Brit/pol/ #2520: English Roses Edition

Dominic Raab under fire over Dover-Calais comments

France and UK must strengthen links 'to hedge against Trump'

Brussels blames BAD WEATHER and Brexit for GLOOMY UK financial forecast

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Good lad

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Based bear lad

ywn be as comfy as him

Oh no it's that lad. Don't do it

That karate chop looks deadly

They just throw so fucking much bullshit at you I hate them lads. They ain't getting any of this hotty choccy

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Poor lads. We could have had another BIG group of animals

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It's fine, I've accidentally left my freezer open before.

sucks lad. Hope you're not one of those wagies who will go into financial ruin because of this

Hot dogs and Prosecco for breakfast

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Big spender

Only £6 from Tesco

what a weird mix

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Good lad

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It will take at least a month to make up your sleep debt tbh

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Britain’s biggest family gets even bigger!
…and you? What have you done to stop white genocide?

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get fit and make some white babies man

See you outside lad, let's get our running on.

Are they stealing benefits intending for our muslim communities?

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Phew, that's a well practised lass.

goddamn it

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Pretty sure we've done it before.

you need a mummy gf to take care of you

Yeah. Mummy says that too. She wouldn't let anyone have me unless they can take good care of me like she does

it's no worse than what fat middle class blokes have been doing for decades tbh, except the blokes usually prefer 8yr old Thai girls.

Morning lads.Are you Brexit-ready?

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Both sorts need to be slotted tbh.

I've not heard of men taking their young kids to listen to them getting fucked by strangers or push their daughters into this kind of lifestyle.

well I only watched the first 30secs tbh. hope these women don't bring any back in the vain hope he's going to stick around once he's got his nationality status.

imagine Theresa doing this

I can imagine Corbyn playing Overwatch with a group of stoned students tbh.


But how do you stockpile cups of coffee from pret?


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Don't google Proboscis Lateralis

I can only relish muh conomy failing, only then will the proles and middle classes start to get a bit more agitated with the politics.


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Leftist arguing 101 tbh

I'm really tired of the equivalence of lolbertarians like Gavin McAnus and fascists tbh. You cannot compare shoving a dildo up your rectum on live stream with trying to defend our countries from wogs.

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The chutzpah of these revolutionaries irks me every time.

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Was that cologne?

I believe so.

Deanos or Wiliams in this vid lad?

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This fat cow is starting to piss me off she is flooding my recommended videos because I like animal videos. I don't need to see you to hear you speak either


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just open the door

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'Remarkable' decline in fertility rates
>The fertility rate in Niger, west Africa, is 7.1, but in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus women are having one child, on average.
>In the UK, the rate is 1.7, similar to most Western European countries.
>"I think Japan is very aware of this, they're facing declining populations, but I don't think it's hit many countries in the West, because low fertility has been compensated with migration.

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It's definitely Deanos who go on holiday to Thailand tbh.

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3 cigarettes and a green tea for breakfast lads

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tfw people want to kill all jews instead of making them be comedians or bankers

Isn't this old news? He's long been a nonce defender.


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Jesus, some guy did a video of the remains of a camp that got burned in the wildfire. All those burned out cars…

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immigration. the gift that keeps on giving.

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yes, others have highlighted it before, but don't think the MSM have ever mentioned this specific element of his noncery could be wrong

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Local football for local lads is comfy.

even my local team does not have local lads in it i doubt yours is better

Only the teams that play in the English Leagues are like that in Wales tbh.

Reminds me of stories from those really bad fires in Australia a few years ago, guy was trying to get his family out and car in front of him burst a tier and went off the road into it, the guy could see the family inside the car burning and couldn't do anything about it, really shit way to go.

thot btfo

Went up my grandparents' house and my grandad made me ham egg chips and sosig

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This letter has been going around for years right?!?!

He must have outgrown his usefulness


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Love me sosig

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I guess the future is cheap concrete shithouses filled with third worlders continually combusting and collapsing.

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Dwi'n hoffi selsig too tbh

Paid â bwli'r brodorion

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Welsh Dragon sounds yummy tbh.

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