Brit/pol/ #2518: Healthy Dinners Edition

Steam Engine Overturned by Enormous Banana in Road

"Reports of My Resignation Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" - David Davis

Studies show less than 13% of Zig Forums posters ever read the OP, much less respond

Jamaican Man known by friends as "Mercia" Found with Crucifix Lodged in Rectum following Loud Argument with Irish Christian over Cannabis Smoking


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Good lad



orange diesel and sour skittles for dinner.

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Still having McEwan's Export and Whyte McKay's for tea.

Cheesy kino tbh and Kim Cattrall is in it, phwoar

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unironically Kurt Russell's finest film

egg, chips, beans and sausage for tea. Washed down with a mug of N.A.T.O. tea. Classic.

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Every Kurt Russel movie with Carpenter is kino.

not quite lad

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kek tbh lad

Charles at 70 is feeling very much like propaganda thus far.

fix muh formatting pls, accidentally used speech marks to close that line smh

I made a better thread in Welsh tbh, lad.

Sorted lad

Jah bless

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Carpenter is a kino machine

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based Hank Hill tbh

London: War Hero, 98, Fighting for Life After Being Robbed and Beaten in Own Home

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I've never liked saying/hearing "phwoar". It sounds like indicating a bad smell. Swear I never heard of read it years ago then suddenly everyone used it snd it seemed so weird. Mandigo effect tbh.

The most popular politicians & political figures in the UK
it's ogre

Smdh lads

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Yeah, so my choice is chuck in the bin or keep it in the drawer for the next few years. Forcing certain products off the market might be a good move in some respects but if a government does that then they ought to account for the life cycle of the replacements.

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Smh lad


Is he even a politician anymore?

curiosity got to me

According to Wikipedia the Ron Paul supporting Pastor Steven Anderson is alt-right,

lol he's pro-miscegenation as well

Everything going according to plan then.

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just burn it in a fire lad

this tbh

He's Ashkenazi too.

I can remember woes and a bunch of others saying anyone on the right was alt right if they were on the fringes, ancap, paleo, nrx, lolberg, fash. Then they started saying no it's more specific and that Jared Taylor coined it and it'd always meant his version. Fucking swear down lads, another mandigo effect. Smh.

So is weev tbf


speaking of Ashkenazis…

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lel that's what prompted me to check

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No just you.


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negroes out

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going for QT snacks you lads want any'hin?

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still laugh how Welby thought he was Jewish but it turns out an Anglo chad cucked his dad

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It was the slavic-taig bit that gave you away tbh

Gooooood feels

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Cashews tbh


Good lad

Cough medicine and pepto bismol for supper

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Chinese mixed vegetables and a joint.

Lol Peterson's on tonight?

Get me a gf lad

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Did you watch documentary about Charles on BBC One?


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Verdict on the California shooting?

Favorite paid(torrented) smart phone apps lasses?

Wew the executive producer of Question Time is a raging communist who knew

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I did, was hoping it would be like a biographical thing but alas

Its a tragedy

the guy who was in the american nazi party got 26% of the vote in Illinois


I thought of this webm when he described how he will act as the king.

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Targeted whites.

100% staged

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Yank shit

we can only hope

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Going to stay up and watch Peterson go BEAST MODE on Diane Abbot


better dissolve parliament day one

white male meltdown

Who's gonna wreck the libtards more? Based audience guy or Peterstein?

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This is what he means, but he's playing the long game. It took him 30 years to marry Camilla.

Based, ready to be a neo Cavalier.

oh g-d

I think Peterson's gonna spend most of the episode on the back foot tbh. I'm predicting he's going to spend a lot of time virtue signalling - and that he'll bring up the shooting of jews as being the worst thing since sliced bread. I also think he'll make appeals to aaronovitch.


might start using CLEAR OFF alot more tbh

They're definitely gonna bring up the Allied firebombing of Grenfell with Abbo on

based BBC Kosher Nationalism


I knew the "Intellectual Dark Web" were touring Britain but this is too much

Build up music for QT