Brit/pol/ #2512: Return of NA Edition

Commission is set up to target eyesore homes that blight Britain, philosopher Roger Scruton will chair the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commision

School orders teenager to remove poppy because it’s ‘too big'

London street outside Saudi Arabian embassy 'renamed Khashoggi Street'

Terrifying moment van careers on to other side of road and repeatedly rams car as kids leap out of the back seat

White theatre director who scooped chunk of £400k arts funding meant for 'people of colour'

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god lad

ayo im black gimme de reparations


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noice lad

cheers lad

Why can't we tell them to fuck off and take their political begging bowl with them? I would!

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Yeah? But holup! Wot about da raycissms?

What is Zig Forums's opinion on dafty thots? Would you go dafty for them? Or would you make them LOCAL?

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Joe is completely correct as well tbh, he's a sage tbh

i'd make them thank me for firebombing Dresden, if you know what I mean ;^)

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Caution : Niggers at work

The dafty ones are as slaggy as the rest, if not more so. They are in it for attention.

smh mummy is using Grandad to boomer me from beyond

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GCHQT is superior to any tradthot tbh

we should send gifts to GCHQ on Valentines tbh

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yeah… a gift…

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Smh he went backward

All thots are daft

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poignant Hitchens, lads

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You can say that again

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Does this take into consideration decimalation?


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yeah it's all been adjusted to match
based automation, saving us money

day of the rope

Seen that many a time but always good rage fuel tbh

They all sound like tits tbh, like her legs mind.

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gross tbh

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Daily reminder: The mods here are compromised and will delete posts they don't like or disagree with. Pretty sure they're YouTubers who seem to think this is their own personal channel and so they abuse their privileges as a moderator.

You are posting in a full on echo chamber. Ironically, these are the same faggots whinging about 'censorship' in general, but it's perfectly fine when they do it, because they just want to be the ones in control of who is censored. (read: Bully victims abusing their small amount of power)
You are wasting your time posting here, because they can delete and hide any good posts, as they have done, and continue to do so.

Why would anyone post when a moderator can just delete your post and ban you (for no reason) and no one cares?

This place is an echo chamber worse than other popular echo chambers.


Steady on

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Worthy quads tbh

gee I wonder

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Popular Youtuber, Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of Akkad

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Popular Youtuber, Sargon of AkkadLondonderryspies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)Bongo Bongo Landspice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)


Just checking if it's a word filter

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nah it's some new faggot who thinks every board is gamergay

Do you lads ever think about when the board will hit critical mass with the word filters and every post will look like the ramblings of a madman?

The Jew cries out as she throws her milk over you

tbh it gets like that anyway

Lad we've been there for a while now

You best start believing in ghost stories..


ywn own your own home but at least you can have curries and kebabs

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Not wrong though am I?


The irony being that YOU probably are a gaming addict who wanks to cartoons.


there's no need to keep proving how new you are
just go back to /r/gamergate lad

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tbh even with too many wordfilters, leftoids still stand out as the worst posters

It's been fun watching this generation grow up. A few years ago this girl was probably complaining on tumblr about men with a group of other teen girls just like her. Now here we are and they're fully grown communists willing to die for their beliefs.

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I don't post on 8ch usually because why would anyone? It's a full on echo chamber. Mods delete your post if they don't like it.

You're a gaming addict and a cartoon watching gimp. I don't even know what gamergate was because I don't play video games like a child.

Go watch a cartoon or something anyway gimp, or get out of the house or something. Bet you haven't seen the sun for weeks

Also reddit spacing doesn't exist and you'll see it in the earliest archive. It's a memi to spot newcunts who think it's a thing, so inb4

smh this is a dull gimmick

Arguing on a Sunday, wew

hullo nigger

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he says while posting on Zig Forums
wew lad we all know that's a lie
going to a concert tonight lad tbh

well it is, just because you don't know what it means doesn't mean it doesn't exist

like I said earlier, you don't need to keep reminding us how new you are

"What if women went on a sex strike before the midterms?" says increasingly desperate news outlet

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You're a gaming addict, cartoon watching, cuckold gimp. Go blow some more libtards out with your epic arguments, you bully victim. What are you gonna say next? I'm projecting? Wow, how profound

90 IQ

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These are the type of people who post here:

LMAO need I say more

he should do a vocaroo, I read his posts like the nonce guy currently

Christ I bet you were the kinda of twat who sat by themselves in the IT room in secondary school

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why do people bother archiving anyway? i always see it as Zig Forums-tier paranoia tbh

Enjoy your echo chamber lads, remember to keep BTFO'ing those stoopid libtards hehe


Wow, very wise this one

enjoy your gamergate thread lad

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deffo an ur-William through posting style

Can there ever be reconciling between Deanos and Williams?

Explain this .mp4 in detail to me please, lad.

Has he gone?

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Yeah just when they are all being lead off to be shot in the Gary uprising.

Never. Mortimers and Keirans on the other hand….

not until there is a strong leader we can all rally behind

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Yes. A Deano/William war would be disasterous for the nation. Deanos, Williams, Monty's, all must work for the good of the nation.

fat ugly benders

An alliance of convenience perhaps, but not a reconcilliation.


there were only 120 flats

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