Brit/pol/ #2519: Kino Time Edition

Best episode tbh

Dominic Raab under fire over Dover-Calais comments

France and UK must strengthen links 'to hedge against Trump'

Brussels blames BAD WEATHER and Brexit for GLOOMY UK financial forecast

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Damn, that thread went fast

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Good lad

Good Lad

oh fuck off jordan

Lewd Dab

When do we begin the extermination of knife criminals?

Lads, I have no idea how you lads think I have tinder gold. I'm guessing you've never used tinder then. It was just tinder doing Jewish tricks, giving me a notification to get me to use tinder again, there were no likes


Good lad.

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Now I want to see a lewd dab, smh

Time to post Japanese House music.

thanks lad

nothing like being given false hope on a dating app

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Good lad

He starts off a bit camp

feels bad man

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the soy was wearing off


Dude miserable single life is great lmao
*soyls myself over Marvel*

Who is unironically an incel here?

Now that's confirmed. I can announce to the lads that a gps proxy and an old version of tinder is all you need rather than tinder gold.

Nice one lad.

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>punishment works even in glasgow

is there some special reason to think that things don't work in glasgow?

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The memi is DOA

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I don't think the exterminator was there with the woman he is sat next to
I think he is there by himself lol

Yea but by April, I'll have lost my virginity for sure.

They mentioned Glasgow just before

His message is spreading, I see

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the weegies certainly don't

ok, let's see a pic of April then, if that's his REAL name.


Any of you know how long accident claims take to come through? Some guy decided to pull a U turn from the lane on my left to go to the road on my right basically stopped right in front of me as I was passing him. Have injuries and bashed up bike.

Wahey virgin

We truly live in a nightmare, people defend murderers

Contact your insurer to proceed with claim.

Grenfell-Grenfell cardboard box
UKIP Brexit and Jo Cox.

Lad criminals are considered the victims now

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call Injury Lawyers 4U lad. they'll sort it.

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stolen from twitter

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I'll post a stream like stones does.

Virgin's better than incel.

done that, just wandering how long these things tend to take. Its a load of bs but signed off by Dr til 19th maybe longer.

Are you paying too much for your car insurance?

Why was he so drunk by himself at a protest still a legend tho

I think he might've just been walking by tbh.

This breed should be exterminated

Thanks lads

In my case it took almost a year to solve the issue.

did driver admit liability? ur description sounds a bit vague tbh. why didn't you just brake? pedalling too fast?

Nope, just over £200/year NCD + lawyer included

What injuries

why post halfchan on here I don't get it we have our own better bantz

In the papers:


dirty crossposters smh

just want a qt with a nice pair of feet tbh

I'm checking Twitter for exterminate + Question time and this came up

Proof that 4 brit/pol/ is full of pakis

Oh OK stay strong


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inb4 the bald dalek is arrested

durr why didnt I brake durr

If I could have stopped I would have. it cut directly accross my lane

Always forget QT isn't live and papers queue stories up

this wogs gets it

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Someone should respond "Only if you resist repatriation."

people call us Brits because we are from Britain. No problem.
We call people from Pakistan 'pakis'. Big problem.
Do they just hate being reminded where they came from/belong.

>Wayne "the exterminator" Smith was identified today as a UKIP member

that wog should stop carrying a knife
i'd still exterminate him tbh

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sprained arm, contusion on ribs (a and e didnt give me x ray but wouldnt be surprised if actually fractured) bruising above ankle. I was wearing full armour could have been really bad. Glass smashed all over me.

Can we get a recording of Dimblebot saying "gas the jews"?

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it's only 'your' lane if you pay road tax lad.

Sorry to hear. You in financial strains or something?

Kek. How the hell do these people even remember to breathe?

I might have been in trouble with the police if I wasnt.

House is for poofters tbh

Might be, cant work atm


That was best QT since Starkey called out Vicky Coren-Mitchell.

this nigga gets the message

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New QT theme

It's the same as the kikes who respond with apoplexy at people talking about media controllers or moneyed interests.

You may never see your loved ones,
Travis told them there that day,
Those who want to can leave now.
Those who fight to the death let em staaaaay~

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Our lass


*forms a government purely based on people we like from QT*

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Mummmmyyyy stoppp

wew lads he's actually going to be arrested for that isn't he?


I know this is an un pic thing to say but I seriously hope that women gets raped to death by a pack of niggers

Look at this lads.

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