Brit/pol/ #2513: Poppy Edition

Army veteran targeted by thieves twice as he sold Remembrance Day poppies

Royal British Legion criticised for using prisoners earning £10 a week to make poppies

Andrew Castle Clashes With White Poppy Campaigner In Heated Remembrance Discussion

Woman claims she was told to remove her poppy at prison so as not to ‘offend others’

Newsreader reveals why she does not wear a poppy

KMR Cars sack driver for 'refusing to transport poppies' to Villa Park for Remembrance Day match

Ripon's First World War poppy display vandalised

Poppy remembrance garden vandalised in 'malicious' act

More than 1,700 ‘fake’ Remembrance Day poppies seized in Manchester

Schoolgirl banned from wearing knitted poppy because it’s ‘too big’

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inb4 the cunt who says poppy cucks comes back

Oh what a night

Good lad
We need to turn the moon into a massive poppy tbh.

Wasn't the white poppy bullshit started by a salty taig?

just want another 2011 riots. The police are already losing control, they're thousands of men short and there's more wogs and pakis with nothing to do. It would be a perfect storm.

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I thought you were the expert on taigs tbh lad

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I'm still in utter disbelief about the born again African getting the art grant lads. I thought memis only went so far.

Roast beef for dinner

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me too but I'm not sure what the political reaction to that would be.

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the best was one time I was dressed up as a gorilla for fun at uni when I was trying to be a normalfag and this black girl came up and said that gorillas don't have blue eyes to me. wogs can't cope


Hopefully the police lose control and it leads to ethnic communities coming together to defend against the rioters and asserting control over their areas in spite of the police. We saw that happen with Turkish and Sikh neighborhoods aswell as white working class areas like Enfield

The result would be amazing tbh, the entire nation would see the advantage of LOCAL vigilantism.

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I've received loads of compliments, fucking ethnics with their bug eyes smh

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yea but do you think Labour would back the rioters side? and things would become more conservative or both conservatives and labour would back the rioters?

The polices control over the streets is a paper tiger. The police can easily be beaten by communities that organise against them to the point where the areas become no go zones.

That's what happened before the troubles, britains future is the troubles only with Muslims vs Whites vs Blacks vs Sikhs….etc.

For the most part many ethnic groups won't get involved, ones like the sikhs and hindus will protect themselves but won't fight against the native populace.
Wogs will use any opportunity to chimp out but will be going after all groups.
Mozzies will do their best to durka durka and most likely go after native populace.
In a racial conflict, we still win.


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party politics will become irrelevant once the police are broken. Unless parties have their own paramilitary and are based off ethnic interests like Guyana where elections are just racial head counts.

It's stuff we already know tbh lad.

In all honesty I doubt it is a sure victory for whites.

In any civil war you do not have standing armies or even militias just appear out of nowhere. Armies are almost always organised through workplaces, places of worship and rarely political groups. Muslim communities are based around the mosque, they could muster hundreds of men on any street in England solely by the word of an imam. Antifa vs Dafties are child's play in comparison to Muslims ability to exert power and have men ready and willing to fight.

Whites are deracinated and atomised, you couldn't form a church Militia like the Syrian and Iraqi Christians relied on. There's simply not enough young white men left in churches. Our modern workplaces are designed to alienate workers and treat them like replaceable cogs. Whites would be 70% (60% of young people) of the population but the 5% of Muslims (10%+ of young people) would be united, organised and motivated. With institutional and communal support.

This is a great article breaking down the reality of political violence:

good post lad

so much of the post 2016 alt-right is just LARP. half of the cletus/deano white base would gladly sell any "nerds" to the pakis instead of showing any kind of solidarity.

Look at the 2001 Bradford and Oldham riots. The BNP and NF aswell as white locals were totally unprepared for the level of violence and the ferocity of the Muslim mob. The BNP and NF simply dropped out of the fight within the first day.

The warlordism future you've always wanted lad, just not with you as a warlord. Get in the truck piggy, Jamal needs new slaves.

What about Northern Ireland then?
Didn't the Loyalists have Self defence organisations parading in neighbourhoods? Would Northern Ireland be safe?

Good points lad, however you overestimate the mozzies numbers and effectiveness.
Ideally what we need right now is more unity and preparation, however that's precisely what the gov't cracks down on us doing, so you need to play smart in order to develop it.

Gang of seven men guilty of child sex abuse in Rotherham
One girl had sex with 100 different men before she was 16 years old

Do you disavow Bowers then lad?

Read up on the UVF and UDA and how unsuccessful they were. They could get men to defend their area against a march or riot but they were totally outmatched against Nationalists. Their attacks were motivated by revenge, they were constantly on the defensive and relied almost solely on killing civilians for being catholic to get the revenge they needed to justify their existence.

saw this in the compilation image about that tranny cult
spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) are promoting this dynamic as social engineering psyops tbh

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The absolute most important thing is organisation and community. Everyone here should go to church and be a part of clubs, shooting, football, charity. Whatever. Build your social capital and therefore your community or tribe.

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Most of the business paramilitaries get involved with these days is drug dealing and kneecapping each other based on petty grudges stretching back 40 years tbh, I'd be shocked if they were able to do that sort of thing again let alone effectively


literal Satanic demons.

One of the best episodes of Israel.

no the nigger here would get rekt by rednecks, its just that cletus civic warlordism is also just about as bad

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bowers is a fabricated character created by sayanim and their local police/mason brotherhood to advance a political agenda

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I would suck on a pistol if that was the future. republikeks are just programmed turbo goyim

Reminder if Christianity returns to Britain it will be catholic. More Catholics go to church than Protestants who are far older and have lower borthrates (while also being gay and having women priests).

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Four cheese pizza for dinner

In my white working class town in the heart of the north-west the young white men go to the same pubs and were all connected with one or two degrees of separation. I know everyone at my local from either school, the factories and warehouses in the area, or family. Lots of big families in the area. I cant go to the shop without seeing someone I know. And its not just pubs, workplaces/jobcentre and schools. We got to the same gyms. We follow the same footy team. In the summer everyone is drinking with people from neighbouring towns at the local cricket. A lot of lads buy drugs from the same people. Don't count out white working class just yet mate.

My town was hit in 2001 and while I was only 9 I remember some aspects well and we held our own. Admittedly it wasnt as big or bad as Bradford or Oldham but the BNP fared well out of it, willing numerous council seats in the aftermath.

Have you read siege lad? If so you should be fine.

If there was a civil war here, nationalists would be crushed tbh. It wouldn't even be the aliens that would be the main threat, but the millions of Brits who would rather die than be called racist.

Good lad


They just need a cause to fight and die for.

tbh I can't imagine a reversal of these forces on the societal level

I don't like doomposting but it really feels like we're approaching a point where the combination of moral decay and technology will lead to the End Times

I'm joining the archery club.

that book is garbage

you are correct lad, normalfags will go into the machine. heck look at us right now. its important to have religion though


good lad
meant to save this but I forgot

thanks lad, those posts above you almost obstructed my view of the livestream.

thank lad

Where's that? What's your demographics like?

The point of my post isn't to say we're hopeless only to do away with the toy soldier view of ethnic conflict that people have been deluded into believing since the Turner Diaries.

Lad… I'm going to drop you into a hail of bullets from a helicopter on the day of the LARP.

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fun fact the last time veterans and armed men stormed DC the army shot and bayonetted them, but that won't happen this time because the "army is on our side" muh blue line.

tbh I am going to disappear into the swamps with my suppressed 22 and my gen 1 night vision and become shrek IRL on the habbening.

i just like having infowars about even if they are talking absolute nonsense tbh

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yeah its comfy background tbh. alegs makes me happy in this world of lefty shitbags and antiwhite faggots

Watching They live tbh

Used to watch infowars every morning when I woke up in my NEET days, I miss doing that

East Lancashire. Dunno if I want to say the exact town but its not far from Blackburn where I expect any ethnic/religious revolt will take take place. The demographics in the pic were from the 2011 census.

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It's possible. I remember speaking to a SSPX French guy and the organisations and institutions the Traditionalist Catholics in France have is astonishing. There's only 500,000 people who attend Latin Mass in France and yet they could get 200,000 on the streets of Paris to protest gay marriage including a lot of young men who defended the marches from the police.

TradCaths in France would fare better in an ethnic conflict better than anyone. An atheist society will lose to a religious one every time.

I should point out thats the town I live now, not far from my hometown where the rioting in 2001 took place. This was the 2011 demographics.

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Sounds nice. Hope you pass it on to your children.

Fuck me, we could learn from the frogs tbh.

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The French nationalist scene is a lot better and healthier than the UKs. I visit France a lot and know some French nats. They have a massive diversity of tactics, aesthetics and ideologies and even the nuttier and fringey groups like monarchist Action Francaise and neo fascist CasaPound-copy Bastion Social are better than anything we have in the UK. We have a lot to learn from them.

That's a parody article, isn't it?

I didnt know the BBC could go any lower. I'm not surprised but i'm still disappointed. Fucking disgrace.

Let's be honest, every other country in Europe has a better nationalist scene than we do. Why is that exactly? Hard to say, there are many reasons including infiltration from spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and infighting, but I imagine other European nationalist parties have those problems too.

it seems like in terms of nationalist groups it goes:


tbh operation gladio protected and supported alot of continental right wingers and funded their organizations for long period. particularly in france where OAS used CIA connections and money to kill alot of leftists. CIA gladio could not operate in UK because you lads have your own spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) who are probably even in charge of CIAniggers

What about stralia lad?

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Cringe af

From what I've seen Aussie patriot groups are like chatty wine moms constantly creating rumours and backstabbing each other on Facebook for the world to see.

Reclaim Australia, UPF, Soldiers of Odin, True Blue Crew..etc. All get into matches and then Antifa punch ups then disintegrate into infighting.

they have the same problems as US tbh, isn't the lads in melborne pretty woke though? they have a serious kike problem in AUS, its almost as bad as in the USA

leaf nationalists are just the most cringy though

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Unsurprisingly Québécois nationalists are the most organised and numerous. Atalante, Le Meute and Storm Alliance for example outdo the 30 or so Canadian Proudboys and the JDL. Which is all Anglo Canada has.

frog-leaves will be exterminated along with their chug allies when the leaves arise

god I hate frog leaves, they are all super anti american faggots. too bad trudeau is SOMALI'D their province

America is the devil lad

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What are your thoughts on Thomas Becket?

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That nigga head look like a condom

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