Brit/pol/ #2510: Fromagesawa Edition

National Union of Students on Verge of Bankruptcy

Britain to get 'far hotter and wetter' as climate change begins to bite

'Low-level' paedophiles could avoid jail terms under new guidance

Attacked with a machete outside a chicken shop

Stabbing at Sony HQ in London, building evacuate

A 15-year-old alleged asylum seeker student is being investigated by the Home Office over claims he may actually be a 30-year-old man

Trump press conference: President announces 'violence' from caravan will be met with radical military response

Troop deployment creates tense atmosphere on US border

Nigerian army posts Trump video to justify shooting Shiites

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Might go on birthright, should I lads?

sounds like a Zig Forums fanfiction

1st for ginnie

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She did have big Jewish milkers hidden under her top

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But proper droopy

I've got mates who went on and wear their IDF gear to trigger the libs not that we have any libs here

they do birthright holidays to Africa? :^)

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literally no one cares lad

nth for extreme violence unironically and in real life

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Got the lads talking about birthright though kek


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Going to watch AP now tbh

read some reviews and as always Zig Forums is adding some flavour, it's supposedly quite decent


I find it mildly amusing that he's still at it

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have heard he's a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) who tries to push lads into doxxing themselves

nick fuentes need to be executed for being an mexican entryist

Spencer spacks fuck off

Any of you lads reckon we'll see a nuclear attack over a populated city in our lifetime?

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he's correct but also a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

odds are yes, since as things destabilise people will get desperate

I hope so.

I hope so, it would be a rural lad's dream come true.

you can literally go fucking die spicboy I want to smash his ugly moon face in with a hammer

I've said this a thousand times. It is common practice for first offence child abuse images charges to result in no prison time. 90% of the time they get off with the registry (temporarily usually) and banning from computers.

Gotta make accommodations for sexual emergencies and cultural differences lad

Lightening their sentences as they know they are all about to be exposed.

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Those are the best because when you are fucking her from behind you can see her titties bounce

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Over 1,600 scientists condemn Trump transgender proposal

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give me the name of one person in the alt right who isn't shit and I'll tell you why he is

Spencer literally defended cp, got owned by a shit eating Antifa, resulted in hundreds of wn to lose their jobs while achieving nothing, gay lisp, is dating a satanist, alienates everyone he meets, moves from movement to movement intentionally making them toxic, says "opticscucks" unironically, his mum fucks black men- oh wait that's you.


I had a strange dream where Kiev got nuked without warning which triggered a domino effect around Europe. Strange

I genuinely can't think of anyone in the alt-right who I don't think of as shit

Nowicki is boring lad. Hate to break it to you.

Christ, that headline doesn't surprise me at all.

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smh hope not, that's our rightful clay


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All that cheese and dandelion and burdock ale has given you prophetic powers lad

A Birmingham taxi driver has been sacked after allegedly refusing to transport boxes of Remembrance poppies.

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Everyone is shit

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The name "alt right" was a total self own.

Why force a decentralised online movement that was malleable and successful into a shitty attempt at an irl sub culture. It was just pure cringe from then on.

at l-least he got sacked

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yuge if true

why else do you think it got buried under a rock
this goes all the way to the top

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tbh it was opportunists and spiés, I totally agree that decentralised movements are the best

So in brief: the relationship between chromosomes and sex is a mystery yet atmospheric and climate science is a solved problem.





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Really? Thought it was Budapest!

Need to lay off the funny stuff and games tbh

What a lady what a night

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These 1600 "scientists" are probably just sociology students and shit who call themselves scientists because they studied a social "science", I fucking hate them.

What games lad?

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Everyone here should read about people who used to be deep in the alt right irl circlejerk and left. Every single "leader" was a psychopath, degenerate or weirdo, usually all three. Everybody under them were zoomers who liked memmies and dysfunctional adults.

really starting to like him again

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CAM AGAIN David Cameron tells friends he is planning a return to frontline politics as next Foreign Secretary because he’s ‘bored s***less’

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him and colin's blog is clearly being brigaded by JIDF

wew why would we want Budapest, lovely as it is

tbh I think that's where I read some of my dicky info

hate the ""social"" sciences when they try to pull shit like this tbh

just imagine the Brew videos

how is your corporate powerplay against gab going spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)lad?

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night lads

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night lad

Anders Breivik
Thomas Mair
Robert Bowers


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dream a little dream of me

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How's the alt right going lad? Won any elections recently?


Anders is harder right than Alt-right tbh I'd say

Resident evil 7, Fallout 4 and Amnesia + alcohol

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I take it you are a student of the "STEM" field lad

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This kind of ideology is sadly common even amongst the proper sciences. It's part of the reason why I couldn't bare to be in academia.

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hold tight massive don't get fooled

smh lad I'm hard sciences and I'm as anti democratic, especially in it's current form as most here

maybe other factors were at play

Science has been cucked by relativism. If they say race isn't real, it was just a matter of time before they said the same of sex.

The Jewess is doing psychology or something (linguistics definitely) at uni too, smh Jews trying to destroy society. I almost mentioned her Jewishness as being a problem. I have issues with being too honest tbh, I like to lie by omission and swerving conversation elsewhere

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wow an undergrad with edgyfag opinions!
I bet you are the first person to think your thoughts lad

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Spoopy I've been putting some time into Fallout 4 recently n all smh what a bad game with a good weapon mod system

"science" is just a religious system that goes back to the ancient greeks as a rite of apollo

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Alright lad I surrender put the philosopher name drops away.

I'm very fortunate that many people where I am feel the same way also I didn't claim exclusivity, I was just saying that not all """scientists""" are like that, no need to have a go lad

Anyone here played Fallout New California? (the New Vegas mod)

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who are you quoting?

I gave it a go, what do you want to know?

it's soc-jus infested garbage from what I've heard

That isn't even close to the worst English I've used on this board lad

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but that is mainly /v/ so it may not actually be quite so bad

I remember playing it when it was Project Brazil, is it worth playing now?

sorry lad I thought you were the one bullying the alt-right for not winning elections

Lads, I can't stand you bullying. Everything I say about lasses on here is true

thats right boi, us liberal autists rule the memmiesphere

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