Brit/pol/ #2511: Press [S] Edition

Farage to Blair: Stay in retirement

David Cameron tells friends he is planning a return to frontline politics as next Foreign Secretary because he’s ‘bored shitless’

A Birmingham taxi driver has been sacked after allegedly refusing to transport boxes of Remembrance poppies

Britain gave more than £1billion to India as it was building the world's tallest statue

Leo Varadkar: Brexit 'undermined' the Good Friday Agreement

Young woman gang-raped by three men at West Yorkshire Beauty spot hospitalised

Will the far right clean up as Rome crumbles?

Over 1,600 scientists condemn Trump transgender proposal

Judge Kavanaugh's sexual assault accuser allegedly admits she lied, wanted attention

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lad just imagine the old firm games

good lad

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That's the fun though.

Good lad

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Scotland v Wales

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Here's the thread about that commie kike.

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They didn't see the conflict his co-ethnics brought about, I'd wager.

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all commies die in the end


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Is that the one from Fortnite?


Kavanaugh accuser referred to DOJ for false statements, Grassley’s office announces

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Actually I am an English-speaking people nationalist

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nigger just explain it

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jade helm was training for what is habbening rn lad!

literally what did he mean by this

What a spastic keeek

I love women

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it was a massive military training on the US border 3 years ago that was memi'd as a martial law training because muh obama. but now the republitards are okay with massive military operation on home soil because muh republican president please fuck my shit up government blue lives matter! there was a law passed in 1870 when the government used the army to suppress localist rebellions in the south with the white league and in the north with labor strikes called posse comitatus. it means no standing federal forces are allowed to be active in the states.

small man


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Ploughmans for lunch

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Better be extra mature cheddar

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why was she offered the burning end of a cigar? wtf?

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Puff pastry mince pies and McEwan's export for lunch tbh

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Had to have canned soup today, hope you enjoyed it lad.

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Creme eggs and Gold Top milk for my supper

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Got no bread so I am waiting for dins tbh

Leo Varadkar: Brexit 'undermined' the Good Friday Agreement

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Waitrose corn fed chicken kiev with organic purple sprouting broccoli and buttered spring potatoes for supper

and salted caramel brownies for dessert too!

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gotta earn that bread, lad

It's in the OP lad

isn't this guy a gay indian?

Sounds like something my grandma would serve me.


Maybe he typed the words, English people, and realised that sounded too racist, so he civicised it.


but what's wrong with ruling ourselves, surely that's the pinnacle of individualism right there

…why shouldn't we rule ourselves?

nice post lad

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I think that he's jesting when he says that it's an arrogant thing to want. It's such a strange and awkward way to put it, though. You have to be pretty bland to talk about things that are wanted by the speakers of the world's most widely-spoken language.

It definitely doesn't sound that way tbh


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finally got a fantasy map for my novel


fucking niggers



blimpf is sending soldiers to the mexican border to stop the caravan being killed by vigilantes tbh

wouldn't surprise me tbh

Is Bins still alive?

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I know working class lads who went to my school getting rejected from Oxford and Cambridge because their parents didn't attend uni. And yet there are wogs like that attending.

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Yeah, Gwent is Herefordshire apparently.

why even live

We need you

Gwent is a card game innit?

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The capital being in the meeting of Swansea and Swindon looks interesting. Like a Constantinople

larger versions

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It is now.

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I love how Scotland is still just Scotland

Leave gets quite a few interesting peninsulars in this scenario.

I do like how the map shows how little support the country has for the EU, really puts it into perspective and is perfect for rubbing in the twats faces.

Does anyone know if the bookies are taking bets on whether or not Sky News' petition will hit 100,000 signatures before it expires?

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They cucked themselves :^)

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I hope you've read my review of his book lad

Trying to work out if I would be underwater or not tbh, I think I might be a coastal settlement of the middlesex sea.

Is that kentlad?

no it's me, it's on kent's blog

tbh I think I've survived in this map, my borough was pro-Leave

You missed the best bit..

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I'll have a look

Mine was remain by 1% but since I'm on the border I might've survived, if not I will just go and live in the Forest of Dean like an Elf.

"This bullet was complained of as not having stopping power – that is, it
passed through the limbs or body without causing immediate collapse
unless some vital part or important bone was struck. In European warfare
this was of comparatively little consequence, as civilised man is much
more susceptible than savages. As a rule when a ‘white man’ is wounded
he has had enough, and is quite ready to drop out of the ranks and go to
the rear; but the savage, like the tiger, is not so impressionable, and will
go on fighting even when desperately wounded"

those were the days

London street outside Saudi Arabian embassy 'renamed Khashoggi Street'

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Half sunk then, water up to your knees

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New Joe