Brit/pol/ #2515: Elvis Edition

Army veteran targeted by thieves twice as he sold Remembrance Day poppies

Royal British Legion criticised for using prisoners earning £10 a week to make poppies

Andrew Castle Clashes With White Poppy Campaigner In Heated Remembrance Discussion

Woman claims she was told to remove her poppy at prison so as not to ‘offend others’

Newsreader reveals why she does not wear a poppy

KMR Cars sack driver for 'refusing to transport poppies' to Villa Park for Remembrance Day match

Ripon's First World War poppy display vandalised

Poppy remembrance garden vandalised in 'malicious' act

More than 1,700 ‘fake’ Remembrance Day poppies seized in Manchester

Schoolgirl banned from wearing knitted poppy because it’s ‘too big’

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There was too much jam in the jam donut I had earlier today lads.

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Evening lads

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Me falling to my death tbh.

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Good lad. Yum Yums for supper.

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whens the next general election?

Tonight I am NOT having cheesecake

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Not Papa John's with Jerry Jones

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what film is this from?

Dunno 20 summit innit.

Real food for real heroes lad.

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Not a clue sorry

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Well, we have to wait for brexit to be implemented in a way that makes no changes, May to be ousted and then Sahid Javed to be made PM and declare a clean slate so "the country can move forward", so about four years?

Is it basketball diaries?

was that a young Mark "Napalm" Wahlberg I saw there?

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oosh, nice rare pepe, saved

Too much effort went into that

i don't understand this at all. Mus be some Bongo Bongo Land thing

Looks more like Leonardo Di Caprio

Has Blumpf been made King of Turtle Island yet?


lurk moar

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isn't that how the colombine shooters dressed?


Yeah lad it's Mahkee Maaahk as a lad called Marty or Mickey I think. Shite film tbh.

Trenchcoat Mafia tbh

Mark Wahlberg?

Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in 'Nam. Back then we called him 'Gook Gutting' Wahlberg because he never came out of a tunnel without a scalp, an ear, or covered with blood.

Most would call him insane, but that is why the green berets trained him. They saw potential. It wasn't until they learned his methods that they truly realized what a monster they created. You see, most guys that go tunnel clearing take guns. Not Mark. No, he took knives, clubs, hatchets, sometimes nothing but his bare hands. After a few missions I got a chance to talk to him in the mess. He was wearing his blood stained hat, sunglasses, and combat fatigues, smoking a cigarette and drinking johnny walker black. It was contraband, but you NEVER told Marky Mark what he could and couldn't do.

I asked him why he never took guns with him. He lowered is head and took a long slow draw from his hand rolled cig, pulled off his sun glasses and looked me right in the eyes, piercing my soul.

"I do it out of respect. Respect for the white race. These slant eye'd VIETNAM FUCKING SHITS don't deserve the mercy of an American made bullet, but the slow torturous death of the hands of an American man!"

In a flash he pulled out his weathered, but razor sharp knife and stopped just short of sticking my gut. "The look in their eyes when I slip this baby into their swollen, rice filled bellies is reason enough. To see the last lights flick off in their heads as they see a real killer work."

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Holy shit that's amazing

surprised it didn't get blamed on that film tbh. AAR they tried to blame The Matrix

The trench coat aesthetic is just really good for hiding large amounts of small calibre weapons.

The best explanation I've ever heard, and the only one i think rings true, was one I saw John Taylor Gatto give; essentially government schools are horrible dehumanising institutions that promote abhorrent behaviour akin to prison-life. And that they were Jewish.

Has mark walberg caught aids recently he looks really disheveled and skinny now for about a year?

I always thought they were German.

The Columbine shooters were jewish? I'm doubtful tbh.

There's some asshole on our wholesome board threatening to harm us unless he's unbanned from here
sort it out

Thank you(Nah)

Dylan was I think

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Isn't that the Jock that's got grids?

sorry i though you were referring to state education as jewish.

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When's the midterm results out?


8am tomorrow


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I think she's started releasing videos again tbh.

weeeeew that wall's never getting built

anything that brings america closer to civil war is good tbh



You don't burn the doughnut do you lad?

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Yeah go check.


this, trump was just a release valve faggot

illegal gambling scammers fighting with a screw driver and kitchen knife on Westminster bridge y'day

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I'm watching it but its just vitamin ads

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Sad to see PUBG fail like it did but they only have themselves to thank smh

this never happens when I play my 2008 version of football manager just sayin

Grenfall - the gift that keeps on giving

take your vitamins and say your prayers brother

lad they made half a billion dollars from reskinning Arma 3

Not in ages tbh. Last vid was 6 months ago.

tbh, I am more concerned that this trend of putting shit cultural figures in muh video games will actually effect the kinds of games I like.


oh, thought they died with how good fortnite is doing

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Lad, gonna let you in on a little secret. He is Alex.


Shhh shhhh don't talking about it lad.

It still amazes me how many people both on here and irl still buy into him despite this tbh.

Netflix is like the video bargain bucket at a video store.

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Are you sure, he seems a bit to coherent?


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the alt-right will never recover

I feel really dehumanised right now lads.

the boards were flooded with dumbfag normalfag hicks who turned everything into breitbart, also bet some of them are bots

tbh that SCAR is a .22lr clone

you've just reminded me that that publication exists tbh.

fuck republikikes tbh

I'm 70% sure he's Alex. Have to do more investigation though to prove my theory.

I had a very similar experience on exercise with the army once; on exercise and getting no sleep for days, absolutely miserable mid Feb weather, snow thawing so ground muddy as fuck. Then on some open moorland the clouds broke and a rainbow appeared, the magical thing was that it was so close to me, about 40m away and I felt I cd just walk up to it and touch it. really perked me up tbh.

Doesn't ginnie write for them?

he was a good lad tbh

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he was a laurel canyon spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

No I meant Alex is to coherent to be steiner.

Lad only based National Neocohennservatism can protect America from the Ayatollah's diabolical plan

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Lad it still has 450 million users