Brit/pol/ #2514: Grenfell Tower 2.0 Edition

Army veteran targeted by thieves twice as he sold Remembrance Day poppies

Royal British Legion criticised for using prisoners earning £10 a week to make poppies

Andrew Castle Clashes With White Poppy Campaigner In Heated Remembrance Discussion

Woman claims she was told to remove her poppy at prison so as not to ‘offend others’

Newsreader reveals why she does not wear a poppy

KMR Cars sack driver for 'refusing to transport poppies' to Villa Park for Remembrance Day match

Ripon's First World War poppy display vandalised

Poppy remembrance garden vandalised in 'malicious' act

More than 1,700 ‘fake’ Remembrance Day poppies seized in Manchester

Schoolgirl banned from wearing knitted poppy because it’s ‘too big’

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*bump* because none of the new threads are showing up in non-mod mode again

Chuck Berry and lager for tonight lads

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First for an open borders Brexit

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took you long enough

Wahey the ninja's burning


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i heard he did some kind of shitty "debate" on (((Channel 4))) earlier, did you catch it?

Lad that's a screenshot from it smh brainlets

What happened? I tried to make a new thread but it didn't work.

I didn't see it, so how would I know? I did wonder if it was from that though tbh

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Good lad. I'm on my fourth can.


Zig Forums is fucking up again. New threads won't show in the catalogue except if you're logged in as a mod, and someone has to post in it for it to show up for everyone else. had to delete you other lads threads soz

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What are you drinking lad?
2nd can here lad, only one more to go but might run to the shop tbh

It was stuck on 100% for ages lad smh

This tbh

Let me fix it for you lad

Good lad btw

Brits out, wogs in.
It's the same in some of Ireland as it is in Scotland, the chip on the shoulder towards us makes even their supposed 'nationalists' at the least acquiesce to this, and at worst welcome it. It's always so bizarre to see, especially during the indyref. It's like they want to destroy themselves to spite us somehow, all so they can turn around and say "this is your fault!" maybe? There's some strange psychology at play.

A more nomad type lifestyle is pretty appealing sometimes ngl. I just wouldn't want to be a bother to other people or spoil any nature, I'd be going around picking up litter rather than dropping it.

kek, wouldn't be a hard task tbh.

>Bongo Bongo Land has already done all the damage it could have
That's probably true

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Kronenbourg. I got another four pack after this, not had a booze for awhile tbh.


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Half decent drink tbf lad. Drinking some Polish stuff tbh

Helmer has acquire the ability to delete people

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Tyskie or Zúbr lad?

I heard that you're filtered

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Et tu, Helmer?

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Can of Perla at the moment, already had a can of Zubr. Got another can of Zubr tbh

Old Crafty Hen and rollies for supper.

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Tell me your reservations towards joining again lad (other than not wanting to be bullied for being a subpar player)

stay away from the bongomen Helmer they will only infect you with their sickness

You deleted my big onions smh

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bardzo dobrze lad

also a good lad

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Northern culture at it's finest.

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Actually lad, I think you'll find that is a shallot

be thankful it isn't a full moon lad


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I've only swapped saliva with one polish lass, I hope to do it again with another polish lass tbh

Well done.

lad no I don't want too many more funny halfbreeds like me in the world

did anyone webm the cardboard grenfell tower being burned on the bonfire?

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lad no I reported myself
I'm a good boy

well done

Keeeek, you fucking moonfaced bellend

hiver mind

strong words from the racemixer also I really dpn't know where the moonface mene came from, mine is rectangular



polski schlep

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stop drinking it's bad for you

i didn't read your post but i said the same thing to the same poster. if that doesn't prove psychic phenomenon is real i don't know what does

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I did it for the good of the senate board lad.

Twice, smh.

bongoland is a homosexual deviant psyop spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

You're damn right lad.

tbh I do enjoy the occasional one or two, the Bavarian one co-op do isn't too bad

Same lad.

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I usually drink spirits but I enjoy a lager from time to time.

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*picks out all the love hearts and fried eggs from a haribo pack
*give the rest to you

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i'm not alcoholic and i don't eat swets

you're a burger lad, doesn't count

Nothing wrong with that.

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I mean we've got SA, fair enough, but all those things can be applied to the board as well tbh. I'm talking about the mod server btw, not the other one.

do they still make those beer sweets?

Juicy drop pops and Bucky will save the white race

No, Zig Forums is full of people who eat sweets for dinner but don't drink and alcoholics who don't eat sweets.

embarrassing for you tbh

smh I'm not going to be a hypocrite about the drinking but sweets are bad for you lads

did anyone actually do anything this year for bonfire night? I have fond memories of being a kid and blowing shit up with fireworks and going to my grans and making a huge fire in her tiny garden with the whole family.
tears in the rain..

is piers morgan based or not?

Yes, you can 3kg bags for "20 if you're that desperate for them.

Might take up full time smoking tbh

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I haven't since I was a kid tbh. I did used to enjoy collecting wood for the bonfire though.


did you enjoy the fireworks tonight lads?

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What was wrong with the first episode?


someone says the word nigger and the audience laughs

probably, i don't actually know tbh


Got another can tbh
A can of Perla, same strength as Zubr tbh

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I had a strange episode of paranoia yesterday. I felt an impending sense of doom, I thought I had to stop something but I forgot what it was and knew I couldn't do it if I knew. I tried to have a shower to calm me down and it didn't work so I ran a bath. Neither worked I kept getting out the bath into the shower then into the bath again. I ran downstairs hoping someone was there to help me. Eventually it subsided while I was lying on my couch soaking wet.

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why is it i'm still fat even though i eat a diet 100% better than most of Zig Forums ?

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we'll send an agent right out. don't worry lad.

Low carb cheesecake

Haven't bought a bottle in a long while tbh

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genetics, and stop with the "low carb" cheesecakes

on your marks….

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lifting and meditation tbqh

I had weird time dilation yesterday and felt the same horrible dread lad. I think something horrible happened and we had to switch timelines

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You coming down from coke lad?

Smh lad no bully, the Pole lass had a moonface tbh

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