Brit/pol/ #2516: Yankism Edition

These were the scenes at a Trump rally last night after a woman in the crowd fainted – his enraptured supporters broke into a spontaneous rendition of Amazing Grace as Trump himself nodded along in approval.

The BBC have obtained a copy of what appears to be the Government’s grid for selling the Brexit deal to a sceptical public and Parliament.

Burning a cardboard box is worse than terrorism - someone, probably.

Royal Mint rejected Roald Dahl coin over antisemitic views

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First for the REAL Uncle Ted

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Gotta post just in case it got stuck or whatever was happening

Good lad!

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Good lad

Good lad

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Hey Stud

Go to fucking Zig Forums if you want to talk about this yank garbage. This is an absolute disgrace. I legitimately hope you get cancer and die.

Virginia lost to Democrats

brexit canceled

Reminder that White people no matter their ethnicity, are being targeted world wide for racial GENOCIDE.

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who me?

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Brit and NA politics are now basically the same. Either we fight back against the genocide or perish.


LOL j/k

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Good taste lad

Is 88c8cd that Canadian bot that used to spam links to that shite website and get arseblasted if you said anything bad about homosexuality?


I think it's filtered

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Thought so, I remember seeing him (it?) going on a tirade on Zig Forums ages ago about how bisexuality is good because of Alexander the Great or some shit


Oh fuck off


im sorry lad i was just quoting the video I'm sure you're very handsome

picture of a goblina trying to work a voting machine when

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Yeah it used to spam the anime BUF images

How do we memi Fred Dibnah onto currency?

hey, I didn't have any cheesecake today

oh yeah, i knew that, haha

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Is that the new Louis cuck Nick?

bins has ruined those fat wojaks

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it is yeah

Wait, cheesecake lad is bins?

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dems have taken virginia and florida

Yes and he's not even a fatboi. He's mocking fatbois smh fuck 'im.

He probably is fat tbf, he is mentally unstable after all

No, fatbois are generally humble and nice. You can tell he's a thinboi by his narcissism and lies.

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Not called for Florida yet, Virginia Dems lost seat to Republicans but kept their senate.

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That Virginia lass seems like a mental thot diseased by the Jewish mind control

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Are you lads watching JF's stream or a different one?
Mark Collett's on rn.

Styx tbh

I was watching BBC tbh

Sky but they haven't had any interesting people on yet

For the salt tbh

Alex Jones is getting upset, I'm worried this is going badly

Looks like even the MSM are raising the odds that the repubs will keep the house so I think its going well

ah okay. I'm finding it hard to figure out what's going on, but I heard Alex's voice getting tense and it made me feel bad

It's likely going to be a Blue Splash and not a Blue Wave.

poured a glass of gold top milk lads

Yank politics is retarded tbh


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Good lad

do you think our politics isn't retarded?

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Cheers lad

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something to watch isn't it

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Was referring to their systems tbh, seems a bit retarded compared to ours

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just filter him lad

Their system is literally based on ours, lad

Think its time to get in bed, night lads

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night lad, hopefully tomorrow will bring good news


woke insight: the most significant result of tonight is Florida voting to allow felons to vote. this means that Florida will vote against Trump in 2020, which means that Pennsylvania will decide the 2020 election, which means that Trump will probably lose in 2020

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Stieners mummy waifu won.

Steiner's state got taken over by dudeweedlmaos

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just got back lads did ted rekt taig mutt spic?

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apparently so. a few outlets have called it for him.

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Ted Cruz and DeSantis won, dems narrowly win house, your state became a dudeweedlmao safe space, and Florida will let felons vote which means Trump will lose 2020

can't wait to watch alegs take a shite on bebo o'rekt tomorrow

I just need to know the final result and what it means tbh

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blue house + red senate = no laws get passed (unless it's something like giving trillions of dollars to Israel)

felon voting in Florida = Trump loses in 2020

dems underperformed = libshits will be salty

that's it

only heard that from you so far.

its hyperbolic memmieshit

JF Stream

David Duke live right this minute

reminder to filter spic because he is like herts but more shite and autistic

reminder to filter spic because he is like herts but more shite and autistic

minnesota got somali'd

also this deadlock is going to fuck the stock market even more which is delicious

yeah, feels that way, has the smell of blackpilled doom porn about it

how am I like Herts?

florida is not even an important state since the year 2000 tbh

bs. Fagifornia, Jew York, Texas, and Florida are the most important states

I also suspect that a lot of felons don't vote, because they don't give a shit about society

yeah its boomer memmies like dead people voting, it happens but it is less effective than it appears

Is it going ok for Trump then? Just got on.


I think some seats in California will flip. Would be funni.

they haven't assassinated trumo yet because electric pence and the messianic jews would usher in teotwawki prematurely, so they're bigging up cruz for VP come 2020. the problem with cruz is that he's a loose cannon but is a step up for reptilian interests as long as ted can have his fill of killing strange whores on the side.
- Q

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oh fuck

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Duke rambles way too often.

what is the prognosis for shartistan?