Brit/pol/ #2517: Padley Gorge Edition

Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary

A house linked to an "offensive" video showing a model of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire has been searched by police

'Meat tax' which would almost double price of sausages should be brought in to save lives, say health experts

Matt Hancock: GPs should prescribe concerts and mixtapes

Five men have been jailed today in connection with the fatal stabbing of 21-year-old Beniamin Pieknyi

Knife crime: stagger school leaving times, say London doctors

Pope Francis: Jewish Holocaust ‘Must Be Commemorated’

Red Dead 2 suffragette clips deleted by YouTube

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first for it's either us or them

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i bucked yer ma


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Yeah, having that on there could've got his twitch account shoahd


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I love her lads

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Telegraph - trying out the British Army's new rifle

Iktf lad

smh guitar playing
At least it's not a stinging willy

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Honestly I'm tempted to move to America so I can kidnap her and lock her in a cellar until she falls in love with me. I'm so tired of being alone and I can see in her eyes that she has such a pure heart.

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22 your boomer memi has experienced a renaissance of sorts tbh, good lad.

It's a bloke, lad

Take that back!


Get some eyes you degenerate incels.


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This is your last chance to apologise

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I'll never forgive Danny John Jules for this

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QLarpers are the stupidest people on the right.

Fucking bellend, he built his page off of us but left his Zig Forums roots behind

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Trust in Q, patriots! WWG1WGA

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Just fucking awful, at least I have the excuse of being surrounded by foreigners in a totalitarian state.

we should do pic related to naughty schoolkids in the uk

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Don't they already all play fortnite?

Butt rape

>tfw the kids start infinidabbing on each others corpses

Maybe they should be sent in unarmed and we should hunt them.

*is reminded of that weird film*
filth i think its called

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*is reminded of that weird film*
filth i think its called

t. kiriyama

That's unfair anyone that dabs is basically not human.

woah its a fire mage

It's not even dark.

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with young ray winstone

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Muzik tbh

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Kek wtf
Blatant kikery hating white people

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I have a big fucking headache fucking shite cunt

Lad, brap posters won the day though lad, they got Lena Dunham to brap post

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Where do you think I'd see lena dunham lad?

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Dogs are good lads tbh

You act like we actually huff farts when all we do is post retarded brap sniff pictures as a laugh, no one finds arse gas appealing

My heaaaad

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Wish I had a dog

We're on a gradient towards literal shitposting and it stops here.


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Aspirin for supper


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You brew jenkem from human waste you collect from public toilets. This is what one brapposter told me he did.

*sniff* *sniff*

Might break out the codeine

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Might take 2 codeine, pound a redbull and then die in my sleep

finally bought some tea bags

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It's handled lad.

Good lads

Do bath salts in Minecraft lad

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drank 3 cans of emerge meself they are just so cheap. hope i can sleep. Dont die lad thers so much to live for.

Sometimes do it as a joke lol smhh

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Just like laffin at blapipo menes

Lonely and unfufilled tonight

They that thing that makes the water go bubbly?

You're never alone lad we're here

Was the dress also a joke?

Well be in dreamland soon perhaps youll have an interesting one


Was that green haired guy not her man?

What was the punchline?

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It's not that bad right?

I believe so
Poor user kun is a ntr freak


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Give Babestation a call lad


this is a terrible nightshift where is everyone?

What are you going to do while America collapses lad? I'm genuinely afraid of the next 5 years

That's okay I didn't want to have any free time today anyway

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Deggerman was vanquished?

>>>Zig Forums12388873
schizo sighting

Antisemitism is foolish. Most Europeans hate Britain. Anglos and Jews are natural allies.

no the lad's musket jammed at the critical moment and degger was able to abscond. What wares are you punting today lad? more pipe?

All kinds of stuff loading now

Using one of the big truccboi ramps today because of the delay. So steep smh6

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be safe out there lad


Thanks lad starting to drive now