triggered


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I think he means this:

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